this story is about an 18 year old girl named Arianna she's been abused by her father since she was 5. one day she ran away because she could take it anymore. Then she five boys from the band one direction and she fell in love with one of them. Who though? You wont know unless you read it


19. Dream

                                                                                        Arianna POV:

It has been a whole 2 years and a half and me and  have not had a fight not even once. liam finally forgave Niall for his wrong doings and he finally excepted the fact that me and Liam are dating. I am now 22 and liam is  23. I love her so much and I will always and forever love her. Its finally the tour for 2013 ya its time we packed all our stuff and I am  actually is exicted for the tour. When we got on the bus everyone put there stuff in their rooms the thing is theres only 5 rooms so I shared a room with Liam. It has been two weeks since we were on the road things have been good they just got back from there first concert and they were very tired so we all went to bed early.I had a dream this is it: Liam and I were fighting i was saying "I can't handle this anymore Liam these fans are always putting me down and they follow us were ever we go I dont have my privise."

" Then we will leave the next stop is wolverhampton or or" He stanmerrs

" Liam I wont!!" I shout

"Then then I'm done" he shouts in my face

" With me" I shout back 

" No never.. with the band" He says softly 

" Liam no I wont let you" I shout back at his face

" No I love you and being with you is what I love" he says

"But but I cant and wont let you give up your dreams im just in your way" I say softly 

"No never that isnt true"

He then gets down on one of hisknee and takes a box out of his back pocket. Then I woke up. Everyone was still sleeping I sit up think is this true is it like my other dream to leave my father. I look over to liam I smile. I get up out of the bed and walk toward the kitchen and of course i see Niall eating something. 

" Morning love" said Niall

" Morning niall can I ask you something" I asked

" Sure" he said

I told him my dream when I was done he stands there with his mouth open and stares at me.

" Umm uhh nothing I must be going back to bed" He says while fast walking to his room

" Niall get your butt back here now" 

He walks back to me.

" Is something going on. You better tell me if you dont no more nandoes for a month" I say quietly 

"All I can say Is that your in for a surprise today"

" Thats all you can say"

"Yah sorry" he shouts quietly


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