holiday romance

Olivia has the perfect relationship with Tyler. They have that relationship that everyone is jealous of. The Cute photos, the friendship, the trust, the sex.. everything. But what happens when her holiday with the girls is double booked with the boys from one direction? will she find her self falling for one of the boys. What happenes when she finds her self 'torn' between the two. But she knows who it is. She knew all along. He was just to special. Too.. unique. Nobody Compared to him and she knew it..

content not suitable for younger viewers, contains sexual content, read at your own risk ;-)


1. It all begins with sex.

olivias P.O.V

His lips moved down my neck, leaving me whispering his name in a slight moan. He left love bites at the tip of my breast, they were sore but i guess i didn't mind.His lips made his way further down to my stomach, his tongue circling   near my belly button, tickling a little. I looked to my left as i let out a slight moan, my baggy geek top, high waisted shorts and converse was all in a pile aswell as Tylers v neck white shirt, that looked super hot on him, his jeans and grey nike  blazers that i loved.

"oh gosh ty, you know thats my weak spot"

he was kissing the top of my...well you know, private area. This always seemed to drive me crazy!  Especially where my v-lines dinted into my skin....

Before i knew it, he had placed his dick inside me, how he did it so slyly, i dont know? So there we were at early hours in the morning , in the house alone, having sex. Seems typical for me.


7:45 'beep,beep,beep'


"holy shit, holy shit, holy fuck" i screamed as we both jumped and parted away from each other. I forgot i had a meeting with a lady who books holidays at the best place at Brighton. I quickly grabbed the bedsheet and wrapped it around my body so it looked like a tight fitted, long dress. I do know how to make anything look fashionable.... I rushed to my wardrobe and grabbed my second favourite pair of underwear , as i wore my favourite last night , can't say ill be wearing them again..if you know what i mean.... I got a quick wash, and started to brush my hair.

"shit" i whispered to myself ... He got cum in my hair.. ewww! I wet it and hoped for the best! I fastened up my light pink shirt and went out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom whilst jumping into my pencil skirt to find tyler also getting dressed. I grabbed my matching laced suit jacket and my makeup bag, aswell as my phone and purse...


Tyler's P.O.V 


wow,she is so feisty! Shes the best ive ever had...I cant believe shes mine! I dont know how im goiunf to survive while shes gone for a full 2 week. Im going to miss the sex too much. she seriously doesnt know how much she turns me on, Dammmn did she look sexy in a suit, her tanned, thin, smooth legs looked so hot! The things i would do to her, or should i say have done ...


olivias P.O.V 

"tyler baby, would you please drop me off at Haileys holidays, and you might get a goodbye present from me on friday night, which is only 4 days away" i said seductively leaning over the bed end leaving a slight gap between my buttons where he could see my breasts through the gap.

"well it depends what the present is" he replied leaning in for a kiss, but still  keeping his eyes looking down so he could still see my breasts.

"you will just have to wait and see" i whispered into his ear, then leaning into his kiss but straight back out again before our lips could meet, teasing him a little. 



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