The Sweetest Thing....

This is the story of how beauty fell in love with beast. Beauty being Jamelia Glowheart ,a tough cookie who hides from the world and from a painful past .And beast being Hayven Claw who's far from beastly with his wild charming looks and charisma. But he's a womanizing beast, a trouble-making reckless bachelor who happens to be son of a millionaire. So what happens when Jamelia emerges from her baggy hoods and Hayven's not just the rich brat she thinks he is. They both know falling in love is dangerous so what happens when the prince runs away with the pauper, what happens when a girl who's been on the run all her life shoved from pillar to post finds him, finds her safe Hayven? Well all I can say is it's The Sweetest Thing but why don't you find out for yourself......


5. Hayven


Chapter 4 Hayven-

Hey, you alright?” I shouted as I shut the door of the derelict house, she was wearing RDA uniform, it was that girl I’d seen in Honeybee’s office earlier, the new girl, and she didn't look so good. She didn't answer so I carried on walking to my motorbike. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw her fall to the ground, on instinct I ran over to her.

“Hello, can you hear me?” I inquired, her eyes were closed but she was breathing. I looked around, the streets were empty and I couldn’t just leave her there. I sighed and picked her up cursing silently, I kicked open the door ran upstairs laying her on the bed, this was the only room that I had fully decorated, and lucky for her I guess. And then I noticed the cut on her head, I got a kitchen towel and mopped up the blood, then I put a plaster on her head and a cup of water and some pain killers lay on the table for when she woke up. If only my dad was here to see me play doctor.

Then a thought came into my mind what if she had a concussion, should I wake her? But I didn’t want to she looked so serene in her sleep, her long lashes cast a shadow on her caramel skin and her frizzy brown curls splayed out around her. She was beautiful. What was I doing, watching a total stranger sleep; I stood up to leave the room and then she woke up to reveal olive green eyes. She sat up abruptly and pulled a knife out of her skirt,

“Where am I?” she shouted.

“Whoa, put the knife down, you fainted, just outside, so I took you inside, I’m-“I started but she finished for me.

“Hayven Claw, hottest boy in school, right?” She mimicked sarcastically, putting her knife back away, she was the first girl I’d met that carried a knife.

“What, you don’t think so?” I gasped mocking hurt but my pride was hurt a little, usually girls fell at my feet, she blushed- no one could resist my charm.

“I know better than to fall for arrogant, rich brats like you!” She grumbled sharply.

“Well next time I’ll know better than to help a damsel in distress,” I declared before adding “Twice!” This morning when I went jogging she was the same girl I stopped from falling into a ditch. She shook her head in realisation.

“I am NOT a damsel and I’m definitely not in distress!” She huffed, I just laughed.

“So fainting with a giant gash on your head and falling headfirst in mud isn’t distress,” I said, “The first time I saved you from face planting in mud and ruining that pretty face of yours-“She blushed.

“But-“She started but I shushed her.

“And the second time I stopped you from probably…dying!” I boasted.

“I was not going to die; it was just a little scratch is all!” She reprimanded stubbornly, she touched the side of her head and winced silently grabbing the water and pain killers.

“A scratch, right, just admit it I saved the day,” I coaxed.

“I can handle myself!” She concluded and started limping of, she tripped over the edge of the rug and I caught her just in time.

“At least let me bandage your ankle?” I urged, I was curious as to who this mystery girl was.

“Fine!” She sighed; jumping back onto the bed. I got to work bandaging her ankle; I could feel her gaze on me.

“So what happened?” I asked pointing to the cut on her head, I was certain she wasn’t going to tell me but she did.

“I, I fell!” She hesitated reluctantly, I knew it was a lie but I didn’t push her. Suddenly I heard a loud growl, it was her stomach.

“Hungry, Miss Accident prone?” I joked grinning.

“No!” She denied.

“Come on, let’s go eat, I don’t bite!” I laughed.

“I do!” She warned and she stood up and left the room, I followed behind her.

“What d’you eats?” I asked as she sat down on the sofa, looking around curiously.

“Food!” She hinted sarcastically.

“Pizza it is then!” I decided grinning.

“What’s with all the paint pots, legend says Hayven Claw lives in a mansion?” the girl asked, it hadn’t occurred to me until now that I had no idea what her name was.

“Well beautiful, you tell me your name and I’ll reveal the mystery!” I grinned

“I asked first and you just said my name!” she replied, helping herself to the pizza as the microwave dinged.

“What, beautiful?” I asked- it was unusual but true.

“Yes and no,” She replied.

“Why so cryptic?” I persisted.

“Just answer my question?” She demanded.

“Will you answer mine?” I teased.

“Stop answering questions with questions!” She ordered.

“Then answer my question!” I countered.

“Aaaargh, Jamelia, my name’s Jamelia!” She shouted.

“Jamelia, nice so Jamelia means beautiful, figures!” I remarked: it suited her.

“Do you know how frustrating you are?” Jamelia scowled.

“I’m not frustrating, just like to get my own way!” I chuckled grinning, she turned her head away from me, I didn’t like it I wanted her undivided attention.

“I don’t live here,” she turned to face me, “Yeah I like footie, swimming but art and design, that’s my thing, what I do, so I bought this house so I could do it up, make it new!” I revealed and she nodded.

“ Your one of the most reckless people I’ve ever met,” Jamelia insulted , ”You buy yourself a house, not to live in like a normal person but to decorate, you swear at teachers, the list goes on!” She scowled.

“You can’t call me a rich brat; you’ve got to be pretty rich too to go to RDA-“I obviously said the wrong thing because she looked furious.

“I’m there on scholarship, I’m there because I work hard not because my family have thrown a wad of cash at the school!” Jamelia shouted and I knew right then she was different, not like the other RDA girls. “I think it’s time I went home!” She sighed and began to walk to the front door.

“Wait,” I grabbed her arm, “Let me drive you home, you can’t walk home on that ankle and I’m heading home anyway,” I pleaded, for some reason I felt guilty. She looked at me for a long time, unsure.

“They say don’t take lifts from strangers but why not, I’ve already slept in your bed and eaten your food, we’re practically friends!” She decided and she smiled, I never thought the day would come when I would see her smile and she looked so much prettier.

As I walked towards my motorbike she stopped dead in her tracks,

“Where’s your car?” She said.

“My baby’s right here!” I said patting my motorbike, MV August F4cc.

“I’m not getting on that thing, especially with you driving!” Jamelia refused.

“Ouch, c’mon live a little!”I insisted grinning, she looked on edge, finally she looked at me.

“If we crash and live, I will kill you!” She declared. I placed the helmet on her head and we climbed on.

“Hold on tight!” I  cackled grinning, this would be fun, as I revved the engine she wrapped her arms tighter around my waist and then I sped off and she screamed right in my ear.

“HAYVEN!” She screamed.

“What?,faster!” I tortured and we went faster round the bend. Okay maybe I went the long way round because I liked the way she squeezed my waist but I was a guy,right? Twenty minutes later we arrived at her house, she took off her helmet and her hair blew in the wind. She turned to walk away and I was about to drive off when she said,

“Hayven… thanks, you’re not as bad as I thought!” Jamelia admitted giving me that million pound smile and then she dissapeared off into the night…


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