heart break

Amanda is a simple girl. She is nothing special, her mom left her and her dad abuses her. Until one day she finds a boy and falls in love. That is till she finds out the truth about him. Will her love for him him continue? Or will she have a heart break so bad she has to do the unspeakable?


1. the begeaning

Amanda's POV

"Amanda get your ass in here you slut!" I wake up in surpise. "I'm coming dad!" I yell back. i can already tell this is going to be bad day. I run  down the stairs to what he wants, "there u are! MAke me breakfeast!" HE yells at me. "Whatever" I mumble under my breath. "What was that missy?!" "NOthing" "what did u say bitch! What do u think I am? A idiot?" "maybe" "Thats it!" he walks over to me and slaps me across the face. He yelss at me "say it agian! I dare you!!!" I hold my tears back as good as i can. I start on making him pancakes and eggs. When they were finshed cooking and dished up for him i asked, "I need to go shopping. May i have some money?" He looks at me and gives me 50 bucks. I grabed me purse and ran out of the house to the store. On my way there I starteed to cry so sat on a park bench bawling my eyes out. Why me?! Why did my mom had to walk out and leave her with that monster?! I was crying so much I didn't here a boy sit down next to me. "Are you okay love?" Asked   the boy with a cute, sexy, irish vocie. I looked up to see a boy with blond hair and eyes  as beutiful as the ocean after a storm. He looked at me with a concerned look on his face  "Yeah I'm perfectly fine thanks." i sayy with a trembling voice. "Really?" "Yeah im just having family problems." I say hooping he would drop the subject. "Oh well I'm Niall horan" he said with a smile. "Hi I'm Amanda babbit" I say smiling back. He is so perfcet. This one is a keeper.

Niall's POV
I was walking home from hanging out with the boys all day. I walked around the corner and saw the most beutiful crying on a bench. Her red hair in a simple ponytail with a couple curls hanging out. HEr skin was white like snow but had a few brusis. HEr eyes were blue like i have never seen before. I walked over and sat down nexted to her with a worried face. "Are you ok love?" I asked she looked at me with her amazing face. "Yeah im perfectly fine thanks" she said with a trembling voice. I knew she was lying. "Really?" "Yeah im just having family problems." "Oh welll im Niall Horan." interdoucing myself. "hi im amanda babbit" She says smiling. I can tell this will be a great friend ship.

A/N There you go! my frist chapter to my frist book. What do you think? SHould I continue?

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