She's Not Afraid

"She's not afraid of all the attention,she's not afraid of running wild, howcome she's so afraid of falling in love?" horrible.
Cancer... is deadly.
Cancer... makes you loose everything.
I was 12, when i found out. My mum cried. I suffered through it. The doctors tried everything, and it wouldn't go away. When I turned 13, it went away. I lived through it. I had someone go through everything with me (besides my mum) and she's still with me and always will be. Her name is Leah. She is my best friend. I love her and nothing, i mean NOTHING will tear us apart. She would visit me at the hospital everyday, and never left my side.
Being sick is one thing, but having cancer is another.
When i mentioned how it went away, lets hope it doesn't come back...Then one day I met a boy, that might change my life...
This story is about unconditional love, that invols ups and downs. (WARNING! If your very emotional, i suggest you dont read this, or just have a box of tissues with you!)


17. You Again

Leah's POV

   Niall called me about 20 minutes after Ingrid left to see him.


Me: Hey Niall,what's up?

Niall: She left!

Me: Huh?!

Niall: Ingrid, she doesn't want to be with me!

Me: What happened?

Niall: She came to my flat, we talked, she said she can't love me, and she's leaving! 

Me: I know she already told me. I'm just as sad as you are.

(Ingrid walks through the front door crying,i gave her a wave, and she went upstairs)

Me: She just came home. She's heartbroken, Niall! She's in tears! (I sighed)... Listen, get your little irish arse over here and win her backt! Don't let her slip away. Grab a hold before you regret it.

(He doesn't reply for a few moments)

Niall: Ok. Your right, i'm on my way!


Thinking of the fact that Ingrid is leaving, and it will give everyone less time with her. It doesn't even make sense why she's leaving! Ugh! i'm getting frustrated. I pounded my hands on the kitchen counter.I started to have tears form in my eyes.  Why does life suck this much?!

Niall bursts in through the door, he makes no eye contact with me, and runs upstairs.


Niall's POV

I burst through the door and ran straight upstairs to Ingrid's room. I heard singing, so i stopped and listened. She has such a beautiful voice. I listened to the words and started crying again.

She finished the song. I then walked into the room and ran to her side,I told her, "Ingrid, I'm going to love and hold you for as long as i can. If you won't love me back, then fine. But, i won't stop loving you!" I lifted up her face to look into her eyes, I then told her "I love you". Then i kissed her.

She didn't kiss back at first, but she did end up kissing back. Her lips tasted as sweet as strawberries. I started licking her bottom lip, asking for an entrance.She opened her mouth, our tongues touching, and exploring eachothers' mouths. 

She dug her fingers into my hair. I wrapped my hands on the back of her neck. The kiss became very passionate and loving.

*DING DONG* the door bell rang causing us to break the kiss.

"I'll get it" Ingrid said heading downstairs. I followed behind her.

Leah was in the kitchen having a cup of tea.

Ingrid opened the door.

"Hel- what are you doing here?!" Ingrid said truly surprised.

"Well nice to see you, too" The girl said sarcastically.She had ginger red hair, that went down to her elbows. She had freckles covering her whole face.

"Wh-why are you here?" Ingrid asked the girl, sounding a bit scared.

"I was in town and wanted to stop by." she replied sounding innocent.

"I thought you hated me?" Ingrid said.

"I do not!" she said gasping and putting her hand on her chest in surprise. Her eyes trailed to mine." Well, hi there." She said winking at me. I just looked at her with no expression on my face.She continued to talk to Ingrid," You wanna hang out tonight? I'm going to the mall?" She still sounded innocent. There was something strange going on. Ingrid looked scared of the girl,and the girl acts like they're best friends!

"No thanks, I'm busy tonight" Ingrid said looking at me and gave me a slight smile.

I decided to talk,"I'm Niall." I said while handing my hand out to the girl, and she shook it.

"i'm Taylor" She said smiling like an idiot.

"you can leave now." Ingrid said to her."and don't plan on comming back."

"you'll see me again, don't worry." Taylor said giving Ingrid a fake smile. Ingrid then shut the door and sighed in relief.

"You okay, love?" I asked her while looking into her feared eyes.

"She bullied me in school for years". She said not looking into my eyes."One day it went too far."

"What happened?" She looked into my eyes.

"She stole my old boyfriend" She said looking sad."I went to his house one night, i walked in and saw them making out on the couch. He never said sorry or even spoke to me again." She had a small tear escape her eye. i wiped it off with my thumb. I looked into her eyes, and gave her a kiss on the nose. She smiled and hugged me.

"I do love you,Niall Horan" She said holding me tight."I'm sorry i never said it before"

"You didn't have to, i could see it all along." I looked into her eyes. "I love you too" I leaned my head and began kissing her again. Right where we left off.

"GET A ROOM!" Leah said yelling from the kitchen.Ingrid and i giggled.

"Still up for the date tonight?" i asked ingrid while giving her the best puppy eyes i could.

"Ofcourse!" Ingrid said exitedly. she grabbed my neck and pulled me close to her."I'll be with you no matter what" she wispered in my ear.

I held her tight in my arms. 

Please never leave. I thought to myself. i felt a tear stream down my cheek and it landed on Ingrid's sweater.I love you,Ingrid. Don't go!



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