My judgement's clouded

Lizzie was the most popular in South High. She was told by her friends she was perfect. Every guy loved her, every girl wanted to be her or at least thats what she thought. The truth was Lizzie was cruel and mean. She let the popularity go to her head. Will Lizzie lose herself in the popularity or will a certain boy save her?


1. Chapter 1

Lizzie's POV

"Come on Liz." Amanda called. "It's time to put the geeks in their place."

"Finally." I scoffed flipping my perfect blond hair over my shoulder. "They've been bothering me all day.Lets grab the rest of the girls." 

Amanda and I hurried to our lunch table where Haley, Sarah, Meghan, Kathleen and Grace sat. "Hey girls." I said sitting between Meghan and Sarah. "Mandi and I were about to go put the geeks in their place anyone want to come?" 

"Yes." Kathleen grinned. "And I got the perfect targets." 

"Who?" Amanda and I asked at the same time. 

"Those three." Kathleen said pointing out a curly hair boy sitting next to a guy with a buzz cut. 

"Kat." Haley sighed. "That's only two guys."

"There's the third one." Kathleen said pointing to a blond guy walk over and join the other two. "They're new too." 

"The perfect welcome." Grace smiled taking a sip of her soda. "How are we going to put them in their place?" 

"I think they're in your science class next block." Kathleen said. "I recognize the one with the buzz cut one. I heard them talking about their schedules in class."

"Great." I sighed. "New guys again. Let's meet up in the library after school to plan their welcome." 

"Sounds good." Grace said grinning wickedly. "We haven't had new kids in weeks." 

I let out a laugh as I get up to throw out my trash. As I turn around I catch the blond guy staring at me.

He looked down quickly.

I shot him a glare flipping my hair. He should know not to look at me. I am Elizabeth Mitchell Cooper, the most popular girl here. 

As the bell rang Grace and I walked to science slowly, always good to be fashionably late.

"I caught that blond guy looking at me." I told Grace. "What?" She gasp. "He wouldn't." I nodded. "Oh course he probably  wanted to know who I was." 

"Oh course." Grace sighed. I shot her a puzzled look as we walked into the class taking our usual seats. 

"Ok class." Mr. Cooke, our science teacher said. "For the next two months you and a partner of my choice will do a project." I let out an inaudible groan. Couldn't he just let us pick our partner? 

"Ok." Mr. Cooke continued. "I'm going to read out the partners. When I call your name you and your partner will come up here and pick a topic for your project."

"Conner and Alex"

"Rose and Patrick"

"Harry and Liam."

I watched two of the new guys go up to the front. "Buzz cut and curly gone." Grace whispered next to me. 

"Grace and Frank." 

I let out another groan as Grace shot me an 'i'm sorry' glance as she walked up to pick a topic. 

"Lance and Dean"

"Lizzie and Niall"

I looked around. Who was Niall? As I walked up to the front of the room just as the blond guy reached the front. "Your Niall?" I hissed under my breath. He gave a shy nod. I let out a sigh.

"We'll do recycling." I told Mr. Cooke. He nodded jotting it down. "Now Ms. Cooper I expect you to be nice to our new student" I gave a fake smile. "Oh course Mr. Cooke."

I hurried back to my seat next to Grace. "Well this is great." I complain under my breath. Grace nodded. "At least you can get some information so our welcome will be good." I nod turning back to the front as Mr. Cooke finished reading of the pairs.

This was going to be a welcome the three of them will never forget.



This is my first movella so please give me advice if you want.

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