this story is about an 18 year old girl named Arianna she's been abused by her father since she was 5. one day she ran away because she could take it anymore. Then she five boys from the band one direction and she fell in love with one of them. Who though? You wont know unless you read it


4. I meet

                LIAMS POV:

I noticed she was scared by all that noise why are those boys always so loud.

" are you scared" I asked

" Yes" she said

" Its okay the boys are very friendly promise" i said 

" Okay lets go" she said 

We walked in while the boys were watching Toy Story 3. " HI LIAM" as they all said 

" Whos the Lady behind you Liam" shouted Harry

" Shhh guys your to loud" i said softly 

" Sorry" they all said

" guys meet Arianna" " Arianna meet the one direction boys Niall, Harry, Louis,Zayn, and me liam "

"ohh so now i know who you guys are you guys seemed familier "

"  Well Arianna has not eaten for two weeks so how about some nandos" i said

" NANDOS" Niall shouted

" YAh" we all said 

" ill call a limo" said harry




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