this story is about an 18 year old girl named Arianna she's been abused by her father since she was 5. one day she ran away because she could take it anymore. Then she five boys from the band one direction and she fell in love with one of them. Who though? You wont know unless you read it


6. does he really

                                               Arianna POV:

it was a long ride to Nandos because there was traffic so i had time to think about what he had said to the fans. I remember it when he said i like her i, it was all up in my head i like her, i like her did he really mean that i was so confused. Why would Liam James Payne like me im ugly im brused up from dave and super duper skinny from also dave he never really feed me. What should I do the boys were all sleeping but liam 

"Liam i have to ask you a question" i said

" Sure whats up"

"remember when you were screaming at the fans" i asked

" yah" as he scratches his head

" Well remeber when you said ....." i didnt finish 

" hey you wanna play karioke"

He interupted me i better he doesnt want me to know but he had to at the house to protect me. well now I know he likes me and some how i will find a way to tell him i do to.

" NO, im good i just want to sleep"

" Oh sorry"

We finally got to nandos and i knew liam called earlier to make sure the reasturant was empty no fans. We all walked in and we ordered and sat at a table. 

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