Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


7. Chapter6- Second Chances

ooh enjoy.



"did someone call for pizza?" Sebastian whispered in my ear when we stood having a morning coffee in the reception of the magazine headquarters, early Monday morning. 
"what? why'd you say that?" I frowned confused.
"the pizza boy has arrived" he smirked and nodded towards the front door.

I turned around towards where he gestured to. Louis.

I glanced back at Sebastian who was smug at the joke he made, referring to the other night when I smothered pizza into louis shirt.
Sebastian had been in fits of laughter once I had told him how it went, he told me he didn't think I had it in me to do such thing. 

"hey you" said an expected voice from behind me.

"did it just get colder in here or?" Sebastian chuckled.
I smacked his chest using the back of my hand.

I turned in my heel and faced louis.

"what do you want?" I spoke 
"a new shirt? an explanation?" he said as if it was obvious.

I let out a ha.

louis glanced behind me.

"Sebastian what are you still doing here?" I asked
"having a coffee what does it look like?" he shrugged.
"now" I frowned

He let out a sigh before stomping off up the stairs.

"an explanation?" I asked turning my attention back to louis.

"yeah, why did you ruin my shirt?" he frowned.

He wasnt making this situation any better by making it obvious that the only thing he was miffed about was his stupid god damn shirt.

"you deserved to have your shirt ruined" I frowned back.
"how so?"
"you have no idea do you?"
"no please do enlighten me" 
"louis, I suggest you take a lesson in how not to be an arrogant self centred celebrity" I bit.
"excuse me?"
"you heard"
"I think you're being unreasonable" 
"oh louis" I sighed "I think you should hang out with someone a little more.. A class, someone who relates to your arrogant ways"

Louis drew in some air before storming off. It was good to know I had the same effect he had on me the other night. 

I turned back around and grabbed my coffee. 


"eyup" Liam nodded towards me as I opened the studio door.
"nice to a see you have a clean shirt on" Niall teased after seeing my pizza stained t shirt the other night.
"fuck you" I frowned
"he's still in a mood" harry stated.
"I'm still not speaking to you" I pouted
"just because I told you to treat her mean keep her keen didnt mean you had to follow my advice" harry retorted.

true but he still ruined my chances.

"who was the girl anyway?" zayn asked.
"yeah you never told us" niall nodded.
"doesn't matter now" I mumbled, reaching out for the guitar.
"as if she threw pizza on you" harry laughed.
"shut up" I snapped
"just because I can get some and you can't" harry tormented
"fuck you harry" I slammed the guitar back down.

This was all his fault. I was confident yes. The most confident in the band even, I loved to make people laugh an stuff, it's just I always mess up when I'm on my own. Like it was just me and Felicity, nobody else... it put me under a lot of pressure, a lot. It was the only thing that got me nervous, one on one conversations, they either laugh at you or they don't, that's that. I decided to take harrys advice because he's so good with girls, so good. It just it obviously didnt work on my behalf which really fucked me off I should never have listened to him.

"hey hey, watch the guitar" niall scolded.
I gave him a frown before storming out. They had been trying to tease me all this weekend, I shouldn't let them get to me but I did.

"and where do you think you're going?" as I bumped into Tom.
"home" I muttered
"I don't think so.. your management have told me you need to get this album done" Tom replied sternly.
"I don't care"
"louis man.." zayn said from behind.
"you better sort him out" Tom warned before walking into the studio with the others.

I'm not a kid, I didn't need sorting out.

"there will be other girls louis" zayn pointed out.
"it's not all about Felicity" I frowned
"oh.. then what's it about"
"you guys, you're all mocking me"
"it's just banter" 
"well it's not very banterous" I scoffed.
"it is- I mean louis just ignore them, they're just messing.. where's the side of you that hits them back with comebacks twice as good? huh?" zayn encouraged.
I shrugged.

"so... felicity eh?" zayn trailed off.
"that's that receptionist girl at the other side of this complex right?" zayn smirked
"why don't you apologise?"
"me apologise?! I think you're forgetting who came home with a pizza stained shirt" I reminded, pulling on my shirt.

"but she did that for a reason right?"
"well yeah.."
"harry told me to treat them mean keep them keen and said it always works"

zayn rolled his eyes.

