Falling in love

Hi my name is Stephanie Gonzales am 18 years old
Am 5'0 I have long black hair with blue dip dyed
I have Blue green eyes and am tan my best friend is Leigh Ann
From little mix well long story short I always had a crush on Niall before something happend between us and I can not forgive him


6. Loud crys from behind me

Lizzys pov: when I saw Stephanie arguing with Niall I instantly ran and stood by her side. She was crying and him too I whispered in her ear to snatch her hand an walk away and she did. "Steph are you okay what happened between you guys why were you crying?."

Stephanie's pov:"we'll um long story short I was in a park with Niall and we where 12 years old but suddenly it was raining and a guy with a gun came towards us when he reached us he pointed he gun to me and told Niall to leave and to not say nothing I begged Niall to save me wih the police but instead he listened to the strange and sai to me "I'm sorry I am going to save you I promise "and walked away I was screaming for my life by he wouldn't budge I waited days weeks months but he wouldn't come but what made me mad at him was because he got my hopes up and at the end broke his promise and I will never forgive him!"I explained in ears when I see Liz tearing up but I heard loud crys and it wasn't her it was coming from behind me it was....... "Niall?"
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