Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


4. Chapter3- Louis Tomlinson


oh wow.

"Harry what are you playing at?" a buff guy rolled his eyes at him after his sex on the beach reference. Of course it was a drink but it was an obvious innuendo to us, actually having sex on the beach, I don't know what made me most uncomfortable, being reminded about it or him remembering it.


"nothing, I was just wondering if this girl here could possibly get me a sex on the beach" he said referring to me.

Everybody's eyes feasted on me now as I stood there, wanting the earth just to swallow me whole, there and then.

"uh sorry, w-we don't serve alcohol" I gulped.

"that's a shame... sorry I didn't catch your name" he smirked, reminding me that I didn't actually catch his name either, it was just a bit of fun for both of us that night.

"What- no felicity! leave! you're interrupting the meeting for god sake! go now!" Mrs Darcy ordered.

saved by the bell.
I didn't have to tell Harry my name but instead Mrs Darcy did instead.

fuck you mrs darcy.

Well, I got to give it to her... at least I didn't have to stay in that room any longer.

I glanced at Harry one last time before swiftly making my exit.


"meeting over" Mrs Darcy announced, rushing us out.

What meeting?
I was too busy concentrating on what I could do to tease this girl.
I was actually going to be here for the next following weeks so it worked to my advantage.

"Harry.. " Liam said waving his hand in front of my face.
"what" I snapped
"god keep your hair on! I was just wondering if you'll be coming out tonight?" he asked
"no, I'm off to Bellas" I replied
"oh, right" he nodded.

"I'm thirsty" I piped up again.
"you had your chance, what was that sex on the beach all about?" louis half laughed as we made our way to the studio across the car park.

"oh nothing" I mumbled
Louis gave me a look which didn't show me he was convinced with my answer, but he didn't question it further so.

I couldn't let any of them find out. I was actually on holiday with them but I insisted I had got lost at the time. I hadn't revealed I'd just had sex on the beach. I couldn't have. I was technically with Bella.
It was just a holiday bang, nothing personal until we met today, I was sure to constantly tease and torment her, just for the commencing
few week, not much harm could be done and well, it would be a laugh. I could tell it would be.


"Sebastian!" I rushed round the corner to the floor where he normally worked.

"Felicity darling, what can I do for you?" he pouted, taking my arms.

"we need to talk"
"babe, you think I have time for talking?" he raised an eyebrow.
"it's important"
"is about Mrs Darcy?" he raised an eyebrow, he'd do anything to suck up to that old crow.

"then who's it about?" I stressed.
"me" I revealed

Sebastian hesitated.

"in that case.. I really don't have time for talking" he replied sassily, holding his index finger up, walking away.

"Sebastian!" I whined, dragging him back.

he rolled his eyes dramatically.

I often did wonder why I was close friends with this guy.

"do we really have to speak now?" he pouted.
"after work then?" I sighed
"right, well then I will catch you later honey" he said shooing me off with his hands, before sliding past me, back to work.

He really was a drama queen.

I grit my teeth and headed back up the stairs slowly and steadily.

I reached the landing of the last long steep staircase, looking up, ready for the last bit of effort I was going to insure.

I heard a muffle of voices coming from above me, coming down the stairs. I guess the meeting was done then as this area was out of bounds till it was over.

That meant I could come in contact with Harry again.

"it's not my fault Zayn was being a jerk" a voice echoed as I glanced up.

It was that buff guy with a brunette.

The coast was clear, no Harry.

"I don't care! I've had enough of you today Louis, you're meant to be twenty one not bloody six" this guy said shouted at who I was guessing as Louis.

"why are you shouting at me?" louis scoffed.

"because you made a fool of both yourself and the others in there what happened to showing a good impression"

I coughed lightly, making my way up the stairs, acting casual, like I hadn't been eavesdropping. This conversation was getting slightly heated, I just wanted to let them know my presence.

Louis who had his back towards me swerved around, they both had eyes on me now.

"uh, don't mind me" I smiled softly, squeezing past them.

"you're the coffe girl right?" louis asked, stopping me in my tracks.

I turned around, nodding slightly.

