Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


13. Chapter12- Sexual Tension

**quick warning, there is a bit of sexual activity going down in this chapter so don't read on if you are like offended or something idk**



It was basically interview week this week, promoting our new album. We had finished our album a few week ago and to pass time promoting was a good idea before we actually went on tour.

"back in 5,4,3" the camera man warned, counting the rest on his fingers.

"And we're back with the international boyband sensation one direction!" Dave spoke
"Hello" we all said in unison.

We spoke about our album and our job for a while before Dave delved into our private life.

"Having a large fanbase, having a girlfriend or what have you must be pretty hard?" dave questioned.

"well we try make it work, we want to be as normal as possible so having someone to concentrate on aswell as the music and fans is refreshing" Liam smiled.
"I imagine... so you're dating danielle right?" dave asked liam who nodded in response.

"so who else is taken?" dave asked.

Harry and Zayn raised their hands.

I raised mine too, they all looked at me funny, I sat there smugly.

"wait so you're with Perrie from little mix, yeah?" he asks zayn
"mhm" zayn nodded.
"and you're still with Bella?" he asked harry.

harry nodded.

"but louis? I didn't realise you had a girlfriend" dave questioned, with the other boys looking at me questionably.

"uhm, Fliss- felicity" I spoke up.
"felicity?" dave questioned
"yeah" I nodded
"wait how long have you guys been seeing each other?" dave asked, he had obviously been informed of which of us were single and which weren't.

"well we kind of made it official last night actually" I smiled, nodding.

Dave was taken aback but in a happy way. You could almost see the pound signs in his eyes because I had confirmed it here first.

"really?" he gasped
"yep" I nodded, glancing over at management who were all frowning at the sudden announcement.

"wow. You heard it here first! Niall horan the only single member left, four down one to go. Get your head in the game girls" dave laughed at the camera while niall shuffled in his seat awkwardly.



"hey I heard theres only one single member of one direction left" Sebastian smirked walking up to my desk.
"what?" I asked, too busy interested in fixing this broken binder to take in what he was saying.

"you and louis you made it official?" he asked.
"I told you that this morning" I raised an eyebrow.
"and louis has told everyone" 
"what are you talking about"
"on their interview..."

My breathing hitched.

"you're kidding"
"oh my gosh" I reached for my phone.
"this is amazing, you're all over the Internet" Sebastian clapped.
"don't even"
"you should be happy" Sebastian raised an eyebrow.
"I am.." I frowned
"you could have fooled me" 

I knew he had to tell them all soon but not this soon wow. 

from: me
to: Louis xx

so you told?xx

I sent the message, almost immediately receiving a message back.

from: Louis xx

two minutes, I'll ring you xx

I rolled my eyes and waited for my phone to vibrate.

"Hello?" I answered
"hiya, are you okay?"
"yeah, I'm fine" 
"I had to tell, I couldn't wait" louis replied.
"what are you like?" I laughed
"I know, I haven't even told my mum yet, but I bet she knows now" he laughed down the phone.
"well, yolo" I laughed back, joking of course.
"don't say that again" louis replied
"what? yolo?"
"say that again and Im hanging up"
"yolo" I smirked

beep beep beep.

I smirked. He actually hung up. I loved to wind him up.

I placed my phone down before it vibrated again.

"hello?" I answered
"I couldn't leave promise me you won't say that again"
"I promise" I laughed
"good.. do you think if we went out for dinner tonight it would seem we were rubbing it in?" he asked
"nahh, lets go out tonight" 
"okay see you later" I smiled 
"bye babe" he hung up.

I know we had spent a lot of time together you know. I felt as though once he went on tour, I would have withdrawal symptoms from him but then I would regret not spending so much time with him so it was a lose lose situation basically. 

I turned up to louis house at 6 o'clock sharp. Before I could knock on the door Louis opened it.

"is it six o'clock already?" he furrowed his brows after nearly knocking me over.
"yeah.." I nodded slowly.
"blimey! you're going to hate me" louis grit his teeth.
"why?" I rolled my eyes.
"Zayn may have asked me to pop round to his to fix his laptop"
"you double booked?"
"no, I just lost track of time" 
"so we can't go out?" I asked
"babe, just wait inside for me, I won't be longer than half an hour" he said opening his door.

"I'll be timing you" I smirked, kissing his lips.
"right" he nodded as if he was on a mission, rushing off.

I shut his door and walked in.

I went into the kitchen and poured myself a drink of orange. I was round here more often than not and I had learnt to make myself quite at home. He told me to so.

"are you here again?" harry scoffed, jokingly. 

These past few weeks harry had stuck to his word about being civil and he really did treat me nicely, to which I returned of course. I liked Harry now, he was a good friend. I had practically forgotten about the holiday fling.

