Falling in love

Hi my name is Stephanie Gonzales am 18 years old
Am 5'0 I have long black hair with blue dip dyed
I have Blue green eyes and am tan my best friend is Leigh Ann
From little mix well long story short I always had a crush on Niall before something happend between us and I can not forgive him


7. i forgive you

niall pov:when i heard her say what she felt i couldnt fight the tears back they just feel out free "niall?"she asked "i tryed saving you i really did but he keeped moving places so i couldnt i know i promised you but i never broke my promise am sorry if i didnt save you when you wanted me"i said still crying "am sorry forgive me"i added she was crying she didnt say anything until i heard a small "i do forgive you"my body just instantly reacted and i grabed her small waist and spined her around until i put her down and the moment felt right and i kissed her it lasted for a couple of seconds and when we saperated i told her "you are the love of my life will you be mine" "ahhh of course i love "she was about to finish when i kissed her and we said you at the same time

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