Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


5. Chapter4- The Letters

GUYS GUYS GUYS! I'm so incredibly sorry I spent like 2months on making this chapter but this is like a fill in for what I'm about to tell you! I will be continuing this fanfic once iv finished my other fanfic 'that homeless girl' ((if you haven't read it go read it;))) so yeah, thanks for being ever so patient ly and yeah it shouldn't be so long till the next update I'm sorry guys, xx




"FELICITY!!" Mrs Darcy's voice boomed down the corridor.

oh shit.

I scurried down the corridor following her voice. 

"yes Mrs Darcy?" I asked
"I need you to run a few errands" she addressed me.
"uh ok.." I nodded.
"you can start by sending this over to Tom, I want you to make sure he gets it right away" she said sternly, handing me a letter.
"okay" I nodded before turning on my heel.
"oh and Felicity, don't be long, I have some things you need to file for me"

I rolled my eyes as I made my way out with Toms letter in hand.

Rumours were that Mrs Darcy and Tom had a little 'thing' going on a while back, which was totally outrageous as Mrs Darcy was married to a too business man and she was much too old for Tom. Imagining them at it was an... unpleasant thought to say the least.

I walked in the studio and made my way to the front desk.

"hi.. again" I half laughed at the lady at the front desk.
She half smiled at me.

"could you possibly hand this over to Tom please?" I asked gesturing to the letter.
"look if you like him that much don't be shy just hand it to him yourself girl" she smirked
"what..? -no" I gasped a little
"a little crush is nothing to be ashamed of" she raised her eyebrows
"oo, a little crush on who?"said a voice from behind.

I swerved around.

Harry leaned against a wall, now looking me up and down, my heart beat gradually increasing by the second.

"she has a crush on Tom" the woman piped up.
"oh really?" Harry smirked even more so.
"I do not" I retorted
"say, does Tom even know your name?" Harry raised an eyebrow.
"shut up, I do not fancy Tom" I frowned.
"you fancy Tom!?" gasped a new voice.


"oh for crying out loud" I mumbled to myself, rolling my eyes.

"apparently so" Harry nodded
"I don't.. honestly" I shook my head
"he's in there if you want me to get him?" Louis smirked joining in with the torment.

"I do not fancy Tom! this letter is from Mrs Darcy and she asked me to send it over so stop already, I wouldn't fancy Tom anyway he's old enough to be my dad" I scoff.

Louis, Harry and the desk lady all had an innocent look on their faces, something that didn't quite match the scenario. 

"actually I'm not that old" A voice from behind me spoke.

my mouth fell open as I lay my eyes upon louis who was finding it hard to contain myself.

I slowly turned on my heel.

"uh.. I.."
"you have a letter for me?" he asked.
"oh" I passed the letter over.

He snatched it out of my hand and raised an eyebrow.

"is that all?" he raised his eyebrows.
"yes" I nodded.
"well then I guess you should be heading off"
I blinked a little before making my way out.

"hey you better watch her, I hear she's a ...feisty one" a voice says before I reach for the front door.

My face pales before I glance back at a smug Harry. Obviously he was referring to the beach sex.

I return my eye contact back to the front door, I took a deep breath before going out.


Finally, the clock strikes 5, my day of work done. I shut the books and reach for my handbag. I was done for today and for the weekend in fact, I couldn't have been more relieved.

"Mrs Darcy I'll be leaving" I interrupted her work.
"did you finish the filing?" she asked
"what do you mean almost?"
"well I have about five to do"
"so why are you leaving?"
"I.. It's five" I pointed out
"but you still have work to do, I need them to be done this weekend, I stated that earlier Felicity"
"but I have plans"
"and I don't care, you should work faster, that's what I pay you for" she spat.

I mentally groaned, I knew I had to obey or else I would lose my job, which sucks. I almost stomped out of her office and back to my work desk.
I flung my handbag down on the floor and sat back down.

"Felicity, I have to get home, leave them on your desk ready for tomorrow, no need to lock up my office I've already done that for you" she said as she clicked her heels down the corridor in a rush.

The lift alerted me that Mrs Darcy had left me all alone on the top floor, with nothing but the humming of my computer to be heard.

"stupid bloody filing 'Im Mrs Darcy and all i care about is me me me'" i mocked "well Mrs Darcy you can shove this straight up your-"

"not interrupting anything am I?" a voice rang through the hallway.

I swiftly turned my head to the voice as my face slowly turned into the colour of a tomato.

