Unwritten Vow

"I never imagined that I- being what I am- could fall in love, anyless fall in love with two people at once. And the worst part, is that it just keeps getting harder, no matter how I try, I can't seem to make it right."
When Maria was first bitten everything was "a game" but after she meets Nathan Sykes and falls in love with him, that all changes. But it becomes life and death when Liam comes into her life. It's the battle for life, death and love in this twisted fanfiction vampire book. Enjoy :)


21. One Direction

He hugged me. "Just wait a day. At least a day. That's all I'm asking." He said. I nodded. "Only a day." I said. He hugged me.

"Nathan?" "Yeah." "What are we going to do for the next day?" I asked. He looked at the tv. "Really?" I asked. He looked at me and smiled slyly. I laughed as I realized what he was thinking. "Maybe."

I sat on the bed and turned on the tv. He started flipping through the channels and one caught my attention. He went back to the channel. There were five guys on the screen doing an interview. "Wow they're cute!" I said, surprised at my reaction. He growled. I laughed. "What's wrong?"

"I hate them." He said, shaking his head. "Just cause I think they're cute?" I asked, a little surprised. He laughed, "well that too. But those are the guys that me and Emily were talking about the first day. One Direction." He said the last part in a annoyed tone. "Why do you hate them?" I asked. "Cause everyone likes them better than us. I just looked at him. "What?!" "That's kinda pathetic......" I said. "Whatever." He sunk into the pillow. I looked back at the screen. "Who is that?" I asked, pointing to the one I thought was cutest. "Liam." He said. "He's like really cute, Nathan." I said, laughing impressed. He squinted at me. I laid down next to him. "You're still cuter." I said. He leaned in to kiss me but I just sat up. "What's the rest of their names?" I asked, looking at the tv, trying not to laugh. He sighed. "Harry, the one with the really curly hair, Niall the blonde, Zayn the badass looking one, Liam he one you like and Louis." He said. I laid back down. "Can I ask you something?" He asked. I hesitated. "If Liam were to appear here right now and try to take you away from me would you go?" He asked. I was shocked at the question. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. "I'd tell him to go to hell." I whispered.

~~I never imagined that I would do the exact opposite of what I told him~~

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