holiday romance

Olivia has the perfect relationship with Tyler. They have that relationship that everyone is jealous of. The Cute photos, the friendship, the trust, the sex.. everything. But what happens when her holiday with the girls is double booked with the boys from one direction? will she find her self falling for one of the boys. What happenes when she finds her self 'torn' between the two. But she knows who it is. She knew all along. He was just to special. Too.. unique. Nobody Compared to him and she knew it..

content not suitable for younger viewers, contains sexual content, read at your own risk ;-)


2. Too good to be true


olivias P.O.V

So when I finally got there it was 9:25, my meeting started 5 minutes ago, this cannot be a good impression to one of the most famous business womens in town! I was so nervous about walking in , I had no idea why though, but I no for sure I couldn't stop thinking about last night , it felt so dam good!
I grabbed a few Brousures and walked Into the room so it looked like I came well prepared. Ellie,Nicole and Kathy welcomed me with a cheerfull hello and hailiey just looked up and told my to sit down , she didn't approve , I could so tell.

"okay then girls , your first big holiday together , how cute. I hope you have all brought your required payment of £600 each ?" we all nodded and got out our purses 
" Great , well let me put this into the document , this should take just a few minutes"
Haileys face dropped , she looked a little worried. Something was wrong , if I'm honest I really didn't want to know what.
" is everything okay ?" nicole asked A little uncertain of what was going on 
" ermm , well , no , it appears your holiday has been double booked at the same hotel in a room of 10
"what the fuck ? There's only 4 of us so that means , 6 others will be sharing the same room " Ellie shouted whilst standing up and slamming her hands on the desk in anger 
Kathy walked out the room, and slammed the door shut making a huge bang.. That girl has some serious anger problems , she was furious , god I love her ! 
" hey it can't be that bad , I mean they could be "
"BOYS" Ellie interrupted Nicole before she could finished her sentence 

Oh god think about it , a room full of boys , beautiful,fit, gorgeous boys .... W-w-wait , I have a Boyfriend, oh shit , how will I be able to cope? 4 bottles of vodka and then I can't remember anything, at least im not the lightweight of our group ahah!

" girls, this is OUR holiday together , let's not let this mishap ruin it , well figure something out when we get there ! Now let's go find Kathy !" I said. everyone agreed.

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