That one night

Justin/ boy believer love story

This is a one shot and my first fan fiction
please comment and let me know what you think.

Chance meeting after a concert

Rated MA

Boy on boy

Graphic sexual content




1. After the show

The concert got out around ten and I was still waiting for my friend to come around with there car everyone was gone I realized this and thought my friend took off without me and I might have to walk home. I then heard a venue door open and I almost fainted when all of a sudden Justin came out heading for his tour bus. He noticed me and saw I was alone " everything ok?" He asked. I told him what happened and he asked if I wanted to hang out with him for a while " sure" I said nervously. I watched him grab my hand and walk onto the bus. "Not much we can do tonight at my hotel room is that ok?" Justin asked. " sure that's fine " actually I would of said anything to go with him. We arrive at his hotel and we were rushed in by two bodyguards and thrown into his room. "Sorry for the rush never know who's following me" " I understand " I answer " would you like a drink?" He asked "sure" I answered I watched him as he poured drinks for us and came back we sat there drinking when I noticed the top of a tattoo " you like tattoos ?" Justin asked "yes " I answered . Justin placed his drink down and took off his shirt to show me the tattoo and sit right next to me our hips touching as I look at the tattoo. " it looks real nice on you I said. Now was my chance Justin looked at me and noticed I was staring. He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine softly I was surprised it was my dream come true . Next thing I know where on the bed his hands unbuttoning my shirt I pull him down on top of me kissing him deeper our bodies pressed against each other he was so forceful a minute later I'm naked looking up at him I could feel his cock against my tight hole. I moan will pleasure as he slowly enters me we rock back and forth as he sidles in and out of me he thrusted into to me one last time shooting his sweet cum into my tight boy hole.
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