She's Not Afraid

"She's not afraid of all the attention,she's not afraid of running wild, howcome she's so afraid of falling in love?" horrible.
Cancer... is deadly.
Cancer... makes you loose everything.
I was 12, when i found out. My mum cried. I suffered through it. The doctors tried everything, and it wouldn't go away. When I turned 13, it went away. I lived through it. I had someone go through everything with me (besides my mum) and she's still with me and always will be. Her name is Leah. She is my best friend. I love her and nothing, i mean NOTHING will tear us apart. She would visit me at the hospital everyday, and never left my side.
Being sick is one thing, but having cancer is another.
When i mentioned how it went away, lets hope it doesn't come back...Then one day I met a boy, that might change my life...
This story is about unconditional love, that invols ups and downs. (WARNING! If your very emotional, i suggest you dont read this, or just have a box of tissues with you!)


4. The Concert part 2

Niall's POV

  We have met atleast 30 fans and im tired and hungry!

"Ok ladies, go ahead in" i heard Paul say outside the door. Ugh not more!

The boys and i sat up. In walked two beautiful young girls. One had blonde hair and blue eyes and she was tall. The other had gorgeous brown hair and dreamy hazel eyes.She was a bit shorter than the other girl even though she was wearing heels.

"Hi!" The boys and i said.

"Hello" The brown haired one said. The blonde seemed kinda speechless."I'm Ingrid, and this is Leah." she continued while nudging the other girls arm.

"That's a lovelly name, Ingrid." I told her. She turned to a dark shade of red. I just kept smiling at her.

"Tha-Thanks" She stumbled upon her words.

I looked over to the boys. i noticed Harry winking at Leah. What a flirt!

We walked up to the girls and gave them hugs and took pictures. I really think i like these girls. We all talked a little and got to know eachother.

"Guys your on in 5." Paul said.  I really would rather stay here and talk.

"Well, i guess this is goodbye." Ingrid said. I really wish it wasn't!

"Bye" we all said. The girls left to take their seats.

As we were walking to the stage, Harry said "You fancy her don't you?"

"Maybe" I responded "I can tell you like the blonde, Leah." I stated

"So?" He said

"Nothing. I kinda...would like her again." I told him

"I would like to see Leah too"

"How 'bout if we sneek out after the concert and find them in the crowd?" I asked raising an eye brow.

"Sounds like a plan" He smirked

(A/N: Sorry for any short chapters. Im looking for more characters. I need the role for Zayn's girfriend, and Liam's girfriend and a mean girl from Ingrid and Leah's old school. Please comment ur name and the role you would like to play. Thank you! :)


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