Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


8. Chapter7- Drive Thru


10 minutes to 12, I grabbed my fur coat from the coat hanger in the corner of the room and called for the lift.

I reached the bottom floor and the doors gradually opened and as they did I noticed louis sat in the comfy corner, lounging on a leather seat.

He was five minutes early. I like.

"hey" I said as I approached him.
"hey" he smiled, jumping up and pulling his jeans up.

"you're early" I smiled
"I've been sat here 10-15 minutes, I didn't want you to be waiting for me again" he shrugged.
"thoughtful" I smirked 
"yep" he nodded.

"so where do you want to go?" he asked as we made our way towards his black porshe, a car that made me get all excited about. My dad was car mad and I kind of caught on, I knew a fab car when I saw one.
I contained my excitement as much as I could.

he gave me a questioning look.
"I feel as though if I say something like... standard you will turn your nose up at it" I screwed up my lips.

"why do you think that?" he asked, as unlocked his porshe.

As if he had to ask, he just unlocked an overly expensive car and he questioned on why he'd pass at a McDonald's or any other fast food chain.

"well you're a celebrity aren't you?" I shrugged.
"I wasn't born a celebrity, this is new to me, I'd still choose a McDonald's over a fancy dinner at the queens hotel any day" he revealed.
"fine then, lets goto McDonalds" I suggested.
"I'm not going to take you to McDonald's" he scoffed
"why not?"
"Well it's not ideal is it?"
"why not?"
"because i don't know I just.. I didn't think you'd want to go there" he answered.
"why not?"
"well youre a girl.. aren't you up for a little more wining and dining?" he asked
"that's sexist.. and louis do you think a girl of 19 who gets a kebab after the odd Friday night out on the slash would prefer a candle lit dinner over a fine box of chicken mcnuggets?" I raised an eyebrow.
"well when you put it like that" he smirked.
"exactly" I smirked back.

I opened the car door and was greeted by shiny leather seats, oh sweet jesus.

I slid in and sat down in the low down seat and was careful not to slam the door too hard behind me. I was also careful not to reveal how happy I was to be sat in such a extravagant ride.

"you like?" louis interrupted my thoughts.
"the car" he grinned, showing off.
"it's- yeah it's.. suave" I nodded, showing slight appreciation.

under normal circumstances I would have been coming out with all sorts of stuff complementing the car from the frame to the steering wheel, everything was perfect. I just couldn't risk his ego getting any larger, I mean I didn't want to be forced into ruining yet another one of his shirts.

"she's a beauty isn't she" louis grinned, tapping the top of the car.
"if you say so louis"
"I get it, I get it.. you're not into cars, I get it" he reassured.

I scoffed slightly.

"so you are into cars?" he asked starting the engine with the push of a button.
"yeah, a tad" I admitted
"well, I wouldn't have you down as the car mad type"
"my dad likes cars, I was his only kid so I guess I just latched on" I shrugged.
"you were an only child?"
"yeah..well.. not now" i replied.

he shot me an intrigued look. 

"Emma my dads girlfriend, she's popped one out"
"oh I see.." he nodded.
"how about you?" I asked
"four sisters" he said proudly.
"four? Blimey" 
"it's not as bad as you'd think" 
"no, they're all younger than me so I guess I was the one they all looked up to" 
"are they ok?" I smirked
"what do you mean?"
"well having you as their role model I figured-"
"hey" he whined.

I laughed at his little reaction before turning my attention to the way he drove his car so carelessly, it was somewhat attractive. I loved the whole F1 driving kinda thing.
Louis was going at quite a quick speed, and with the wheels so light, the movement of the car was so slick. uh it was great.

"I will take you out somewhere better another time you know" Louis reassured as we pulled up in the McDonald'a drive thru.
"will you now?" I raised an eyebrow.
"well.. yeah.. uh if you'd like" he asked.
"I don't see why not.. so far so good" I grinned putting my thumbs up.

"good" he smiled smugly, breaking the eyecontact.

I swear he was uncomfortable. I had him down as the confident type, why was he uncomfortable?

I eyed him up. He was tapping his fingers away on the steering wheel as we queued up with all the cars.

I stared at his fingers and then concentrated on his face. He was blushing, why was he so uncomfortable? maybe just maybe I made him feel this way.

"Louis.. are you okay?" I questioned, a smirk still playing at my lips.
He quickly turned his head to me.

