Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


10. Chapter9- Phone Calls


I lounged on the sofa watching emmerdale on my own. Sad life I know. Stupid Felicity, I should have listened to harry before I got myself caught up in her little game of leading me on then pushing me away. 
I didn't know why she made me feel this way but because she pushed me away, she made me want her even more. It was obvious she wasn't interested at all so it was pointless getting involved. We only had a few weeks left at that settlement anyway I would just have to keep my distance to prevent any heartache.

I heard the front door latch open and then voices, looked like Harry and brought Bella back.

"hi louis" Bella said coming in.

Harry had struck lucky with Bella. Bella was a slim pretty natural blonde who was really nice too. She was good for Harry and she brought out the best in him, I never thought harry would try settle down with a girlfriend but Bella proved me wrong.

"Hey Bel" I smiled weakly.
"how are you?" she asked sitting next to me while harry went to go make coffees.
"okay, yknow" I shrugged a little.

My phone started vibrating, a quick glance at the caller id, I answered it.

"hello?" I answered.
"Louis!" bellowed a voice down the phone.
"Felicity?" I questioned.
"Spot on.." she laughed before I heard a curfuffle at the end of the line.

"felicity" hissed a voice
"shut up Ruby, I'm on the phone to my  louis" felicity said back to the girl who I guessed as being called ruby.

"what do you want felicity?" I furrowed my brows and stood up. 
I gestured a sorry to Bella.
She laughed uneasily.

"Can't a girl speak to her boyfriend as in a boy friend not boyfriend" she slurred.
"are you drunk?"
"yeah you are"

There was another curfuffle at the end of the line.

"hey gimmi that"

"uh louis right?" said a new girls voice.
"yeah.." I confirmed
"sorry, she's a bit.. erm.. well yeah she's had a few drinks" the girl confirmed.
"is she ok?"
"yeah look I best get her hom- oh forgodsake Fliss!" the voice said.
"uh she's just been sick right I'm sorry I just wanted to say I'm sorry for her sake, she's been drowning her sorrows over you for the last three hours.. sorry for this phone call, I tried to stop her from calling you but she wouldn't stop sorry" the girl apologised again before hanging up.

"who was that?" harry asked placing the cups of coffees on the coffee table.
"felicity.. well felicity and her friend" I ran my fingers through my hair.
"what did she want?" harry scoffed
"nothing really.." I said honestly.

Harry's face had turned sour at the mention of felicity, what did he have against her?

But felicity was drowning her sorrows over me? Did that mean she liked me? no. Why would she have told me other wise earlier, none of this made sense, I really had to find out what was going on in her mind.

I paced a little bit. She was wracking my brain right now.

"mate, she's just messing you around" harry slurped his coffee.
"I know but she must like me a little"
"you're wasting your time trust me"
"hm maybe I am"
"but if you like her you shouldn't give up on her lou" Bella spoke.
"but Bella, she's clearly taking him for a ride"
"stop getting involved harry, you're being unfair on her"
"you stop getting involved" harry bit back.

"guys guys.. calm, I'll speak to her ok"
"but-" Harry stopped
"shut up harry" Bella scoffed

there was an awkward silence.
I slurped my tea.

My phone rang again.
I eagerly answered it.

"felicity?" I answered
"wrong.. niall" niall spoke

I tutted

"what do you want?" 
"well hello to you to" niall scoffed
"hi niall what would you like on this ever so fine evening?" I said sarcastically.
"could have been better but.. Paul told me that we have a day off tomorrow" 
"don't sound too excited louis"
"bye niall" 
"by-" I cut him off hanging up.

"what did niall want?" harry asked
"we have a day off tomorrow"

harrys face lit up in unison with bellas face.

they probably already had plans unlike myself who would spend the day moping around the house.

My phone rang again.

"What now?" I answered thinking it was niall.
"im sorry" weeped a voice
"felicity?" I questioned, walking into the kitchen.
"I want to be your friend louis" she admitted.
"why did you tell me different when you were sober"

there was a pause.

