Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


9. Chapter8- Meddling


"what, wait.. so you live with a gay couple?" I asked again just to be one hundred percent sure she wasn't messing with me.
"yeah, just until I get my flat back which shouldn't be too long.." Felicity nodded, chomping on a chicken nugget as we walked across the settlement car park together.

I laughed a little.

"what?" she laughed a little.
"nothing you just got a little ketchup on your nose" I smirked
"oh you're kidding me?" she blushed, wiping her nose with her hand

she looked at her hand an found nothing, she gave a puzzled look before I planted the end of my ketchup dipped chicken nugget on her nose.

"hey!" she squealed a little, wiping it off.
"come on, you know I've been dying to get you back" I laughed
"right.." she reached out into her McDonald's bag and pulled out the dip, she smirked with that gleaming look of mischief looming in her eyes.

"don't you even" I warned holding her arm, keeping her at arms distance.

"no, no you called war you get war louis" she laughed and struggling past my arm.
"no no come on truce truce" I begged
"say please Felicity Rivers you are the best girl I've ever hung out with and I love Mrs Darcy more than life itself" she teased
"I am not-" I began before she cut me off by shoving the dip closer to me.
"felicity rivers is the best girl I've ever hung out with and I love mrs Darcy more than life itself" I rushed out before the dip could reach my face.

she smirked before putting the dip back in the bag and shoving her McDonald's bag in a bin near by her workplace.

"well thanks for the McDonald's louis, it's been great" she smiled.
"yeah it has" I agreed
"well I guess I shall see you later?" she asked.
"yeah, hey erm.. yeah maybe we could .. exchange numbers yknow?" I asked.
"uh yeah okay" she smiled, reaching out for her phone in her bag.

I pulled my phone out of my jeans pocket and waited for her to read her number out as I typed it in.

"great, well I shall be in contact with you later" I reassured.
"yep" I nodded
"bye" i said then we both quickly turned on our heel and headed in opposite directions.

I mentally sighed, I wish I could have been more confident around her, If that was harry he would have kissed her, he always kisses on the first date... damn I really had to stop comparing myself to my best friend.



I swiftly made my way into the lift, the smile still lingering on my face. Louis was so hot and nice and lovely and I totally understood why hundreds of girls across the region have a strong connection with this boy. wow.


the lift opened on level two of the sheek 9 storey building.

"there you are" harry walked in the lift.

The smile almost fell from my lips as the lift doors shut behind us.

"you were looking for me?" I asked 
"yes actually, although I don't want you jumping to conclusions that I'm coming back for more, you weren't that good" he scoffed a little.

I scowled a little.

"I just came by to stop you from seeing louis" he said like he had hold over me.

I laughed a little at his cocky attitude.

"you think I'm joking?" he raised his eyebrow.
"harry I wouldn't listen to you even if you threatened me"
"oh really, so what if somehow your name got brought up in a newspaper" he suggested.

I grit my teeth.

"you wouldn't" I looked at him.
"just you try and stop me" he smirked.

I pressed my lips together.

"it won't have to come to that though if you stay away from louis" he reassured.
I shook my head at him.

The lift stopped an opened.

"well I guess this is my stop, see you later.... well hopefully not" he smirked even more, it was clear he had the higher status in this situation as I stood back and took it all.

What was I supposed to do? I knew that if my name was to get out and stuff I'd be gutts for garters, their fans had a name for being.. aggressive and touchy. I decided it would be best to not get involved at all but then....

**1 new message**
hey it's louis.. here's my number:)



The lift doors shut behind me.
I let out a sigh of relief. I hate being such a dick especially knowing she had done nothing that was at all wrong other than being friendly with my best friend but I knew for a fact louis wouldn't listen to me so I had no other choice but to resort to going in on Felicity. I felt bad I did and I knew there was no way I could fulfil that mere threat, it could potentially ruin me more than it did her but I had to try something... right?

I waited a few moments on this floor before calling the lift again. This wasnt actually my floor I just needed to make my exit at the right time, besides she was the only reason I had come round here and now hopefully I would be seeing very little of her, after all, all she was was a coffee girl, nobody major.


"Where've you been?" niall asked as I entered the studio.
"out" I mumbled
"does it matter where?"
"oo ohright moody" niall laughed.

I faked a laugh before giving him a blunt facial expression. I turned my attention towards louis who seemed happy, really happy infact. It was obviously girl inflicted.. felicity inflicted, something i just ruined basically.

wow I was a dick.




"Well class is over for today" Mr Smith said shutting down his top of the range apple laptop.

Blimey, writing college had dragged today. I could hardly concentrate either with this whole louis/harry thing going on, I was in a bit of a pickle and still pondering on what to do. I probably should have confided in someone, but then everyone would have known my business, sigh.

"Fliss!" shouted a voice from behind me as I rushed down the college corridor.
I swerved around and stopped in the meantime to greet my friend Ruby.

"Fancy going for a drink?" she asked approaching me.
"I would but I have work to do"
"oh but felicity" she whined
"sorry" I shrugged a little.
"come on, can't you just call in ill"
"no" I rejected
"you're such a pain in the ass" she furrowed her brows.
"shut up, look we can go some other time ok?" I said still rushing.
"fine, text me" she said before going in an opposite direction.

I reached my car and drove towards the settlement, loads of girls were still blocking the entrance, damn.

After I'd finally managed through, I practically ran up the stairs to the top floor, I was already late as it is.

I reached my desk to be surprised by a note.

I have had to rush off to Ireland for the next few days: business matters.

Take a few days off, be back on Friday. 

Mrs Darcy.


Was I dreaming? 
this was the best day of my life, free days off was exactly what I needed.

Before someone could tell me it was a practical joke I jumped in the lift and pressed the button to the bottom floor.

I said goodbye to the Pauline, the reception lady and barged through the double doors of the building.
a bit dramatic but oh well.

I pulled my phone out of my bag and steadily made my way across the car park as I began to text Ruby, taking up her offer for that drink anyway.

"Felicity" said a voice cutting me off from the text.

"oh hiya" I smiled sheepishly at louis who was now rushing towards me.
"uh hi I've been looking for you.."

where did I hear that before?

"how come?"
"uh.. funny story really.. I think you gave me the wrong number" he bit his lip.
"uh..I.." I began but didn't really know how to finish the sentence, I hadn't expected him to confront me about not answering the text.

He furrowed his brows in confusion at my reaction.

I let out a sigh.

"you have the right number" I reassured, not making eyecontact.
"I just didnt reply" I shrugged 
"why?" he frowned
"uh.. I don't know" I mumbled
"what do you mean you don't know"
"I'm sorry louis" I said beginning to walk off.

"what did I do?" he asked, holding my arm.
"you didn't do anything" 
"well why are you trying to ignore me then?"
"because.. I don't want to hang out with you" I lied
"I don't believe that"
"well you should, because its true" I lied even more, it was killing me inside.
"why you being like this?" he almost shouted at me.
"being like what" 

he paused.

"fine" he said letting me go.
"I'm sorry louis"
he let out a laugh and then stormed off.

This wasnt fair on louis, I imagined I had knocked his confidence even more which was totally uncalled for and mostly harrys fault. 

I hated that harry had forced me into doing this.

I did fancy going for a drink after all, definitely something stronger than a coffee.


I know they only met like a week ago but I'm going to pretend that louis and felicity really like each other which is so rushed I know but it's just a story so I guess it doesn't really matter too much.

Oo Harry Drama.

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