"yep" I smiled 
"you may as well move in" he laughed, taking a swig of orange juice.
"god I hope that was an invitation, I've just about had enough of gay couples, not being homophobic or anything but they're bossy!" I huffed.
"well you wouldn't enjoy being here, larry stylinson and all" harry smirked
"oh yeah, so there's some truth in that rumour?" I smirked back.
"ask the fans, they seem to know us better than we know ourselves" harry laughed.
"I bet they do, they're obsessed with you guys"
"what can I say, with these dimples, I make girls weak at their knees" he said smugly.
"sure" I nodded sarcastically.
"I would argue but we both know that would be pointless" he raised an eyebrow.
"what's that supposed to mean?" I furrowed my brows in confusion.
"oh never mind" he sing songed.

I had a feeling I knew he was talking about the shag we had. I decided it would be best to drop it.

"anyway, how's Bella?" I asked
"she's fine" harry smiled, leaning against the worktop.
"good, I haven't seen her in a while"
"yeah, she's busy with her dancing" harry sighed.
"oh yeah she's on tour with olly murs isn't she?" I nodded 
"yeah" he mumbled
"aw, I bet you miss her don't you?" I asked.
"a little, I miss her kisses and hugs" he pouted, looking at the floor.

I felt sorry for him I really did.

"aw bless you.." I patronised him a little using a cute voice.
"don't patronise me, at least you have louis to cuddle you" he pouted playfully.

I tutted and rolled my eyes.

"if you wanted a cuddle you should have just said" I smirked, holding out my arms.

He looked up and grinned cheekily, walking up to me and wrapping his arms around my shoulders, as I proceeded to wrap mine around his back, giving him a little squeeze. I laughed into his tshirt when he squeezed me too hard.

"this was well needed, cuddling louis isn't the same as cuddling a girl" he joked, breaking the hug.

I laughed a little before almost choking as I glanced up at his face. I don't know why but our laughter died down and we went all serious on each other. We must have stared into each others eyes a little too long, he glanced at my lips then he coughed awkwardly and broke eyecontact, my heart was racing, the awkward feeling in my stomach told me we were close to doing something wrong.

"uh.. yeah.. " he bit his lip.
"I wonder where louis has got to" I tutted, turning on my heel.
"he's never ready that kid.." harry frowned, then laughed uneasily.

why? why? why? why did that happen we were just about on speaking terms then that what the hell? I'm such a doofus.

"hey Fliss, do you think you could help me out?" he asked 
"uh, with what?" I questioned

"with louis' birthday party" he smiled
"you're throwing him a party?"
"too right!" he wiggled his eyebrows.
"I love a good party" I smiled
"im thinking of having a house party , here of course" he smiled
"that would be great, I still have no idea on what to get him for his birthday" I pouted, remembering it was only two weeks away.

"he wouldn't want anything off you" harry scoffed.
"why not?"
"he hates girls buying him things" harry rolled his eyes.
"well I'm not just not going to get him nothing"
"I'll tell you what... you buy the cake?"
"and something else.."
"...why something else?"
"because I can't just get him a cake" I put my hands on my hips.
"why not?"
"because that's not enough" I frowned.

Harry sighed at my stubborn attitude.

"fine get him something else too" harry sighed.
"like what though?" 
"I don't know..." harry shrugged

"I don't know what?" louis entered.

"nothing" me and harry said in almost unison.

"right...." louis raised an eyebrow.
"what happened to zayns laptop?" I said quickly changing the subject.
"nothing he just didnt install this thing" louis rolled his eyes.

"oh.. but we can go out for dinner now?" I smiled
"uh.. yeah about that.." he trailed off, playing with the hem of his shirt.

"what now?" I raised an eyebrow.

"bleeding management called, they want to discuss a few things"
"do we all have to go?" harry asked
"no just me... I think it's about.. me and felicity" louis bit his lip.
"why?" I asked
"I just think its because i didn't tell them I was taken thats all" he sighed.
"do you want me to come?" I asked
"no. I don't want you wrapped up in their stupid little schemes" louis replied sternly.
"oh.. okay" I nodded.
"look I best be going.. do you need a lift home?" he asked
"no I brought my car.. I'm just going to use the loo before I leave" I informed.

"im sorry babe, I'll make this up to you" he kissed me then quickly left.

I used the toilet then entered the kitchen again to tell harry I'd be on my way.

"right I'll see you later then" I told harry who was now tapping away on his phone.

"oh wait" he stopped me. "maybe we could plan his party now, order a few things offline yknow.. I mean when else will we get chance?" harry spoke.

Well I had nothing better to do.