"no" I mumbled back at louis.
"are you sure? you seemed to be have a deep conversation with yourself about how you wanted to-"
"no I wasn't" I denied.
"don't worry we all get like that sometimes, uh where's that stuck up cow?" he asked, approaching me.
"Mrs Darcy?" I questioned
"she's left me here to file while she goes home to drink wine I guess" I pouted.
"I see, and that's the reason why you want to shove them straight up her arse?" he smirked
"precisely" I nodded

he laughed a little.

"why? what did you want?" I asked
"just dropping off a letter.." louis lifted up the letter.
"from Tom?"
"yeah.. that guy whos old enough to be your dad" louis teased
"ha ha very funny, he seemed a bit miffed at me after that" I laughed.
"you could say that.. although that letter did cheer him up?" louis smirked.

"I wonder what it said" I pondered
"well.. " louis bit his lip mischievously, holding up the letter.

"what are you suggesting louis?" I raise an eyebrow.
"I'm just suggesting this letter looks very intriguing" 
"well maybe we" I spoke
"no .. go on"
"it's nothing really, I was just wondering if it would hurt to.. have a sneak peek" I smirked
"mrs darcy wouldn't be very happy" I nodded.

"hm.. in that case" louis continued, ripping open the letter gently.

I let out a gasp.

"live a little" he shrugged, pulling open the paper and reading it.


"what, let me see!" I begged, standing up and standing beside him.

He hid it a little so I couldn't see, reading it some more. 

"Louis!" I objected.

"it might be... too saucy for you to read" he smirked.
"oh just pass it here" I snatched it off him.

"I seemed to have-" Mrs Darcy barged through the lift.

"hi" I blurted out, hiding the paper behind my back.

"-forgot my keys" she continued.

I gave a sheepish grin before passing the paper over to louis hand behind my back.

Mrs Darcy eyed us up while reaching for her keys in the lock.

"well.. I'll be seeing you then.." she backed away.

I looked towards louis as she walked away from us.

"oh.. louis right?" she said before entering the lift.
"uh yes" louis nodded
"Tom had a letter for me..?" she asked.
"oh.. uhm..yeah, I.."
"well do you have it or don't you?" she scoffed.
"it's in his private jet"
"is it?" he widened his eyes a little at me.
"private jet?" Mrs Darcy raised an eyebrow.
"yeah.. I'm sure he could leave it on this desk for you once I'm done filing" I reassured.
"well I do need it as soon as pos-"
"Mrs Darcy I can assure you your letter will be here before you can say Thomas" louis butted in.
"you must be in a hurry don't let us keep you darling" louis over acted.

Mrs Darcy huffed a little before strutting in to the lift. We waited for the doors to close before we let out sighs of reliefs.

Louis let out a laugh.

"private jet!?" he laughed hard.
"what? I panicked" I shrugged.
"I don't even own a private jet"
"well you should" I smirked
"yeah, I should probably invest in one" he agreed.
"anyway, what are we supposed to do now?" 
"well duhh, we get another envelope and pop this in and hey presto" he explained, rifling through a draw.

"the envelopes are over here" I raised an eyebrow, reaching for one off the shelf.

"fab" he said taking it off me.

"wait... what did the letter say?" I asked curiously.
"something about them meeting tomorrow night at the Queens Hotel for a raunchy session" louis revealed, licking the envelope shut.

"really?" I gasped
"no not really. But they are meeting at the Oueens hotel restaurant tomorrow at 7, I don't know what for.." louis shrugged.
"indeed" he nodded

the room fell silent for a moment once louis placed the envelope on the desk.

"are you thinking what I'm thinking by any chance?" he raised an eyebrow.

"if by that you mean booking a table at the Queen Hotels restaurant just to spy on them then no" I smirked.

"oh come on.. live a little" he nudged me.
"what? by spying on my boss which could lead to me losing me job which then leads to me owning nothing but a house on the corner of a council estate?"
"oh your over reacting, come on" 
"shut up you'd be the same in my situation" 
"would not"
"would too"
"would not" he argued
"trust me, you would" I raised my eyebrow.
"fine but just come with me to the Queens hotel... not to spy..."
"just to hang out.. you know" he shrugged.
"yeah, why not" he half smiled.
"so you want to us to goto the same restaurant as them two to 'hang out'?"
"can't we go some place else?"
"stop being so paranoid"
"I'm not"
"well then just come" he encouraged.
"I will" I pouted
"fine ill see you there tomorrow night, 6:30"
"yes you will" I frowned a little.
"bye" I answered after him as i watched him head down the stairs.

damn that ass.

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