Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


14. Chapter13- Regret


why did that happen?

Fliss sat there on the edge of the bed biting her finger nails.

"I think it's best if I leave" she said suddenly, standing up, running her fingers through her messy hair.

"yeah.." I agreed

She quickly made her exit as I stood dumbfounded with our actions.

all sorts of thoughts were running through my head..



One Direction

I had potentially ruined everything good in my life over a bit of sexual tension. I couldn't help myself. I let my dick do the thinking. 

I felt awful, physically sick even. I couldn't cope with what had happened. 

I needed to get out of here, this room was stuffy and full of nothing but regret. 

I grabbed my jacket off the bed and pulled it on as I went running down the stairs. My breathing was heavy and misguided. I went out the front door, not bothering to lock it. I went down some more stairs towards the exit of our settlement.

"Harry" breathed out a voice.

I looked up.

"what have we done" Felicity cried into her hands.

I did nothing but state at her. We both knew what we had done was bad and it was obvious we both regretted it.

"Fliss" I almost whispered
"Harry we've ruined everything" she cried.

"no... no.. we haven't" I shook my head.
"we have.. if louis finds out he wil-"
"he won't find out" I spoke
"what?" she looked confused 
"nobody has to know" I pressed my lips together.
"Felicity, listen to me. This stays between me and you, nobody else has to know, then everything will just how be how it should be right?" I nodded.

She shook her head in disgust.

"how can you say that!" she chocked
"Felicity shh" I hushed
"don't tell me to be quiet! why are you pretending everything will be okay if nobody knows! we will have to live with this" she exclaimed.
"Felicity calm down" I begged
"we just had sex and you're telling me to calm down!?" she raised her voice

The sound of footsteps from further up the stairs echoed through the corridor.

I looked at Felicity with a worried look.

"what?" she asked
"someone just heard you" I answered 

Her face paled.

"who?" she asked
"how the hell should I know but they've gone now" I replied.

"what if they tell louis"
"well it's your fault, I did tell you to calm down" I scoffed
"but harry.." she whimpered
"stop it.." I frowned
"what are we going to do?" she asked.
"now? I don't know" I shrugged, getting a little worked up myself.

She started to cry again.

"Felicity, stop" I pleaded.
"but harry, louis is bound to find out now" she chocked through her tears, gesturing to up the stairs and the person who had listened.

I bit my lip. I was hoping it was one of those friendly-ish business men on the top floor or a snooty posh woman who had rudely been listening in. I would much rather have preferred it to be one of them than someone we knew.

I gulped back and reassured myself mentally.  

"listen to me" I instructed, taking her wrists in my hand.

She didnt bother to look at me but sniffed back her tears.

"look at me"
"Felicity look at me" I ordered.

She fluttered her eyes up to mine.

"right, lets make a pact" I said quietly.
"a pact?" she questioned.
"yeah, like a promise" I explained
"we promise that this stays between us two and only us two... if this gets out or the person that was listening in, we will deny everything okay?" I raised my eyebrows.

"but what do we say if louis asks us" she asked, tears still falling down her now make up stained cheeks.

"we say that- we say that we were practicing for a play you were interested in auditioning for" I answered.
"that's the dumbest idea I have ever heard" she scoffed a little.
"well do you have a better plan  please do share"

she hesitated for a moment.

"okay, a play" she nodded
"right. but only mention the play if he mentions what you said, okay?"
"right" she nodded.

"okay, we need to act normal and stay calm, nobody else needs to find out and we can keep this a secret right?" I asked her, nodding reassuringly, gaining a nod from her.

"it was a mistake and we both know that and this will never ever happen again" I nodded, she nodded back.

"okay.. come back to mine and dry your face. Leaving here looking like that will only start rumours" I spoke, dragging her back upstairs.

We went inside and shut the door behind us.

"Harry im sorry" she spoke
"it wasnt just you, look stop talking about it" I insisted
"right" she nodded 

She went into the bathroom to sort herself out. I started to tap furiously on the couch. I had to stay calm for Felicity's sake, she was worked up. I feared that I was going to crack as soon as I came in contact with louis, or Bella, poor poor bel. 

I would have started to cry if felicity hadnt been here. Bella means the absolute world to me, I can't believe I did what I did. It was careless and this time we weren't even drunk! 

"Harry... do you think- will everything be okay?" felicity asked, entering the living room.

I put on a brave face.

"yeah, as long as you're good at keeping secrets, we will be fine" I half smiled.

She bit her lip. 

"stop thinking about it, promise me you will forget this ever happened" 
"it's hard to forget" 
"promise me" I begged

"I promise" she mumbled

It was a promise that was obviously going to be broken, she was a nervous wreck.

(teasing you;) muhaha)

I slipped out of my house locking up after me. I was absolutely starving and with all this moving around I never ever had chance to buy food.

