Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


16. Chapter15- Misunderstood

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"Harry has gone to Bella's" Louis announced after I had asked where he was a day later.


"He's gone to Bella's shes back from touring for a few days, why what's up?" louis asked.
"nothing, it doesn't matter" I bit my lip, backing out of Louis and Harrys flat.

I headed down the corridor, back towards my flat. I needed to find a way to confront harry, but how could I if he was at Bella's?

"oh hi liam" Felicity smiled as she walked past me, towards louis'.

"oh hi" I half smiled 

wait... could I?

"wait felicity.. can we talk?" I blurted out.

"uh sure.. what about?" she turned around to face me.

"come to mine a minute" I gestured for her to follow.

I felt her hot on my heels, I guided her in and shut the door behind us.

"Is this about Louis' surprise party because if it is I hav-" she began before I cut her off.

"it's not about the surprise party" I shook my head.
"what is it then" she gulped, it's like she knew.

I let out a sigh.

"I know Felicity" 
"know what?" she blinked ferociously.
"you and harry" I breathed out.

"what.. what about me and harry?" she stuttered.
"You had sex" I stated
"what?" she chocked a little.
"Za- I heard you" I announced.


"I heard you and harry talking about it in the settlement the other day" 

there was a pause before she laughed uneasily.

"you've misunderstood... that's a line of a play I audition for the other day" she began.

"really?" I murmured.

"yes really, harry was helping me, I can't believe you thought we had sex" she continued to laugh uneasily.

"well I did think it was a bit weird.." 
"more than weird, Harry and Louis are best friends, and Lou means a lot to me, I could never cheat on him" she continued.

I observed her features, she did look like she was being sincere.

"look sorry.. I hope you don't mind but louis is waiting for me" she laughed a little.

"oh it's fine yeah sorry bye" I rambled, feeling a tad bashful for confronting her.

"wait" I stopped her.

She turned around looking a little flustered.

"Im sorry for accusing you, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions, sorry" I apologised.

"don't worry about it.. anyone would have thought the same, a misunderstanding thats all" she laughed it off.

I felt bad now, stupid zayn. It was a misunderstanding thats all.

Felicity walked out and I waited a few moments.

I reached for my phone and rang Zayn.


I reached for my phone as it buzzed on the coffee table.

"hello?" I answered
"zayn you're such a douche" Liam blurted out.
"you.. it was all a misunderstanding"
"Felicity was rehearsing for a play" Liam laughed down the phone.
"no way"
"yeah way.. you got it all wrong man"
"what did harry say?"
"Harry is at Bella's. I spoke to felicity herself, she was auditioning for a play" 

"Harry was round here about an hour ago" I rolled my eyes.

"But louis told me- look thats not the point, Harry hasn't betrayed louis so we are good" Liam reassured
"right" I replied although I wasn't sure.
"look I'll speak to you later.." 
"okay.. bye" I said, putting the phone down.

No way was she rehearsing, she was in full on tears, I heard her. Surely she wasnt that good of an actress, what the hell?


"That was great" Bella flew back onto the bed.
"I know" I breathed out.

I had decided that if I had sex with Bella I would forget... it didnt exactly work like that of course but it did make me feel a lot better.

"Im so glad you're better" she smiled at me.
"so am I" I nodded.
"do you want to go for a bite to eat?" she asked.
"only if its an Italian"
"you're on" she grinned, getting out from under the quilt, I got out too and pulled on my boxers.

"do you mind if I take a shower?" she asked.
"go ahead" I kissed her before heading downstairs to the kitchen ironing pile to find my shirt.

"couldn't be any louder if you tried" Louis raised an eyebrow as he looked up from his phone.
"I think we could" I smirked
"I could hear you from down here, we do have neighbours yknow"
"nothing Niall can't handle"
"you're unbelievable" Louis smirked
"you'll be the same when- " I began before cutting myself off

"when Fliss stops being so-"

"When Fliss stops being so what?" a voice interrupted us.

I swerved around, a gasp trapped in the back of my throat.

"when Fliss stops being so late.. where've you been?" Louis saves the day, approaching her, kissing her lips.

Felicity looked ever so flustered and was almost reluctant to louis' touch, to which louis seemed oblivious to.

She glanced at me and bit her lip nervously, I caught her checking my bare torso out but pretended i didn't notice.

"I just got..erm ..caught up that's all, uh do you have any drink?" she asked, pulling back from louis and moving towards the fridge.

"uh yeah there's some Pepsi in the fridge" louis nodded.

I glanced up from ironing, watching felicity open the fridge.

