She's Not Afraid

"She's not afraid of all the attention,she's not afraid of running wild, howcome she's so afraid of falling in love?" horrible.
Cancer... is deadly.
Cancer... makes you loose everything.
I was 12, when i found out. My mum cried. I suffered through it. The doctors tried everything, and it wouldn't go away. When I turned 13, it went away. I lived through it. I had someone go through everything with me (besides my mum) and she's still with me and always will be. Her name is Leah. She is my best friend. I love her and nothing, i mean NOTHING will tear us apart. She would visit me at the hospital everyday, and never left my side.
Being sick is one thing, but having cancer is another.
When i mentioned how it went away, lets hope it doesn't come back...Then one day I met a boy, that might change my life...
This story is about unconditional love, that invols ups and downs. (WARNING! If your very emotional, i suggest you dont read this, or just have a box of tissues with you!)


7. A Lie

Ingrid's POV

   I arrived home. I looked across the street. There was NO fire! I ran to the front door. It opened before i got to it.

"Um...hey" Leah was standing at the door. I gave her a confused look.

"Leah, what the hells going on?!" i asked, raising my eyebrow.

"I lyed...about the fire" she frowned

"i can see that. Now explain!" i demanded.

"Come in first." I did as i was told, and we walked into the living room."I think you should sit down." I did.

"Leah? Whats going on?"

"The doctor called..." she had tears in her eyes."The doctor said...the cancer is back." She had tears streaming down her face. I was shocked but not at the same time. That explains the blood." When you got the check up last month, the result came back positive." She was now sobbing. I was now thinking the worst. What if i...die? That question boggled my mind. Alot of doctors say if cancer comes back, its unlikely to go away.

"What happens now?" i managed to say.

"They want you back at the hospital." she calmed down now, probably for my own sake. it took me a good 5 minutes to answer.


She left the room to call the doctor. she came back in 10 minutes.

"we have to be there in the morning." She told me. Leah walked over and gave me a hug. "I'll be with you"

"I know" we both smiled at eachother.

"so how was the date?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

"it was awesome! Hes such a great person." I reached into my pocket and pulled out a piece of paper."Niall said to give this to you, its from Harry. He said he was too shy to give it to you at the concert." she took the paper from my hand and looked at it. it was Harry's number.

"awww, how sweet." she said happily. She grabbed her phone and saved the number.

"You gonna call him?" I asked.

"Nah, maybe tomorrow. I wanna hang with you for the rest of the day!" She grabbed my arms and we sat on the couch. She put a movie in the DVD player, and went to go make popcorn. we started watching the Notebook. I love this movie. We both eventually fell asleep on the couch.

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