holiday romance

Olivia has the perfect relationship with Tyler. They have that relationship that everyone is jealous of. The Cute photos, the friendship, the trust, the sex.. everything. But what happens when her holiday with the girls is double booked with the boys from one direction? will she find her self falling for one of the boys. What happenes when she finds her self 'torn' between the two. But she knows who it is. She knew all along. He was just to special. Too.. unique. Nobody Compared to him and she knew it..

content not suitable for younger viewers, contains sexual content, read at your own risk ;-)


5. The boys

Nicole got out our room key, as she is the more reliable one, and went to unlock the door. "woah guys, it's already open?, did any of use lock it?"she asked , with a look of worry on her face. "yeah i  locked it , didnt I Olivia ?" Ellie exclaimed , proving herself right. I just nodded , a little scared of whom of what was inside. Kathy, the bravest of us all, kicked open the door and charged in to find 5 extremely good looking boys and a girl. They looked very familiar , like I had seen them somewhere before ,possibly on tv ? "omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg" Ellie quietly screamed into my ear!  "what?" I asked whilst rubbing my ear, hopeing i hadnt gone death.

"its fucking one direction!!!" she screamed so loud that everyone turned to look at her ! But she was right, one fucking direction was in our room!

no way could this be happening. Am i hallucinating  ? What were they doing in our room... Then i realised what the holiday woman said about having to share with six others. Zayn,Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam and his girlfriend Eliza. This was such a fangirl moment, but i had to play it cool, so i stepped in before someone made an embarrasing mistake.

"hey my names olivia, nice to meet you all, well i quess were all sharing a room , sorry about that, we have already choose our rooms but the ones over there are free if thats okay?" i asked kindly amd politely, first empressions mean everything.

"yeah of course thats fine , i think were going to have a blast!" harry replied

they all shook my hand and said hello then did the same to everyone else.

"hey we should all go out tonight ? get to now each other as we will be spending our holiday together?" niall asked 

"yeah, sure sounds like a good idea"

zayn looked gorgeous!  

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