Unwritten Vow

"I never imagined that I- being what I am- could fall in love, anyless fall in love with two people at once. And the worst part, is that it just keeps getting harder, no matter how I try, I can't seem to make it right."
When Maria was first bitten everything was "a game" but after she meets Nathan Sykes and falls in love with him, that all changes. But it becomes life and death when Liam comes into her life. It's the battle for life, death and love in this twisted fanfiction vampire book. Enjoy :)


13. Planning Death

We went out into the main area. Everyone was already up, holding hands. "Hey guys." I said. They all smiled at us. "Good. You're up. We need to talk." Karli said, standing up. We waited for her to continue. "We need to fake your deaths." She said. "Do we need to do this now?" Jewls asked. "Yes!" Karli snapped. "People will start to notice right away that something's wrong." Karli said. "We need to act quickly."

"Plane crash." Emily said. "Me and Jay were talking about it. It's a good idea. We fly the plane and crash it. They're aren't going to find the bodys but after a while people will forget." Karli looked at her. "That's actually a really good idea.." She said. "But I don't think any of us know how to fly a plane-" "I do." Emily said. "That's why I suggested it."

"Well. Perfect." Karli said. You guys better tell your managers. We have to do this very, very soon." Karli said. The boys nodded and went into one of the rooms. We waited for them to finish.

After a while they came out. "Pack your bags." Tom said. "We're leaving tommorrow morning to "England.""

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