Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


12. Chapter11- Making Ammends


After dessert Fliss seemed distant. I would put down to harry and his arrogant manner. Stupid Harry.

She was adamant on going home as soon as possible. The whole drive home was slightly awkward, I couldn't help but feel like she didnt enjoy tonight at all.

"do you regret kissing me?" I blurted out as we drew nearer to her house.
"huh?" she asked, coming back to reality- told you she was distant.
"the kiss? do you regret kissing me?" I asked.

She looked at me.

"are you kidding me?" she laughed 
"louis, you're a great kisser"
"you're just saying that" I pouted, stubbornly.
"no im not" she argued
"then why are you quiet all of a sudden?" I asked.
"im not" she denied
"you are, what's up?"

She hesitated.

"nothing I-"
"im just tired thats all... I'm off work tomorrow, maybe we could hang out again" she surprised me.
"again?" I raised an eyebrow
"only- only if you want" she shrugged.
"I do want its just i dunno, I didn't think you would want to hang out with me so much" I bit the inside of my cheek, parking up outside her block of apartments.

"I dunno"
"louis, How many times? I like you" she giggled
"I know but"
"stop putting yourself down" she tutted.
"im not its just-" I began before her lips cut me off.

She kissed me softly before pulling back, and looking into my eyes, I eagerly pushed my lips back upon hers, instead this time I moved my lips against hers hoping she would move with me.. she did.

She murmured into the kiss, then pulled back.

"told you you were a great kisser" she smirked playfully.
"you're not too bad yourself" I licked my lips.

She pecked my lips once more.

"text me?" she smiled
"mhm" I nodded
"see you tomorrow then"
"yeah, ok" I nodded
"bye louis" 
"bye" I said before she shut the car door and walked up to her apartment block.

I watched her get home safely before driving off. I was well and truly smitten.

I drove back home and felt satisfied with how the night went. 

"Hey" harry spoke as I entered the house.
"hi" I smiled.
"did.. did you have fun tonight?" he asked.
"yeah it was really really good" I nodded, taking off my jacket.
"great" he replied although it was spoken flatly and bluntly.

I rolled my eyes and mentally calmed myself down before shouting at him for being a dick. I wasn't going to let him get to me.


I kept going over it in my head, the guilt continually building up. Harry had cheated on his girlfriend.. with me. WITH ME. sorry but Bella was absolutely gorgeous. Why the hell would he cheat on her with me!? I couldn't help but think that this was the reason he didnt want me to see louis. I didn't mean to sleep with him. If I knew he was with a girlfriend I would have neve- yeah that's a lie I was well and truly slaughtered.

Poor Bella. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She seemed so nice yet harry had been unfaithful to her with her unknowing.

I suddenly felt an urgency or anger towards harry. How could he threaten me when he had been unfaithful!? How dare he! He had another thing coming if he was going to treat me like dirt! Two could play it his game.

I suddenly felt confident with hanging out with louis. I knew I was going to act towards it in my way not harrys way but mine. 

The next day, after louis texted me to invite me to meet him after recording in the studio, to go to the cinema or something. 

I strolled in in my tights, levi shorts and my cream shirt

"here for Tom?" the girl at the desk smirked as I walked in.
"no" I scoffed.
"yeah yeah" she rolled her eyes.

I'd show her.

I leaned against the wall, rest my white converse on the wall. 

"niall" harrys voice whined

The boys had walked through some double doors. My face lit up as soon as I spotted him, harrys face was almost the opposite reaction.

I gave harry a little smirk before heading to louis and pecking him on the lips. Louis was taken aback.

"woah.." Zayn spoke.
"you never told us you had a girlfriend louis" niall spoke also.
"uh.." louis stuttered, obviously dumb founded.

"you've only known him, what? 5 days?" harry scoffed

I scowled at him. 

"harry" liam warned
"well it's true, anyone would say its too quick to be showing that much public affection" harry snarled.

I was quickly put in my place. Why was I backing down again! To him of all people!? 

"oh and you're one to judge are you harry?" I questioned up, fighting my battle.
"what's that supposed to mean?" he frowned as the rest of them watched upon our little argument, too afraid to butt in.

watching them all watching me with me come back made me realise i wanted to make a good impression for both mine and louis sake. 

"you don't even want to know" I muttered back. "are you ready to go louis?" I questioned, trying to regain my normal self.

"uh yeah, I think so" he grinned
"great, I think it's best we go" I smiled weakly, looking back at the other boys.
"yeah.." he agreed.

