Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


6. Chapter5- The Queens Hotel

"Sebastian!" I shouted from his spare room at his modern city apartment.
"Sebastian!" I repeated.

"what is it?" he huffed.
"where's my smaller suitcase?"
"smaller suitcase?"
"yeah that black one, you know the one with the dodgy handle?"
"oh, try under the bed.. although I don't think it's no longer dodgy, I think I may well have broken it" he admitted as he leaned against the door frame.

"broken it! oh forgodsake" I tutted reaching out for the broken suitcase under the bed.

I had been staying at Sebastian's for a while, my block of flats was having a revamp so we had to change locations for a few month and I decided upon taking Sebastian's offer of living with him and his boyfriend Will. 

was it a bad idea? 
well other than Sebastian being a clean freak and a bossy boots living with them was fine. Will wasnt here half the time anyway, he was the man of the relationship, going away on business as such... shame he was gay to be honest.

"well Felicity, you shouldn't be such a messy guest should you?" he retorted.
"I do expect you to buy me another suitcase" I raised an eyebrow, as I continued rifling through it to find something nice to wear.

"and I do expect you to choose something nice but it doesn't always go our way does it?" he bit back.

"what?" he shrugged "I can't help it I was brought up this way" 

I huffed a little before pulling out a top.

"I hope you're not planning on wearing that" he laughed a little at my expense.

"yes" I thought.

"no" I scoffed. slowly putting the top back. 

"what should I wear?" I placed my hands to my face.
"where are you going again?"
"The Queens Hotel"
"what? what's wrong with that?" I asked.
"nothing it's just you're... you're just.. yeah you're just you aren't you?" he explained.
"and what's wrong with that?" I furrowed my brows.
"well the queens hotel is for upper class sophisticated people... "
"oh thanks" I turned my nose up at him.

"just wear this" he pulled out a tight burgundy dress, reaching mid thigh.

I scoffed a little.

"well I don't suppose you have a better idea on what to wear?" he raised an eyebrow.

"I-" I began before I was abruptly cut off.

"no I thought not especially with this ghastly wardrobe of yours" he rolled his eyes.

"Sebastian... get out" I sighed
"suit yourself" he said flinging the dress on the bed and waltzing out.

I reached for the dress and studied it.

I wasn't really into fashion as much as I could have been and judging from Sebastian's choice of attire, he knew the queens hotel better than I did, I was planning on wearing a top and some skinny jeans but.

I pulled off my skinny jeans and kicked them across the carpet while pulling my ramones tshirt off my head.

I pulled up my bra and pulled the dress over my not so flattering figure.

With my wide hips and top heavy front, I was certainly on the curvy side, I was glad my curves went in at the waist otherwise I'd count myself as obese.

I yanked down my dress and retreated to the mirror. 

It made my boobs look abnormally large. I pouted a little as I'd never considered flashing myself off like this before.

 I sighed mentally.

of course I couldn't wear this, it was too outgoing, not what I'd normally go for. I felt out of place and uncomfortable.

"Sebastian" I called out.

He took a few minutes to wander over to my room and enter.

" look good for once" he gasped.
"Sebastian" I frowned
"what? you do you look great.. I swear if wasnt gay.." he trailed off.
"don't you think it's.. too much?"
"what? no!" he exclaimed 
"are you sure it's just-"
"you were planning on wear something casual but no don't.. you'd look more out of place in a pair of skinnys and a top" he confirmed my thoughts.

"so you think I should wear this?" I asked looking back at myself in the mirror.
"yes" he nodded firmly.

I let out a sigh.

"come on Fliss.. girls would die for your figure, just be more confident" he ordered
"easier said than done" I muttered to myself as flung my hair over my shoulder.


I shuffled my feet a little as I leaned my back against the hotels wall.

I felt insecure stood here in this dress and my leather jacket. It didnt feel right. I probably should have waited in my car.

It was 6:40 and I was beginning to believe he forgot. I didn't want to just leave though, what if he was late for a specific reason. Being the nice person I was I agreed with myself that I'd wait.

I looked down the path and spotted louis, it was obvious he was in no rush but approached me with a smug look on his face. He looked suave in his green patterned shirt and jeans, something I spotted straight away. 

"hi, you okay?" he smiled at me.
"dandy" I nodded, limiting my annoyance towards him.
"you look frozen"
"really" I bit my lip trying to hold back with the sarcasm.
"yeah, you look like Rudolph" he said, tapping my nose before walking off in front of me towards the entrance.