I swiftly jumped down the stairs, taking a few steps at a time.

I heard some conversing at the end of the long intwining staircase.

I furrowed my brows, listening in. I shouldn't have but I did.

"Harry we've ruined everything" a girl cried.

That certainly wasnt Bella.

"no... no.. we haven't" Harry replied

well that was definitely harry.

There was some more conversing but too quiet for me to hear, I took a few more steps down and eavesdropped some more.

"Felicity, listen to me. This stays between me and you, nobody else has to know, then everything will just how be how it should be right?" Harry said.

Felicity? what was she doing woth harry? Nobody else has to know what?
I was probably hearing too much for my own good but I was intrigued.

"how can you say that!" Felicity chocked
"Felicity shh" harry hushed her.

"don't tell me to be quiet! why are you pretending everything will be okay if nobody knows! we will have to live with this" she exclaimed.

what! live with what??

"Felicity calm down" harry begged, he was obviously trying to calm the situation.

"we just had sex and you're telling me to calm down!?" she raised her voice

sex? Them two? Harry and Fe- no. What? but- Louis is Harrys friend and- what the fuck?

I gulped back and ran back up the stairs, I did not want to be involved in this at all.

What happens now? 

I locked myself back in my apartment and paced a little.

Harry wouldn't do such a thing to louis, he couldn't, he just wouldn't.

What about Felicity?? Louis speaks about her like she walks on water.

Then One Direction. Oh my god.

One Direction was on the line because of harry and his stupid sexual antics, I knew one day he would get himself into deep shit. I just never thought he would go as far as to hurt louis. I couldn't bare to imagine what would happen if I said anything.

I just can not say anything. At all.

I just had to pretend that I never heard it, never heard a thing.

Exactly like they were going to pretend it never happened.  



"come on come on" louis paced
"who are you ringing?" Niall asked, munching on a bag of crisps.
"oh" niall nodded understandingly, now going back to the game of FIFA we were both playing.

I cautiously bit my lip, acting like I was fully concentrated on my game. However my mind was elsewhere.

"fucksake" louis huffed, throwing his phone on to the sofa, it bounced off and nearly knocked niall out.

"what the hell?" niall exclaimed
"sorry" louis mumbled but he wasnt really sorry, well sorry for nobody but himself right now.

"niall" I urged him to start the game again.
"There's something wrong" louis shook his head.

"what?" niall asked, picking the controller back up.
"Felicity is mad at me"
"what have you done now?"
"nothing! She's avoiding me for no reason" louis shrugged
"there must be a reason" niall spoke
"exactly but she won't answer my calls, she answers my texts though, telling me she's busy, I knew I should never have told the press I bet it's too much for her I'm so stupid I bet she hates me what if she's going to break up with me oh my god-"he rambled 
"louis chill" niall stopped him
"how can I, I haven't seen her since the other day when I went to see management, I bet thats what it is, I bet she's mad at me for bailing out on her twice"

She wasnt doing a very good job at acting normal at all.

"shut up" niall furrowed his brows, tapping his pad more violently.
"harry" louis began

"uh" I cleared my throat "yeah?" I asked not making eye contact.

"was she mad?"
"when I left? was she mad?" louis stressed.
"no" I replied blankly
"you're lying"
"im not" I frowned
"yeah you are what the hell are you hiding? what did she tell you?" louis frowned.
"nothing. what? why do you think I'm hiding something?" I asked, coyly.

"come on, you're the first person to give relationship advise but now you're as quiet as a mouse" louis explained.
"that's true" niall nodded
"shut up" I scoffed

"he definitely knows something" louis spoke about me to niall, while I was in the room, while I could hear.

"I don't. shut up and just call her again don't drag me into this" I scowled.
"what's the point" louis sighed 

"You're such a sap" niall laughed.

I stood up and went to the kitchen, I needed a breather, a place to get away from louis or else I would crack. I had been avoiding him ever since the other day, I know I shouldn't and it would cause questions to arise but I couldn't bare to lie to his face, it was harder than I first thought.

I hesitated over the kitchen window, looking out. Then there came a knock at the door. I sighed and went to answer it.

"uh, is louis in?" Felicity spoke as soon as she opened the door.

"felicity?" louis answered before I could respond. 

"hey babe" she smiles at him.

I swallow back the guilt for her.

"why haven't you been answering your calls?" he asked after kissing her.

"sorry, Mrs Darcy has had me working overtime" Felicity rolled her eyes.
"oh I thought there was something wrong" louis said sheepishly.
"like what?" she laughed it off.
"I don't know... I thought maybe.. you had gone off me" he shrugged.

"you're stupid" she said before kissing him again.

"im going out" I said bluntly, grabbing my coat and heading out the door.

Felicity was dealing with this better than I was. How?


uh oh who heard and why haven't they said anything. We all know this wont go down well.

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