We retreated to the sofas where We surfed the web, deciding on things we would buy for the party, harry making notes as we went on. 

"do you think we should hire a stripper" harry asked.

"excuse me?"
"I said do you think we should hire a stripper"
"I know what you said I just didnt think you would be asking his girlfriend on whether or not to hire a stripper" I raised an eyebrow.
"well I need your approval." 
"no" I frowned
"come on?" harry smiled
"no way" I folded my arms.

"look she's hot" he said tilting the screen to show me a topless picture of a woman.

"harry!" I scolded, shutting the laptop.

"awh, now you've put it into hibernation" harry pouted 
"serves you right" I smirked 
"you're going to hell"
"says you" I scoffed referring to the topless lady.

"is it because she had better boobies than you?" harry replied cheekily.
"she doesn't" I replied arrogantly.

"you're right, she doesn't" harry bit his cheek. 
"you always make the conversation awkward harry" I laughed it off, walking through to the kitchen, him following chuckling behind me.

I grabbed my old glass and refilled it with orange juice. Taking a swig.

"well it's true, you do have a cracking pair" he smirked, the dimple evident in his cheek.

"stop it" I blushed.
"are you blushing, you're blushing!" he teased.
"im not" I covered my face with my hands.
"you are" he argued playfully, pulling my hands away from my face.

I struggled before calming down underneath his grip. He smirked again, only this time we were centimetres apart.

We didnt stare into each others eyes for long before our lips smashed together in lust. The sexual tension had arose and had taken over completely. It was wrong and dangerous but it made it exciting as we furthered the kiss by letting our tongues get mixed in with it. This wasnt like a soft, precious kiss like i shared with louis, this was a kiss that caused me to get my fingers tangled in harrys curls, as he proceeded caress my face. 
What was I doing?

I pulled back and stared at harry as my breathing had gotten faster due to the make out session we took part in.

Harry groaned before pushing my back against the fridge and kissing my neck eagerly, not biting down too much careful not to make a mark.

As much as I wanted to push him away my hormones told me not to as I tugged on his hair.

I pulled his face back up to mine and continued kissing ravenously, this time he lifted me up from underneath my thighs and took us out of the kitchen and up the stairs, stumbling on the way as we hadnt actually broken off the kiss. I began sucking on his neck as we made our way to his bedroom, a room that I had never been in before. He shut the door with his foot before placing me down on the bed.

I pulled his tshirt over his head and began to kiss him, towering over him on the bed. He pulled my dress off and threw it on the floor. I gasped as he undid my bra in one foul swoop, it was obvious he was an expert. He was so rough yet I loved it so much. It was a big deal. 
I undid his thick brown belt, pulling down his pants in the process of it all.
We kissed a little while longer, skin on skin becoming too much, too much for us to handle making us go further. Harry went to dig around in his bedside table drawer, eagerly looking for some protection. My breathing slowed at this given opportunity to regain myself again. What I was doing was wrong and unfaithful but looking at harrys body made me want him so bad. I couldn't go back now, I couldn't.

"gotcha" harry grinned, pulling out a condom.

He ripped open the packet with his teeth. Hurrying things up, I pulled down his boxer shorts, revealing his length. I didn't remember it being so.. big. I gulped back the surprise as he pried the protection on and give me a lustful smirk. 
I fluttered my eyelashes a little before tugging down my underwear.

He grinned eyeing me up, before hesitating over my entrance. He forcefully pushed in taking me by shock and impulsing pain through my body. I huffed a little as he thrusted a few times, making me pull on his hair. 

"Harry.." I murmured 
"faster?" he suggested

I breathed a little more forcefully confirming what I wanted as he proceeded. He was amazing, like nothing I had ever experienced before, I found myself close to my climax before expected I tried to hold myself but I couldn't. 

"oh my god" I breathed out
"stay with me" harry urged

I couldn't. Pleasure seeped through my body as I released myself onto him. I felt him release inside of me as he collapsed on to me, out of breath and tired. We caught our breath back and he removed himself from me. I searched around for my knickers and pulled them back up.

We spent a few moments, retrieving our clothing which had been sprawled across his carpet and pulling them back on. I bit my lip once I was fully clothed. I hadn't even had sex with louis yet and he was my boyfriend, yet I had somehow managed to have sex with his band mate/bestfriend twice.

"what have we done?" I chocked.

Harry looked at me, that look upon his face.

guilty as charged. 

don't hate me do not hate me.

I know how could harry do such a thing blah blah but hey it's just a story and theres loads of drama drama drama to come muhahah.

please tell me if you liked this chapter and please tell me if you would like me to add more 'sexual' parts idek how that went??? haha gaaaaay.

but anyway PLEASE COMMENT AND LIKE WOOOOOO! ily forever.


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