She took both me and louis by surprise when she grabbed some vodka from the bottom shelf of the fridge and poured herself a drop of it in a mug before downing it.

"Felicity?" Louis questioned.

I continued to iron but my full attention was on them.


"what's up?" he asked

"nothing" she bit before opening up her handbag.

Louis gave me an outward glance to which I shrugged.

Felicity closed her bag again.

"you know what, actually I don't feel well" she stood up but her bag back on her shoulder.

"I've got a banging headache, I'm just going to ..yeah.. im going to go nod off" 

"babe, stay here" Louis almost whined.

"I.." she began

"come on, at least then i can keep an eye on you.. please" louis pleaded

I watched them carefully.

she sighed a little before nodding hesitantly, she let her bag slip down to her wrist and walked towards the kitchen doorway.

Before she left she locked eyes with me then let her glance fall to the floor as she swiftly made her exit.

Was it still bothering her? 
Louis followed her out like a little lap dog. 

There was something that didn't quite match the situation but that was louis problem now.

I pulled on out some pants from the ironing pile and pulled them on before fastening up my shirt. 

"Harry.. do you mind if you keep an eye on felicity till I get back?" Louis asked when he rushed into the kitchen, reaching out for his car keys that were on the American styled kitchen bar.

"where you going?" I asked 

"to get some paracetamol.. you don't mind waiting do you? just till I get back" he asked
"I was g-"
"please harry.. you know I wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate, I don't want her to leave.. please" louis almost begged.

"fine" I nodded, he grabbed my face and kissed my cheek. 

"love you" he winked cheekily before jogging out.

I fastened up my last button, checking myself out in the living room mirror.

I paced up the stairs towards my room to meet Bella out of the shower when something stopped me. 

I retraced my steps, back towards Louis' room. 

I thought I heard muffled sobs coming from there, my thoughts were confirmed as I gently pushed the door open two.

"Felicity?" I questioned, once she had heard my voice, she stopped crying and wiped her tears into the pillow, still not revealing her face to me.

I walked over to louis' king sized bed and pushed myself on to it, causing the bed to dip.

"Fliss" I said more gently, rubbing her leg.

She sat up and took a gulp, looking straight in the eye.

"Liam knows harry" she chocked out.

I knew what she was on about from the word go. Liam was the one who heard. I can't believe he didn't say anything.

"what.. what did you say?" I swallowed hard.

She played with the quilt between her fingers, not bothering to look at me any more. 

"I did as you said, i told him I was auditioning for a play" she pressed her lips together.

"and he believed you?" I asked
"as far as I know.. yeah" she breathed.

I was a little taken aback, I mean I knew liam wasn't the brightest crayon in the box but he wasn't dumb enough to fall for that excuse was he? If he was there he would have been able to see Felicity was distraught, not even a qualifies actress could have acted that dramatic.

I furrowed my brows a little.

"Harry?" Bella called out my name.

I pushed myself up off the bed.

"two minutes" I nodded towards Fliss before following the sound of Bella's voice.

"we ready to go?" she asked
"yeah, here I need to just brush my teeth. go wait in the car" I handed over my car keys.
"okay" she kissed me before I walked towards my room until she was out of sight, I took my chance and almost tip tied across the landing. 

"so that's it then?" I asked Fliss.
"what?" she wiped her face.
"we're off the hook?" I half smiled.

she hesitated for a moment.

"I guess so"
"that's a good thing right?" I asked
"I suppose"
"so why are you crying?" I frowned a little confused.

"it still happened harry" she muttered.

"we can get through this, as long as we keep quiet, can you do that?" I asked.

"well yeah" she nodded

"good girl" I said before i kissed her forehead.

"everything will be okay wont it harry?" she sniffed
"I promise you.. everything will be fine, as long as we stick together and plough through this, there's only us that know the truth right?"
"well then, we are hurting nobody but ourselves by not saying anything, and I guess after what we did its the least we deserve" I bit my lip glancing at my lap.

"harry" she half whispered before kneeling up and wrapping her arms round my neck.
"so come on, dry your tears.. you'll be fine" I patted her back.

she sniffed a little.

"you better run along to your date now harry" she pulled back and half smiled through her red puffed up eyes.

"yeah harry.." a voice echoed behind us.

We both turned around to the voice.

Louis stood there.

Felicity looked down to her lap, playing with her fingers.

I did wonder how long he had been stood there but from the look on his face he seemed quite content with the situation.

I pushed myself up off the bed and began to make my exit, louis followed me out.

"thanks harry.. for cheering her up i mean.. is she feeling any better?" he asked me quietly.

"she will be okay, I'm sure of it" I nodded before leaving them alone for a bit.

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