Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


3. Chapter2- The Meeting

Chapter 2- The Meeting.


I wasn't bothered.
Yeah you were you were practically having a panic attack.

what the fuck.

Why was this happening.
Oh well right just chill your beans.

What were the chances of running into him? So right just goto Tom, hand him the coffees and five smoothies and find out where one direction actually were and then keep my distan- wait.

five smoothies?

could? no.. wait how many members in one direction?

Well I wasn't really a fan but I was pretty sure there was five, there was Harry and Zayn, I wasn't entirely sure of the other ones names, I knew there was a blonde one and there was another brunette but then was there another brunette or not? I couldn't be too sure.

"You're over thinking" I thought to myself as I made my way over to the recording studio.

I entered, pushing my back on the door opening the door, juggling all the drinks in my hands.

"where's Tom?" I asked the secretary.

"through there.." she replied pointing to the door.

"erm.. can you possibly pass these drinks over, I have to get this drink to Mrs Darcy will be waiting for me" I said, palming my troubles upon the innocent secretary.
"oh of course" she beamed
"thank you" I smiled at her

I handed over the drinks an left as fast as you could say one direction, see what I did there?

Now all I had to deal with was Mrs Darcy. I had took a while getting these drinks, I'd have to come up with some excuse about how there was a lot of traffic at ten o clock, hm.

I grabbed her coffee from my car and ran up the stairs to her office, I flicked my side fringe out of my face before stumbling into her office.

"sorry i took so long, there-" I began before setting my eyes upon her in a meeting, everyone's eyes upon me.
Sebastian giving me a look of sympathy, knowing full well I'd be punished for running in like that.

Mrs Darcy tutted.

"erm..I'm sorry" I mumbled, before heading down the room, placing her coffee on the table in front of her, keeping eye contact with the floor but I could feel her eyes glare at me as I turned into a mouse before her very eyes.

"where's my smoothie?" piped up a voice.

I swerved around to where the voice came from, a brunette teenage boy with his messy fringe swept across his forehead, which made me lay eyes upon that familiar curly haired boy who was now staring at his crotch smiling, obviously on his phone.

He clearly did not remember or acknowledge my existence but his presence caused me to stammer.

"erm.." I gulped "I.. I sent them to Tom, at the .. er studio" I replied
"oh.." he nodded

"now back to the meeting.." Mrs Darcy clapped her hands twice, bringing back everyone's attention.

I quickly made my exit towards my desk outside her office as I tapped away on the desk with my fingers nervously. My heart was going ten to the dozen. I was so close to coming close to coming eye to eye with him.

I thought over and over, if anyone found out it could possibly make my life a struggle.

I mean Mrs Darcy would be disgusted.
The tabloids would have a field day and Harry would probably love it.


'come over to mine later?xx' I read the text from my phone, from Bella. my girlfriend of 6month.

'I will.xx' I replied before locking my phone.

I paid my attention to the curfuffle that had happened in the photoshoot meeting, distracting everyone so I was able to read my message.

Paul nudged me, gesturing at the phone, to put it away.

I was absolutely exhausted from spending the night with Bella and I wasn't up for some poxy meeting.

I stood up, scraping my chair across the carpet.

"I'm of to the toilet" I announced before leaving, getting Mrs Darcy in a huff, I'd worked with her before and she had been born with a silver spoon stuck up her arse, not someone I'd particularly wanna waste my time on but she did own a huge magazine company and Paul insisted we use her to our advantage.

Making everyone wait I made my way to the toilet at my own pace, having a whizz before checking myself out in the mirror.

I gave my phone a last check before turning around and making my way back to the meeting room.

I wandered through the corridor, admiring the pictures of models on the walls. I glanced over to the receptionist in my trance, I glanced back at the pictures before I had to take a second look at the receptionist who was now jotting a few things down.

I knew her from somewhere but I just could not put my finger on it. I continued walking down the corridor, staring her down, as soon as she heard my shoes walking on the marble floor towards her, she looked up, looking straight in my eyes. Once she'd caught my eye contact she quickly left it, looking back down at her work, confused at her strange behaviour and instant familiarity I approached her and rang the bell on her desk.

"uhm, yeah?" she asked not looking up.
"Can you show me to the meeting room"
"it's just down there" she said pointing down the corridor.

I knew exactly where it was.

"thanks.." I replied cautiously as I headed to where she pointed.

I moped back over to my seat. I sighed in unison with sitting down.

We went through a few things about clothes and stuff, I tried my best to listen but I couldn't focus I was too tired. I could have done with a little pick me up.

"erm.. sorry to interrupt but could I get a drink?" Liam asked, saving the day.

Mrs Darcy stopped and stared at him for a moment before pressing a button. Damn she was scary.

That girl came rushing in, awfully panicked.

"yes Mrs Darcy?" she asked, flicking her fringe out of her face.

I furrowed my brows, focusing on her face.

I'd got it!
no way, what.

"Harry?" I was interrupted from my thoughts by louis, I shook my head away from the girl and focused my attention on louis.

"uh yeah?" I smirked unable to contain myself.

"do you want a drink?" he asked
"do you serve alcohol?" I asked cheekily.
"what?" Mrs Darcy scoffed a little.
"do you serve alcohol?" I repeated
"what? no, why?" she asked
"oh it's just I really fancied a sex on the beach that's all" I smirked, turning my attention on the girl who was now blushing outrageously, getting extremely flustered.

Niall burst out laughing.

"a sex on the beach? You like that?" louis questioned

"you don't even know the half of it" I smirked more than ever.


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