this story is about an 18 year old girl named Arianna she's been abused by her father since she was 5. one day she ran away because she could take it anymore. Then she five boys from the band one direction and she fell in love with one of them. Who though? You wont know unless you read it


5. My hero

                                                            LIAMs POV:

"  whats all that noise out there" asked Arianna

" Duh fans" said LOUIS 

"Oh srry" she said

" okay the limo is out side lets go" Shouted Liam

everyone went out the door except Me and Arianna.

" Arianna comeon" i said 

"im scared" she said

" hey its okay here give me your hand" i said

She gave me her hand and we walked together holding hands to the limo.

" OMG look at that ugly slut shes such a bitch for holding liams hand" said a fan

A bunch of girls started calling her slut and were laughing at her. She started crying and i could tell she couldnt take it anymore. She ran to the limo. When i got iin i saw her Crying into nialls chest. I was so feariated at the fans. I got out of the limo and shouted to all the fans.

"I am disapointed with you guys what if i like her what if i was about to ask her out today huh what if she doesnt want to talk to me anymore because of you dumb studid girls making fun of her i dont care what i just said to you girls i like that girl in there now shes crying she probably wont talk to me cuz of you girls name calling our girlfriends you are the sluts not them.She has been through alot in her life her step ffather..."

When i was about to say abused she ran to me and took my hand and pulled me in the limo. 

" Thank you Liam" she said as she stoped crying and cuddled up next to me 

" Your welcome" i said with a smile 

"nice liam nice" said harry








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