"i..I don't know" she struggled to answer.
"Harry's right then? you are messing me around?" I locked my jaw.
"Harry's a dick"
"don't take this out on harry" I argued.

she laughed a little through her sob.

"harry doesn't want me to hang out with you"
"stop bringing harry into this it's got nothing to do with him"
" harry told me not to get involved with you!" she almost shouted.

I felt my face fall flat.

"why would you say that?!" I replied
"it's true"
"I can't talk to you right now, go to sleep" I huffed before putting the phone down.

Why would she say harry told her to stop hanging out with me. He wouldn't say such thing, would he?



I made it clear i wanted to talk things through with Felicity at 10:30 this morning when I texted her to meet me at Starbucks in the city centre at 12.

I hadn't mentioned what she had said to harry just incase it was the alcohol speaking which was likely, I just hoped to get things straight this afternoon.

I drummed my fingers on the table in the corner of the cafe, waiting for felicity to arrive, if she was coming that is.

I was beginning to lose hope in her making a show but then she arrived looking like thunder. Her face was pale and the bags under her eyes told me the alcohol had taken its toll no matter how much she tried to cover them up with make up, she looked rough.

She gave me a weak smile and queued up for a drink.

She finally approached me with a large mug of hot chocolate, she looked like she wanted to be somewhere else, preferably bed.

"hi" she mumbled
"didnt think you'd show" I admitted, as she sat down across from me.
"don't be stupid louis" she scoffed a little.
"do you remember anything last night?"
"if youre talking about calling you, ruby filled me in and I'm sorry" 
"is it true then?"
"is what true?" she asked before taking a slurp of her drink.

Her face seemed to pale even more.

"what about harry..?" she questioned
"him, telling you to back off from hanging out with me" I answered

Then what she did puzzled me a little, it's like she gave a breath of relief, like that was the question she wasnt expecting, expecting more of a threatening question. I refused to question this though.

"did I say that?" she asked blankly.
"yes" I locked my jaw.

there was a silence.

"is it true?" I asked again

she mumbled something.

"yes" she confirmed a little louder.

That little bastard, why would he tell her to back off!? What did he have against her? 

"louis, please dont say anything" she begged placing her hand on mine upon the table.
"why shouldn't I?"
"because-" but she stopped herself.

she pulled her hand back.

"just please" she pleaded
"why did you listen to harry, what did he say to you?"
"felicity" I warned
"can we just forget it please?" she begged.
"what? my best friend tells a girl to back off away from me? I deserve to know what he said"
"louis.. please.." she begged once more.

I furrowed my brows.

"come round to mine.." 
"I wanna show harry that I like you and we are going to spend more time together" I explained
"I don't think that's a good idea.." she trailed off.
"do you want to get to know me Felicity because if you don't then just say" 
"No- i really like you louis"
"well then we aren't going to let anyone get in our way.. especially not harry"
"don't worry, it's my choice.. and I like you so I'm going to hang out with you, end of, if harry doesn't like it he can fuck off" I angered 

she looked blankly at her drink.

I sighed.

"look Fliss, go home, get some sleep and I'll pick you up at 6ish, I'll cook us something good to eat" I said reaching for her hand, giving it a squeeze.

she looked up with a look of worry in her eye.

"please?" I raised an eyebrow.
"okay" she agreed, nodding.
"great, look Fliss, we will make this work ok?" 
she nodded again slightly.

"text me your address" I smiled. 
"I will.." she nodded as I got up from my seat, ready to leave.

She got up to see me off.

I hesitated before awkwardly wrapping my arms around her.

"bye" she smiled
"see you" I smiled back before making my exit.


What the hell did harry think he was playing at? telling felicity to stay away from me just because he thought there was something" 'fishy' about her? I was a big boy and I could make my own decisions, and that's exactly what I was going to prove to him.

oh hell no.
poor louis.

Anyway... I shall try make the next few chapters as interesting as possible!! 

I could probably start and finish an update for tomorrow return for a few comments?? deal?? 

idk but pleaaaase like and comment I love when I get feedback it gives me people to write for yknow? THANKS FOR SHOWING AN INTEREST IN MY STORY IT MEANS A LOT 


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