Falling in love

Hi my name is Stephanie Gonzales am 18 years old
Am 5'0 I have long black hair with blue dip dyed
I have Blue green eyes and am tan my best friend is Leigh Ann
From little mix well long story short I always had a crush on Niall before something happend between us and I can not forgive him


3. What would I do without her

Stephanie's pov: after what happened I needed to get my minds off of things.so I decided to take warm shower.right when I get out the shower I trip on some water o the floor
"Shit.seriously!!" I stand up and go to the sink and brush my teeth after that I brushed my hair
Forming my natural beach curls.then I went to my closet and was looking around until I found the perfect outfit it was a floral shirt with riped jeans ad my beige uggs after that
I put on some light make up.when I was done I took a step back form the mirror admiring how I look.whe I look at the clock it was 8:30 "shit am going to be late for the first day"
So I grab my phone and my purse and run out the door with leigh Ann waiting out side for me
"Forgot these" she said smirking while throwing me the car keys.what would I do with our her
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