You Don’t Hug Me Anymore

This is a poem about a broken relationship and the one-sided nature of breakups.


1. You Don’t Hug Me Anymore

You used to hug me; hold me tight,

But you don’t hug me anymore.


Like a home knitted sweater,

or your oldest teddy;

if you ever need, I’ll be ready.

When you’ve had enough; 

you feel tired, too unsteady, 

if you’re feeling rough;

it’s always tomorrow already;


I’ll paint a face of warm comfort,

a feign of calm - I’m a good sort...

If it takes every ounce of strength

and every remnant of pride,

I’ll hide the damage you’ve done inside.


Though I’ll be there and you’ll feel better,

you’ll miss the tears you wear on your sweater.

But don’t worry... like I said before

We won’t have a problem;

You don’t hug me anymore.

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