"I'm not surprised I've been stood here for 10 fucking minutes waiting for you" I muttered, low enough not to be heard.

"what was that?" he asked, holding the door open for me.
"oh nothing" I said giving him a fake smile.

Why did I ever agree to come, he really was acting like a jerk.

We entered the restaurant and sat down at our booked table.
The waiter handed us the menu and waited for us to order our drinks.

"finest bottle of red please sir" Louis requested, even before opening the menu.

"right away sir" the waiter nodded.

I frowned a little as the waiter walked away.

"ooh I wonder how long until they get here" louis rubbed his hands together.
"I thought you said this was a hang out not a spying mission" I furrowed my brows a little.

"it is, but lets be honest.. it's not like I'm going to come here and not check on what's going down with Tom and Mrs Darcy" he retorted "or should I say who's going down" he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

I chocked a little before giggling a little too much.

"louis" I hissed

he laughed at my reaction.

"did I mention you look beautiful tonight Felicity?" he turned serious on me, catching me off guard causing me to blush.

he yet again laughed at my reaction.

The waiter came over and poured us a glass of wine each and asked for our orders. We went all middle class on him and order a margarita pizza to share.

I took a sip of my wine as louis watched upon me.

"so come on... tell me a bit about yourself?" he asked
"what do you wanna know?" I shrugged.
"uhm.. your full name?"
"Felicity Rivers"
"where are you originally from?"
"Leeds" I grinned
"Yorkshire ey? me too" he grinned
"where abouts?"
"ah.." I nodded taking another sip of wine.

"can I ask you a question?" I asked tracing my finger over the top of my glass.
"go for it"
"how many tattoos do you have?"
"20 ..and counting" he grinned like he had been ready for this question.
"really? 20" I gasped
"yep" he nodded his attention now fully based upon the tattoed quotations on his wrist.

"do you have any?"
"only one" I nodded.
"really show me?" he grinned eagerly.
"I can't right now.." 
"well it's in an.. awkward place"

he thought for a moment.

"oh" his eyes widened.
"not that awkward.." I furrowed my eyebrows at his response "it's just on the lower part of my back" I laughed.

"oh.." he laughed

"hey look!" he hissed pointing to behind me.

I swerved around and laid my eyes upon Mrs Darcy and Tom being escorted to their table at the other side of the room.

"Felicity" he hissed, causing me to jerk my head back round to him.
"what are you doing?" he asked
"you told me to look"
"but I didn't expect you to look, you could have caught us out"

I rolled my eyes.

"don't roll your eyes at me young lady" he scolded.

I raised my eyebrows at him as he slyly leaned over to the right a little, obviously focusing on them two.

I teasingly leant a little to the left.

"hey stay still, you'll blow our cover" he whispered, positioning me back to my spot.

"are we really going to do this?" I asked.
"do what?" he asked his full attention still upon them.

 I huffed and folded my arms upon my chest.

he blinked a little before he looked back at me.

"sorry but I'm easily distracted" he shrugged innocently.
"you really know how to make a person feel wanted dont you" I replied bluntly as our pizza was laid in front of us. 

"yes" he grinned at the arrival of the pizza, wiggling his eyebrows at me, not gaining much of a reaction from me to his dismay.

"oh come on.. " he tilted his head to the side reacting at my dismay.
"you're being a bit mardy"
"mardy?" I scoffed.
"yeah.. like cheer up Fliss"
"uh why did I come?" I muttered to myself out loud.
"because you came to have fun with me" he smiled, taking a bite out his pizza.
"fun?" I scoffed
"look moody bum, just because you're hanging out with a fine celebrity like myself you don't get to be all spoilt and bratty" he raised an eyebrow.

spoilt? bratty? oh I'd give him spoilt and bratty.

"uh I've had enough.." I said, standing up, pushing my stool out from under me reaching for the coat on the back on my chair.

"oh come on Felicity what are you doing?" he questioned.
"I'm tired" I lied
"you're boring" he retorted.

I grit my teeth a little.

"louis.. you've got something on your shirt" I spoke

he glanced down at his shirt, confused as I reached out for a slice of pizza. 

"no I don't, where?" he asked
 I pushed the pizza slice against his chest and wiped it into his shirt.

"right there" I smirked, letting the pizza slice drop into his lap.

his mouth gaped open as I threw my coat over my shoulder and walked out.

oh yeah. that's how I roll.



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