Falling in love

Hi my name is Stephanie Gonzales am 18 years old
Am 5'0 I have long black hair with blue dip dyed
I have Blue green eyes and am tan my best friend is Leigh Ann
From little mix well long story short I always had a crush on Niall before something happend between us and I can not forgive him


5. Come back am sorry

Nialls pov:when I was srounded by fans I saw someone and she caught my eye I don't know something about her made me get butterflies and warm and feel at home that's when she turned around an we made eye connection she looked terrified and scared an angry all the same time did I cause her this I was just about to say hi when I saw a tear escape I ran to her but she just walked away "Stephanie am sorry please come back!!"I said with years in my eyes I got my chance and grabed her wrist a turned her around she was crying and screaming "let go of me!!" "Am sorry!!"I whispered to her "you know when we were smaller that used to work but not anymore" then in a blink of an eye she snatched her hand out of mine and walked away then she turned around and I thought she was going to say something I wanted to hear but instead she said "have a good life without me in it" and left me there standing alone with tears racing down my cheeks.this would never had happened if I was there when she needed me.
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