this story is about an 18 year old girl named Arianna she's been abused by her father since she was 5. one day she ran away because she could take it anymore. Then she five boys from the band one direction and she fell in love with one of them. Who though? You wont know unless you read it


23. that big big moment

                                                                    Arianna POV:

I was so excited to go to the beach. When we got there liam set up the blank it and we sat down we watched the sunset It was beautiful. Liam packed us all my favorite foods choc. strawberrys meatball sb BBQ chips and gatorade. When we were done watching the sunset we ate chips and our meatball subs. 

" Liam thank you for the dinner It was beautiful out I think we should go now its getting dark." I asked

                                                                                            Liam POV:

Oh gosh she wants to leave. good thing I packked a candle and lighter. 

"Wait no I brought a candle and a lighter" I said

I lighted the candle.

"Love i have a song to sing to you" i said

"okay go ahead" She said 

I started playing the guiter to the chords of truly madly, deeply. then I started singing. When i was singing she was blushing she is amazing. when I finished we stood up and kissed. When we pulled away from each other.

" Love I have something to ask you" I said

I went down and kneeled on one leg and pulled out a small box froom my back pocket. She started crying.

" w  h  i  l  e  you Arianna jami San Agustin marry me and be my wife and stay with me forever" I said crying

" omg yes yes of course" She shouted crying 

" really" I said shouting while picking her up to kiss her 

"yes of course" she said pulling away then back

We packed our stuff and I carried her to the car while kissing.

When we got home it was 9:30 everyone was asleep but harry and lou. We walked kissing I droped the basket and was about to take off her shirt when lou was like

"eww eww get a room we are trying to watcha movie" shouts lou

" haha go liam did you ask" asked harry while laughing

" yes and we are going to our room now" I said

When we got to our room we did it. Ya we did. 

" love I love you" I said when we were done

" I love you to forever" She said

" Forever" I said


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