"yeah why?" he asked
"I don't know, you're just acting different to what you did the other night" I admitted.
"am I?" he asked as if he didnt already know.
"well yeah.. "
"uh sorry" he apologised an turned to look out his side window, which was just a wall, there wasnt anything interesting to look at.

I reached out and placed my hand on his thigh, to which he jumped at, his breathing hitched a little.

"are you nervous louis?" I smirked a little.
"what? no" he laughed a little but continued to glance back at my hand.

I took my hand back, I didn't want him to feel too uncomfortable.

There was a few minutes of silence.

"uh this is stupid" he finally burst out.
"what's stupid?"
"I'm rubbish with dates.. I always get nervous and uptight about it but I don't know why, I just do and I'm sorry you're probably going to be like what a freak but I just-" he rambled on, it was somewhat cute.

"louis" I laughed a little, cutting him off.
"don't laugh at me" he pouted a little.
"I'm not laughing at you, it's just you're so confident but now.. " I began but cut myself off giggling again.
"I know I'm such an idiot"
"you're not an idiot..."
"I am, I can't even be myself I have to ask for advice of people I bet you hadn't asked for advice" he huffed, obviously annoyed at himself.
"why who gave you advice?" I asked

he sighed a little.

"the other night... that wasnt me.. well it was me obviously but it wasnt me" 
"what?" I giggled a little, confused at what he just said.
"it was me but I don't normally act like that.." he repeated "harry, he told me to treat them mean keep them keen" he sighed

I laughed a little harder.
It was obvious to me that harry was a womaniser and he had woman at his feet and stuff but that saying was the dumbest saying. Yes it worked.. Worked with clingy girls that is. It just wasnt me.

"I know it was a stupid saying to follow and I'm sorry" he apologised again.
"don't be silly.. I can't believe you're getting so worked up over me.. me" I replied.

"I don't know... I just.. I think you're really hot and you laugh at my jokes so" he blushed and spoke a little quieter.

"louis.." I blushed 
"I bet you think I'm such a gimp" he laughed a little, obviously uneasy about my reply.
"no, I like you louis" I admitted 
"good, because I like you too" he smiled.
"good" I nodded

there was another brief pause.

"I did ask for advice you know" I admitted.
"you did?" he asked shocked a little.
"not exactly dating advice but I got some advice on what to wear" I nodded.
"Sebastian chose that dress for me.." 
"Sebastian?" louis asked puzzled.
"yeah.. this guy I live with for the time being.. a guy chose out a dress for me because I'm so rubbish at choosing my own clothes" I revealed.

louis chuckled.

"I know.." I rolled my eyes.
"well this Sebastian guy has a pretty good dress sense, he did well" louis snorted.
"yeah.. he's gay" I nodded.

louis spluttered a little before stopping.

"it's funny this dont you think? Us both admitting our pre 'hang out' flaws" I chuckled 
"yeah.." louis laughed before we reached the drive thru.

"uh, medium 9 chicken nugget meal please and for you my lady?" louis smirked.
"uh.. I'll have the same" I smiled 
"two cokes"
"uh 1 coke and 1 lemonade" I corrected.

the lady nodded.

louis looked to me and smirked.

"anything else?"
"no-" I began
"two smarty mcflurries" louis corrected. 

I giggled a little.

"right well that's your order gone through it shouldn't be too long" the woman said, louis paid and then passed us through to the next stop.

I reached for my purse out of my bag to pay louis back.

"what are you doing?" he asked
"paying you back" I said unzipping my purse.
"don't be silly, as if I'd let you pay" he scoffed.
"I always pay for girls, I refuse to let them pay so" he pouted, refusing the money.

I paused.

"suit yourself" I smirked, putting the money back.

"thanks" I smiled.

I was slowly growing to like Louis far much more than intended. I was so easily attached, it often hurt.
Especially with my previous relationship, it took me like 3month to get over him even slightly. 

Although I did wonder if louis was aware of harrys holiday fumble, I would imagine he would have bragged about it and stuff but then It wouldn't make sense if louis knew it was me he had spent the night shagging.
For now I'd keep my mouth shut and hope for the best, however, hanging out with louis, harrys best friend could only be a bad thing but yet I couldn't stop myself from being friendly with louis. He was most things I'd look for in a guy and well he seemed to be more than happy hanging out with me to say the least about most males so I was jumping at this chance, don't you worry.




was this any good?
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