Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


1. Prologue

"can we not just head down to the strip?" Renee moaned.
"we've only just got back from the beach?" I questioned

It was the last night of our girls holiday before we all headed to separate universities. Me, Renee, Sarah and Faye had all agreed to go on holiday since the beginning of sixth form. I didn't want to think about university at all on this holiday, I was going the furtherest away, all the way down to London. It made me sad as this was probably the last time we would be together for a while.

"come on let's just go" Sarah agreed with Renee.
"fine, let me just change" I replied

I zipped open my suitcase and pulled out some jean short shorts for a night out on the town in Kavos.
What? I'd seen half the sluts down there all week wearing next to nothing, me wearing short shorts was extremely acceptable even if I didn't have a thigh gap like Faye.

I pulled on a black boob tube crop top and we all headed down to the strip completely sober, not sure how long that would last but.. it was our last night why couldn't we have some fun?

"Fliss, Fliss, look free drinks for an hour for €7" Sarah grinned, pointing out a sign.
"you're on" I smirked as we all headed to that particular club.

After several vodka shots, fish bowls and cocktails later Faye, the lightweight was absolutely smashed.

"it's your turn to take her home Sarah" I shouted over the music.

"what? no! I took her back last night"
"liar because I did" I replied, us both now glancing over to Renee, looking after Faye.

I smirked looking towards Sarah.
We both had the same idea.

"you can tell her" I gestured.
"fine" Sarah laughed as she headed over to Renee to tell her she'd be the one looking after Faye.
As if on que, Faye threw up all over Sarah's shoes.

"Faye!" Sarah shrieked of disappointment.

Faye gave her a glance before holding her head in her hands at the side of the club.

"Sarah! we can go to the beach to wash your feet" I grinned.
"great plan! Renee, we will meet you at the beach" I shouted as Renee rudely stuck her finger up at me as she wobbled down the street with Faye on her latch.


This is when it hit me. The rush of alcohol hit my head as soon as I hit the outdoors. I don't know, it probably wasn't safe going down to the beach but what the hell.

Sarah moaned that the sick was squelching in her shoe, enough for anyone to throw up at the thought.

I wasn't ever sick though, not with consuming alcohol, I put it down to good reflex muscles in the back of my throat.

Sarah took off her shoe and threw it. Objecting the whole reason why we were heading down to the beach in the first place, but we kept going.

We arrived at the beach, hearing the bass and flashing lights from near the left side of the sand, over loaded with intoxicated teenagers partying.

"Partyy, Come on Fliss" Sarah shouted at the top of her lungs before she rushed down, me shortly following behind.

"Sarah? Sarah?" I shouted through the crowd of people, It was almost impossible to find her in this state.
I couldn't find her anywhere.

"excuse me"
"excuse me!" I shouted nudging my way through these sweaty people.

I reached a little coconut bar, obviously where these drinks were being served. I searched my pockets, gagging for more alcohol.

"two vodka shots please" I said to the bartender
"€5 please love" he replied handing over the shots, to which I more than happily downed.

"fancy some more?" a guy at least a head taller than me asked from the side of me.
"if your buying, I'm skint" I scoffed
"4 more shots please" the guy said to the bartender.

I studied this guy thoroughly.

"you look well familiar" I raised an eyebrow.
"yeah?" he nodded, handing me over two shots.
"yeah" I nodded

He smirked, like he knew something I didn't. I failed to question his expression, he was buying me free drinks, I didn't want to knock it.

"on the count of three, 1-2-3" he ushered me to down my shots.

I had already had more than enough but I kept drinking and drinking.. probably too much.

"let's dance" The guy grabbed my hand and pulled me into the mass of sweaty youngsters as we bounced away to the beat, juggling all that alcohol I had consumed away in my belly making me feel not so good.


This girl continued to grind against me, I was almost certain I'd be taking her home tonight. I wasn't a sleaze but the whole going on holiday and getting your way with a girl was a tradition for most young lads.

"I'm too hot" she moaned, taking her top off, revealing her bra, something I did not object to. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss, something I expected she was going to do, she was completely slaughtered.

"it's too hot" she moaned into the kiss, but this time taking my top off and throwing it to the ground.

"come, come" she slurred as she pulled me through the crowd on towards a more private bit of the beach.

"what are you doing?" I asked as she took off her shorts.
"we're going swimming" she grinned sheepishly, nearly stumbling over her shorts.
"in the sea?" I asked, copying her urge to remove all her clothing by removing my shorts.
"of course in the sea silly" she laughed uncontrollably.
I laughed away with her, the alcohol still fresh in my body.

we ran down closer to the shore in nothing but our underwear.

I stopped as the cold waves hit my feet, taking all the warmth from my body, this girl however was not phased by it one bit, she ran straight in, waves crashing against her soft curves, soaking her through and through.

"come on you sap" she laughed as she splashed around.
"it's freezing" I complained.

"come on!" she encouraged.

I did want to get my way with her but, I was not going into the sea, it was teeth chattering cold.

"ok, ok how about this, if you come in ill take off my bra" she encouraged

At the drop of a hat I was in that sea, She clearly wanted this as much as I did and from the looks of it she had a cracking pair of tits.

I splashed over to her, my feet only just touching the sea bed.

"you made a promise" I pointed out reaching for her bra clasp.
"ah ah ah" she stopped me "only if you take these off" she giggled, pulling down my pants underneath the water.

"you're on" I smirked scrambling my underwear off using the strength of my legs, pulling them down kicking them off.

She pulled off her bra but kept her knickers firmly on.

"take these off" I insisted, tugging on the hem of her knickers.
"that wasn't in the deal" she laughed
"I'm butt naked"
"that's your fault" she giggled
"come here" I teased reaching out for her.
"hey!" she objected, running away through the sea letting her breasts hang loose, no attempt to hide them, something I did enjoy very much so.

"wait up" I shouted after her as she made her way back up to the beach.

"where's my bra?" she asked searching for it.
"it's long gone" I laughed "like my boxers"

"oh.. come up here" she gestured as she sit in the waves at the shore.

I reached her and sat beside her in the sand, hiding my manbag with my hands, her arms folded hiding her assets away this time.

"it's my last night here now" she revealed
"unlucky" I replied
"I know, it's been so much fun" she giggled, unsure what she was giggling about I still laughed along with her.

she sucked in some air through her teeth before she blurted out
"I'm bored" releasing the air out of her mouth as a drained sigh.

"I have something fun we could do.." I pondered.
"really? what?" she looked at me inquisitively.
"well..." I began
"a shag?" she said outright
"yeah" I nodded eagerly.
"I'm not a slut yknow" she objected
"I never implied you were"
"but you were wishing to get your way with me, weren't you?" she said pointing her finger at me.
"you're lucky I'm on holiday curly" she smirked.
"do you have a ... yknow"
"a condom? yeah, it's in my pocket over there" I replied eagerly.
"shall we?" she asked
"mine or your hotel?"
"here?" she suggested spontaneously before reaching out for my face, and kissing me hard.

I didn't have time to think it through but succeeded by doing her upon the sand.

I had lost three things that night:
-My 'sex on the beach' virginity
-My boxer shorts
-And all hope of that girl not having an incredibly sore back the next morning.

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