"Harry's a douche"
"so you think I should apologise.."
"yeah then ask her for a second chance, everyone deserves a second chance" zayn smiled

I thought it over.. I did want a second chance.

"thanks man" I said patting him on the back "I'll go do that right away"
"what- no" zayn objected
"I'll be right back" I beamed 

I saw zayn put his hand to his head before I walked across the car park, zayn was only fussed because we had to get recording like now, that didnt bother me, they could wait.


"where's louis?" Tom asked as zayn came back in the studio alone.
"he's gone over the road.. "
"why?" niall asked
"he's gone to try make up with felicity" zayn revealed.

"felicity who?" Liam asked.
"I don't know her last name do I?" zayn gave Liam a outward glance before shaking his head.
"is that the girl who threw pizza down him?" niall laughed
"yes.." zayn nodded

I caught myself laughing but then stopping in the mean time.

"wait isn't felicity that mrs darcys coffee girl?"
"uh yeah something like that "

I finally clicked on. 
Louis couldn't date the girl who I slept with on holiday, that's like second hand. He couldn't, I didn't want him having my left overs.. I had to talk him out of this before he slept with her aswell, then I would feel it would be awkward if he ever found out.

"harry are you okay?" Liam asked
"yeah.." I nodded unconvincingly.


"Yes Mrs Darcy shall be there on Friday" I nodded while speaking into the phone.

I listened to the drab lady on the phone for a message to pass on to Mrs Darcy while doodling on a pad of paper drawing stickmen in the process. 

I glanced up and had to do a double take. What was he doing here?

"have you got that?" asked the women down the phone.
"yep.." I nodded to myself.
"right well tell her i shall see her on Friday"
"will do" I said before she hung up.

I put the phone back on the stand and stood up, grabbing some files off the desk which I had to take down to reception.

"why are you walking off?" louis asked, following me down the stairs.
"as if you have to ask" I scoffed
"don't ignore me.. I've come over here to apologise" he informed.

I pressed my lips together, trying to hold back my speech.

he took a deep breath.

"Felicity I am ever so sorry for being a dick on Saturday night and i ruined our hang out and I didn't want to and I just ruined everything" he admitted.

I stopped on a landing.

"you didn't ruin everything" I reassured "I was the one that ruined your shirt, remember?" I smirked a little at the happenings.

"ha ha.. you best hope that comes out" he smirked a little.
"I'm not paying for a new shirt.. you can get stuffed you're practically a millionaire"

louis opened his mouth to object but

"come out with me again? I'll make it up to you" he surprised me in saying.
"you really think I'd-"
"everyone deserves a second chance right?"
"I suppose" I mumbled
"so then.. we're on? how about lunch?"
"yes today" he nodded

I paused.

"go on then.." I nodded
his face lit up.
"I'll see you then" 
"yeah.." I nodded

"right I'm sorry felicity but I really have to get back I'm sorry" he said before running down some stairs.

I continued to steadily walk down them by myself.

"12 o clock... meet me downstairs" he breathe out after he ran back up some stairs and back down again.

I laughed to myself at his eagerness, I suppose he did deserve a second chance, I mean he did have the decency to apologise and that was a good thing right?
yeah. I couldn't stop myself from smiling the rest of the morning. I really hope it goes better than Saturday night.


"what kept you so long?" Tom frowned as I ran back in the studio.
"nothing much" I shrugged smugly.
"you good then?" zayn smirked.
"well if you count going out for lunch with her at 12:00 then yes im good"
"so can we proceed?" Tom asked.

"no" a voice objected.
We all turned to harry who was lost in thought biting his finger nails.

Tom slammed some paper down.

"louis can we have a word"
I looked at the others and they all gave questioning looks too.

"sure" I nodded.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to a quiet corner of the studio.

"what is it?"I asked 
"you can't date Felicity" he blurted out.
"why?" I frowned
"you can't"
" I can do what I like" I scoffed about to walk off.
"louis trust me" 

I furrowed my brows.
Why didnt he want me to go out to lunch with her? I don't understand?

"please louis don't ask why I just- theres something fishy about her, don't do it" he discouraged.
"harry, I'm not stupid, I'm older and wiser than you are, I know what I'm doing god" I huffed
Harry shuffled his feet.

what was wrong with him? 


I didn't read back through this because effort ikr so if there are any mistakes deal with it ha ha ha


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