Unwritten Vow

"I never imagined that I- being what I am- could fall in love, anyless fall in love with two people at once. And the worst part, is that it just keeps getting harder, no matter how I try, I can't seem to make it right."
When Maria was first bitten everything was "a game" but after she meets Nathan Sykes and falls in love with him, that all changes. But it becomes life and death when Liam comes into her life. It's the battle for life, death and love in this twisted fanfiction vampire book. Enjoy :)


22. Necklace

"I'm gonna go to sleep." I said. He nodded. I turned to the side and closed my eyes.

I was just about to fall asleep when I felt him get off the bed. I turned but pretended to still be asleep. I slightly opened my eyes and watched Nathan go into the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on. Less then two minutes later it turned back off and Nathan walked out, a towel around his waist. He put his clothes on the dresser opposite the bed. His back to me, he dropped his towel and I saw his butt. I started laughing. He turned around and I screeched and hid my head in the blanket. "Sorry!" He said. Suddenly he was next to me, only his boxers on. I uncovered my eyes, laughing. He smiled. "I thought you were sleeping." He said, playing with my hair. I shrugged. He pulled me closer and kissed me. I buried my face in his bare chest and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning, on bare sheets. My hand was on a piece of paper.

Morning, sorry I'm not there, I'm on an errand. Should be back soon xx- Nathan.

I sighed and got up. I took a quick shower than turned off the tv. Before long the door opened and Nathan came in, bags in his hands. "You're up. Hey." He laid the bags on the bed. I crawled over to them and looked inside. There were clothes. I looked at him, confused. "Why did you buy clothes? How did you buy clothes? We have no money." I said. "We do now." He said, pulling someones wallet out of his pocket. I gave him a look. "What?! I was hungry. Plus what was the point of leaving it? They aren't gonna need it anyway. Plus I needed to pay the guy at the front, for this room."


He hesitated. "Only three...." "Nathan!" I shouted. "Why are you getting angry?! I made sure I killed them all so they wouldn't turn." I didn't reply. I took out the clothes and there was a large, two-gallon bag full of red liquid. I held it up to him and raised my eyebrow. "Did you really think I was gonna not get you any?" He asked. I shrugged. I opened it and slurped it.

"One more thing." He said. I looked up at him. "What?" He took my hand and put a small black box in it. I opened it and inside was a gold necklace. On it was a small black flower. I looked up at him. "It's beautiful." I said. I leaned up and kissed him. He brushed the hair off my face. "I love you." He said. "I love you more." I leaned up and kissed him more. I strung my arms around his neck and made him lay down on th bed, still kissing.

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