Falling in love

Hi my name is Stephanie Gonzales am 18 years old
Am 5'0 I have long black hair with blue dip dyed
I have Blue green eyes and am tan my best friend is Leigh Ann
From little mix well long story short I always had a crush on Niall before something happend between us and I can not forgive him


4. Why is he here?

When I park my black charger at school I hear something strange an its not me car
It sounded like screaming I look at leigh Ann and she was confused but I didn't let the noise get
To me.so when me and leigh Ann get off the car we see familiar faces but didn't really put my mind to it while me and leigh Anne where walking to the front doors of the school everyone looked at me like why is she with leigh Ann? Or who is she? It was so annoying.when we got in everyone was huddling around a group of boys.then suddenly his blonde hair and his beautiful sparkling eyes look at mine making eye connection all of the memories flooded back like a night mare.so I did the smartest thing I could think of is.......

ignore him
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