holiday romance

Olivia has the perfect relationship with Tyler. They have that relationship that everyone is jealous of. The Cute photos, the friendship, the trust, the sex.. everything. But what happens when her holiday with the girls is double booked with the boys from one direction? will she find her self falling for one of the boys. What happenes when she finds her self 'torn' between the two. But she knows who it is. She knew all along. He was just to special. Too.. unique. Nobody Compared to him and she knew it..

content not suitable for younger viewers, contains sexual content, read at your own risk ;-)


3. goodbye present


olivias P.O.V


So it was Friday night, the night before I went on holiday, I had promised Tyler a goodbye present , would he remeber ? Well anyway , I was sure up for it , 2 whole weeks of no sex , that's tough ! I put on my new sexy underwear I bought today , they were black, lacy and see through, they went thin at the arse part , so it's a thong! It had frilly bits around the outside and had a cute little dark pink bow at the frount . The bra was the same, padded of course , no one likes saggy tits! I must say , they looked good on ! I had loose curls in my hair , I back combed the top a little so give my hair the messy , I want sex look ! I made sure my skin was still a nice glowing tan , and my face was clear of spots . I put a bit of waterproof mascara on and some , stainless red lipstick so it wouldn't come off. Dam was I feeling horny. I put on my little sexy black robe and walked into the bedroom. Tyler was laid on the bed with just his boxers on, Uft he was buff ! I pretended I had dropped something on the floor so I could bendover and he could get a good look. This was sure to get him going. I walked towards him and l Sat over him with a bent leg on each side. I put his hand onto the part of my arse that could be reached . 
"do I get my present yet" he whispered in his sexy voice
"yes ,but first you will have to unwrap me first"I replied then kissed him on the lips

Tyler's P.O.V 
She was such I tease, I love it ! Whilst she was kissing me , my hands made their way from her arse , up her back and too her bra. I slowly unfastened it . I didn't want to rush this. And I then pulled it off her body and threw it on the floor , I'm sure that was a new bra . I liked it a lot. I could feel her bare breasts against my naked chest . Shit I think I already have hard on . My lips finally left hers and I pushed her backwards till she was laid on the bed , I rubbed on her tits and then started to suck on them , love bites are so sexual. My fingertips Slightly moved round her body , going further down each time. I'm sure this sendS her crazy as she always let out little moans , even though she tries to hold them in. I pulled down her knickers to her ankles and she kicked them off. Her legs parted slightly. I wasn't sure wether she wanted me to lick her out or not. This is the one thing we had never done before together. And we was very sexual active. But either way it was my present , and I'm sure she well definaltely enjoy it.

Olivias P.O.V

I always get nervous at this stage. Licking out just isn't my thing , well the truth is, it scares me, what if it tastes rank or he dosnt like it , or even worse , I don't? But I quess I'm about to find out , I'm going to let him do anything to me tonight , I'm his slave. His tounge started to circle at the tip of my fadge ,oh how this drives me mental. Here it comes...." Ughhhhh, Ahh" he tounge went further down and enterd my vagina. He licked it Asif it was an ice pop , I bit my lip so hard I think it bled. Theres no way I could keep these moans in. He was just too good. I clutched the rails of our bed and squeezed hard. I couldn't control myself , he had taken over me. It felt so good. Why I was alway so scared I never knew. He had finally finished and sat up licking his lips." that tastes so good " he said then big his lip. He then laid on top of me , and kissed my neck , I could feel his dick grinding on my fadge. But it wasn't time for that yet , I could tell. And it was then when he rolled me over and pushed me down under the quilt . I opened my mouth wide and coverd the tip of his dick with it . I went up and down continuously getting faster each time . It took him about 7 seconds to jizz. Pretty impressive if you ask me. God did that stuff taste great. Pleasure for both of us. Suprisingly it was him to moan this time, I couldn't help but giggle , good job I had finished. I then went back up and missed him , our tounges met and circled round each others. This was it , the part we was both waiting for. His huge parsnip finally started to make his way into my vagina, I was already So wet so it wouldn't be hard to get going. We started with a slower paste untill he was getting ruffer , but I liked that. His eyes were full of lust. They were sexy. He kept playing with my tounge , he had me in the game. There was no way I could escape now. I couldn't help but bite his lower lip, I let out a slight groan as I did. I clutched my nails into his back and scratched downwards, not enough to hurt , but enough to leave a mark. We both rolled over onto our backs and looked up to the ceiling. "you okay" he asked me , whilst he was huffing and puffing 
"yeah , that was pretty intense" I replied, out of breath 
I turned my head to find him watching my breasts move up and down , the duvet only coverd my lower half.
"like what you see?" I asked him whilst giggled 
He just nodded .

It wasn't long after that we had both fallen asleep

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