"Paul, Can I go get a drink?" Louis asked

Paul looked like he was going to say no but then his expression changed.

"well... it would keep you out of mine and Mrs Darcy's way for a bit... ok, no funny business though.. I want you straight back here" he raised his eyebrows, pointing at louis.

"yeah yeah, look this girl..." he began looking at me, waiting for a name.
"felicity" I filled in.
"yeah, felicity will take me for a drink" he said without my consent.

Paul rolled his eyes before going back towards the meeting room.

"So felicity, where is the drinking room?" he asked
"well, we don't really use it that often for Mrs Darcy as she prefers Starbucks but its just down here" I pointed down the corridor.

"great, lets go" he gestured, like he was directing me.

I followed him down towards the coffee room.

We entered to nothing but silence.

"orange juice?" he offered, taking out a carton of orange juice from the American fridge.

"uh, okay" I nodded, twiddling my thumbs.

"the glasses are up there" I pointed to a cupboard when I saw his eyes searching the room.
"ah" he nods, getting two mugs out.

He pours the orange juice and hands a glass over.

"how do you deal with Mrs Darcy then, she's a right cow" he blurted out, making me almost choke on my juice.

he chuckled a bit at my reaction.

"she's ok sometimes" I reassured
"really?" he raised his eyebrows
"well.. " I began
"you don't have to lie to me" he shook his head.
"I'm not.. she's just.. yeah she can be a bit cranky that's all" I shrugged

louis furrowed his brows a little before blowing a little air from his nose, showing he was amused.

"I'd have left by now" he scoffed
"yeah? I would but.. I can't"
"how come?" he frowned, intrigued, swirling the orange juice around in his mug.

"well it's kind of like experience... I want to be a journalist and this is a magazine company" I stated
"serving coffee is experience for being a journalist? would of thought eh?" he laughed.
"I know.." I sighed

"She does seem a bit hard on you though" he repeated, kind of.
"yeah, you get used to it" I shrugged
"mm, well I suppose you gotta start somewhere" he nodded.
"yep" I nodded

After that chat the room was filled with silence again, not so much awkward but saying no silence is awkward is not believable.

"so, what have you done that was so embarrassing for you the others?" I asked out of curiosity, but mostly to break the silence.

Louis knocked back his mug from his mouth, like he was eager to tell me.

"nothing.. it's just Zayn, he thinks he can play footsie with me and not end up of the floor" he smirked smugly.

I giggled, probably too much.

"see it was funny.. the tension in the room when zayn fell to the floor was high" he nodded

I laughed a little more, imagining Mrs Darcy's face.

"you should have seen your boss's face, priceless" he smirked even more, like he had read my mind then pulling a face, trying to resemble hers, making me splutter of laughter.

"I haven't had anyone laugh at me this much in a while, you should hang around with us more often, teach the others a thing about humour" he laughed.

I chocked back on my laughter, the thought of hanging round with Harry made me cringe, knowing he'd been inside of me.. I can't even.

"we're not that bad" louis reassured looking at my facial expression.

"no, no.. of course" I nodded
louis laughed again.

"anyway, I best get back before they miss me too much" louis said planting the mug down on the sideboard.

"yeah well I'm meant to be filing some stuff but I don't know.. it's boring" I sighed.
"tell mrs darcy to shove it up her arse" he laughed
"I wish I could"
"I'll do it for you" he winked
"thanks for the gesture but Icouldnt possibly let you do that, I think I can handle Mrs Darcy for a few more month" I smirked
"well.. i wish you the best of luck with that"
"yeah, I'll probably need it" I nodded as we headed back down the corridor towards the meeting room.

"well enjoy your filing"
"I could say the same to you but meetings are boring" I scoffed, sitting behind my desk again.
"you're telling me" he grinned cheekily before entering the meeting room, closing the door behind him.


lets throw a little bit of louis into the mix eh?

btw for the record, I decided Louis is single in this story.

Maybe something will happen oooo.

oh and sorry if there are any stupid autocorrects or spelling mistakes or grammar mistake throughout I really truly am sorry, I might edit it, I might not who knows?


oh and
( or maybe both;) )

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