"wow wow, wait a minute" Niall stood in our way.

"what now" louis rolled his eyes.
"well I think it's only right you introduce us" niall smiled.

"now? really?" louis raised an eyebrow.
"well harry knows her well enough" niall folded his arms.

I glanced at harry who was scowling in our direction. 

"ugh fine.. Guys, this is Felicity my.."
"good friend" I smiled for him.

"yeah good friend" louis blushed.

"really good friend?" niall raised an eyebrow and emphasised on good.

"shut up niall" louis warned

"hi" I smiled, holding out my hand for him to shake.
"hi, nice to meet you" niall grinned.

"im zayn" zayn smiled, once niall had spoke a few words and then liam was introduced. Im glad they were much more friendlier than Harry. 


I watched on as Felicity and Louis walked off to the other side of the car park together.

"what's got to you? you look like you've swallowed a bee" zayn joked.
"shut up" I growled 
"it's obvious there was a bit of friction between you and felicity" Liam said matter of factly.
"well did you see how she was all over louis when she arrived?" I scoffed.

"she kissed him? so what?" Liam shrugged as we got in the back of the silver van.

"I know but they barely know each other" I argued.
"never stopped you" niall laughed

I furrowed my brows at his comment that got the other lads laughing too. He was kind of right though. 

"shut up, I just don't like her okay" 
"you should be concentrating on Bella" zayn hushed.

I swallowed, a lump forming in my throat. This was all felicity's fault! It wouldn't be such a problem if I hadn't slept with her forgodsake! Louis would have a new girl friend, I would be completely happy for him and I would never have cheated on Bella. 

That's the thing that pained me the most. I hadn't got over the fact i had cheated on Bella. Bella means the world to me and I don't know why I did it or why I thought It would be easy to deal with on my own. Nobody knew i had cheated on her, not even the boys. I was too ashamed. But then Felicity turned up and everything got complicated, I didn't want Bella to be in contact with Felicity in case a slip of the tongue. I just wanted Felicity and Louis to be over before it had merely begun. It stressed me out.




"That was rubbish" Felicity scoffed as we exited the cinema after watching spring breakers.
"it wasnt" I grinned cheekily.

she paused.

"you're only saying that because they were in bikinis half the time" she smirked.
"no- it was a very entertaining film" 
"it must have been, your eyes never left the screen" she joked

I smirked a little before something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. Paps.

"they're taking pictures of us" Fliss stated obviously. 
"yep" I confirmed.
"what do we do?"
"nothing, just keep your head down" I informed.
"okay" she mumbled

They started to surround us when they realised it was me, not sounding arrogant or anything but getting pictures of a member of one direction with an unknown girl was enough to start world war three amongst teenage girls.





I glanced across at felicity who was obviously frightened and scared.

She gave me a look that made me think she was about to burst into tears. I had to remember she wasnt used to all this attention. I did what I thought was right for her without thinking about the consequences. I reached for her hand and intwined hers in mine, tugging her closer to me, so I could try my best to protect her. I felt her hold on tightly, confirming that she was absolutely terrified.

I unlocked my car and opened the passenger door, ushering Felicity inside, then shutting it behind her. 

"move" I pushed passed the paps, to get to the other side of my car.

I finally got in and slammed the door shut.

"are you okay?" I questioned her.
"uh yeah" she nodded, clearly flustered at the intensity of the photographers.

I slammed on the engine and dodged my way out of the paps, finally making it on to the main road.

"im sorry" I began
"what? for being a mega star?" she laughed it off nervously, still shaken up.
"I should have taken caution" I spoke.
"don't worry about it" she smiled reassuringly.

I saw her look at me in the corner of my eye.

"I had to experience it one day right?" she stated
"I suppose"
"well then, I'm glad it's out if the way"
"you wish it was, those pictures of us holding hands will be tomorrow's news" I reminded.

She fell silent for a moment.

"do you think we are rushing things?"
"what?" I furrowed my brows.
"what harry said earlier.. maybe we are" she shrugged.
"well I'm comfortable, are you?" I asked, tightening my grip around the steering wheel.

"yeah.." she nodded
"well then, don't listen to harry.." I rolled my eyes.
"so we're good?"
"yeah" I nodded
"great" she grinned.


(only because I think I'm going at a really quick pace uh oh, nobody can gain feelings for someone that quick right?)


