Unwritten Vow

"I never imagined that I- being what I am- could fall in love, anyless fall in love with two people at once. And the worst part, is that it just keeps getting harder, no matter how I try, I can't seem to make it right."
When Maria was first bitten everything was "a game" but after she meets Nathan Sykes and falls in love with him, that all changes. But it becomes life and death when Liam comes into her life. It's the battle for life, death and love in this twisted fanfiction vampire book. Enjoy :)


9. Unsure

When I finally stopped I wasn't sure where I was. I was probably in a totally different state. Maybe even country. I just sat down and cried. I knew they would be here any second so I tried taking up this moment for myself.

When I felt a gust of wind I looked up. Nathan was standing above me. "What do you want?" I asked. "They told me what that mark on our wrists meant." He said, sitting next to me.

"Yeah, I'm starting to wonder." I said, ready to cry.

He hugged me. "I'm sorry." I just........ don't know why this happened. I had my entire life ahead of me, and now I'm thinking of how to plan my own fake funeral." He said.

"I never would of done it if I'd known. You know that right?" I said.

He hesitated. "We should get back. They're worried about you." He got up and dissapeared. I stood up and wiped my last tear away.

I hurried behind him.

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