She's Not Afraid

"She's not afraid of all the attention,she's not afraid of running wild, howcome she's so afraid of falling in love?" horrible.
Cancer... is deadly.
Cancer... makes you loose everything.
I was 12, when i found out. My mum cried. I suffered through it. The doctors tried everything, and it wouldn't go away. When I turned 13, it went away. I lived through it. I had someone go through everything with me (besides my mum) and she's still with me and always will be. Her name is Leah. She is my best friend. I love her and nothing, i mean NOTHING will tear us apart. She would visit me at the hospital everyday, and never left my side.
Being sick is one thing, but having cancer is another.
When i mentioned how it went away, lets hope it doesn't come back...Then one day I met a boy, that might change my life...
This story is about unconditional love, that invols ups and downs. (WARNING! If your very emotional, i suggest you dont read this, or just have a box of tissues with you!)


2. Birthday Gift

Ingrid's POV

   Today is my 18th birthday and I'm so exited for my party! Leah said she would be a little late because she had something to take care of. Leah would never be late to anything so i thought it was a bit wierd.

The party was about to start. Its 6:50pm and the party starts at 7:00pm. I went to the fridge to grab the drinks to set out and some food. By the time i was done i heard the first *DING* at the door. Its now 7:30pm and all the guests are here, exept Leah.

I was getting a bit worried, so i texted her.

To Leah: Where are u?!

After about 2 minutes she replied.

From Leah: Sorry, it took longer than i expected! Im on my way.

Oh well, atleast she's on her way now.

Everyone handed me presents and i thanked them. People were talking, music was bluring, and people were eating and drinking.

About 20 minutes had passed and Leah finally arrived.

'Hey birthday girl!" she yelled above the music.

She was wearing a gorgeous sparkly dress with heels. Her her was curled with a pink streak in it. She was wearing a light touch of make-up.

'HEY!" i put my arms around her and hugged her. "Where were you?"

She plastered a cheeky grin apon her face. "Somewhere..."

"Ugh! Just tell me!" I whined.

"I cant." She said while handing me my gift." Open this and it will answer your question."

I took the gift into the palm of my hands. It was just an envolope. I opened it up, and when i saw what i was holding in my hands i shrieked.

I was holding the greatest gift in the world.

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