holiday romance

Olivia has the perfect relationship with Tyler. They have that relationship that everyone is jealous of. The Cute photos, the friendship, the trust, the sex.. everything. But what happens when her holiday with the girls is double booked with the boys from one direction? will she find her self falling for one of the boys. What happenes when she finds her self 'torn' between the two. But she knows who it is. She knew all along. He was just to special. Too.. unique. Nobody Compared to him and she knew it..

content not suitable for younger viewers, contains sexual content, read at your own risk ;-)


4. flight to paradise


Olivia's P.O.V

Today was the day , at last ! Sun, sea , and parttyyyy! Yesterday evening i finished packing my suitcases  , I have 2 and a big bag and then my hand luggage ! One girl cannot simply have too many clothes shoes or accessories ! I pulled my first suitcase down the stairs and put it next to the front door, when Tyler snook behind me , and tightly held his arms around my waist. He softly kissed my ear and whispered ' your so beautiful ' into my ear. Why did he always give me a reason to fall in love with him over and over again. He twisted me round so I was facing him, we could both feel each others breath on our faces. He picked me up tightly gripping his hands and my arse, he gave me the occasion nip. We closed our eyes and our lips met, how could such a soft kiss turn so passionate. He put my back to the floor and put his hands on my head pushing back the hair that hung over my face. His hand slid down to my waist and to my hip bones. Before I knew it they were down my pants and 2 fingers were already going up my vagina. "uhhh, not now" I groaned. He waited anouther 10 seconds before he pulled them out and licked them clean. Ew. 
'beep beep' "that must be Nicole, could you quickly help me get the rest of my stuff please babes?" I asked excitedly 
"yeah sure , np princess " he replied sadly
I walked out of the front door to Nicole ,screaming "omg hey Olivia , quick , we need to pick Kathy and Ellie up" she was so excited! Nicole has the nicest car of us all, her family is so rich it was unbelievable. She had a squeaky clean black Audi R, and dam did she look sexy driving it , especially with her black coco channel sun glasses. 
When we finally arrived at the airport , we checked in and went through security , trust Ellie to get searched by the police. Too much bling if you ask me! We went and got our favorite fast food meal , mcdonalds ! Mmmm , me and Nicole had 5 chicken selects , large chips and diet coke, whilst Ellie and Kathy had 2 plain cheese burgers , chips and strawberry milkshakes ! We are such fatty eaters hah! '10 minutes till departure to Ibiza' " oh shit , let's go " Kathy shouted as we all grabbed our bags and headed towards the departure area, were we show our tickets and get onto the plane.......We was sat at row x and y , I sat next to Ellie on the way and Nicole with Kathy . We will swap over on the way home so it is fair. I was happy we was sat at the back , that means we get food first ! Yes! " oh shit , I think I'm gonna puke" Nicole stutterd as she jumped out of her seat and ran for the loo..Kathy soon followed to make sure she was okay. After a few hours of a boring flight , we finally arrived In Ibiza ! This is it , sun sun sun! I was buzzing ! I put on my ray bans , got out my straw hat and swapped my vans for my flip flops , did I come prepared or what ! We all went through security again and got our passports checked . We hopped onto the coach which took us to our hotel. It was beautiful. hotel)  We checked in and got our room key.  "would you like any help with your bags ?" the nice women at the desk asked  "yes please "I quickly replied, there was no way I could carry 2 suitcases , a big bag and hand luggage on my own . A super sexy worker came and helped me , from them on , I knew this holiday was going to be awesome !  We all unpacked our shit , and decided who was sleeping where. We out on our swim wear , put some sun cream in a bag , along with tanning lotion , books , sunglasses, our iPads , and other shiz. I was wearing my black and brown leopard bikini . It has tassels on the rim of the bottoms, it looks beaut on ! Ellie grabbed a few towels and we went and placed them on 4 sun lounges directly under the sun . We was already sweating like mad , so we decided to all jump into the pool at the same pool. "1,2,3.. GO" Kathy shouted  I ran and did a front flip into the pool . "brrrr this is freezing !I said , shivering from the coldness of the pool. Ellie and Nicole did some crazy lifts and jumps in the pool whilst me and Kathy had a water fight with some of the other dudes in the pool. Mmm they were nomalishious! The sun finally started to set, it looked beautiful. The colours of red , orange and yellow , lit up the sky like a lantern. We had one last swim in the pool then collected our towel of the sun lounges , as well as our  beach bags and headed back to our room. "



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