"wait so whos single?" the interviewer asked.

I bit my lip, I wasn't exactly sure you see.. was I single? Me and Fliss have become close and well we hadnt really labelled what we were. Everyone knew about us though, we were always pictured out together. I didn't know what to say.

Niall stuck his hand up. I hesitated.

"what so you all have girlfriends? apart from niall?" the interviewer asked.

"do we?" harry asked, glaring at me.

"I.. I'm actually single" I stuck my hand up sheepishly. I could almost hear the mass of teenage girls taking sighs of reliefs.

"really? you've been seen in the papers quite a lot with a girl" the interviewer asked me, all attention on me.

"yeah.. we're really good friends" I nodded.
"that's what they all say" the interviewer smirked at camera 1.

I sat there sheepishly throughout the rest of the interview, waiting for it to end.

When it did end i was quick to text Fliss. Doing that interview made me realise i had to do something about us, I didn't want to be single anymore. I wanted us to be together because I was happy with her.

from: me
to: Fliss x

come round to mine tonight?x

I shoved my phone back in my pocket and slouched in the seat of the car.

"I can't believe you and Fliss are not an item yet" niall raised the subject.
"yet.." I smirked
"what do you mean?" harry raised an eyebrow.
"wait and see" I smirked.
"you're not thinking of asking her to be your girlfriend are you?"
"and so what if I am" I shrugged
"big mistake" harry replied bluntly.

"harry is that my t shirt" Liam cut me off from replying.

I rolled my eyes and planned ahead to tonight.


I knocked on the door and awaited an answer. I knocked again only a little louder. He did say come at 7 but it was only half 6 and I decided to come straight after work to save time.

I expected louis to answer but instead, harry answered.

"Is louis in?"
"where is he?" I asked
"he went out" harry shrugged
"right" I gulped.

"well are just going to stand there or are you coming in?" harry frowned, opening the door wider.
I slowly entered as he shut the door behind us and followed me to the living room. 

"he shouldn't be long" harry mumbled, beginning to walk towards the room exit.

"wait" I stopped him.
"what?" he turned around on his heel.
"harry.." I began

he rolled his eyes at me.

"can we at least be civil for louis sake?" I asked.

"I've slept with you" harry almost whispered.
"can we.. can we forget?" I asked
"you don't understand, I can't let louis have my second handfuls" he shrugged.
"so you're never ever going to accept me?" I asked
"probably not" he began to walk off.

"you know what! I think you're being extremely harsh" I exclaimed, making him turn back around.
"not at all" 
"yeah you are! you don't care about louis having second hands, you just care about yourself"
"get a grip felicity" he furrowed his brows.

"you're just scared... scared that I will reveal to Bella about our fling" 
"what was done was done, she wouldn't care" harry replied, although by the tone of his voice, he wasnt entirely sure that was true.

"what? even though you were dating her while we slept together?" I raised an eyebrow.
"you heard"

Harry hesitated, his jaw locked.

"don't..don't tell her, please" he almost begged, approaching me.

"give me one good reason"

He hesitated, before taking a deep breath.

"lets start fresh, for both Bella and Louis' sake" harry held out his hand for me to shake.

I paused, examining his features. He really must love Bella. He was being genuine. I knew he was looking out for number 1 again but I wanted to make amends.

I smiled slightly, shaking his hand.

"hi I'm harry" he smiled
"im felicity" I smiled back.
"nice to meet you" he spoke
"and you"

"what the hell?" louis spoke, interrupting us.
"hi" I smiled at him, breaking the handshake.
"what's going on?" he raised an eyebrow, slipping off his shoes.

"Me and felicity are going to try get along" 
"for my sake? you shouldn't have" louis smirked.
"well I suppose we could call it off" I smirked, looking at harry.
"shut up, it's nice that I obviously mean a lot to you guys" louis smirked.
"ha, you're not that special" harry scoffed, walking out of the room for good this time.

"hi" he smiled at me.
"hiya, I feel like I haven't seen you in ages" I replied. There hadnt a week gone by when me and louis hadn't been together. Although I hadn't seen him since four days ago, which felt like a fairly long time.

"I know, It's been awfully quiet" he joked, wrapping his arms round my waist.
"ha ha very funny" I tilted my head.
"why are you so cute" he kissed my nose.

I giggled a little, he always knew how to make me blush.

"do you really like me?" he asked
"no but really really like me?" he questioned.
"yes" I stressed, making it obvious i was being serious.

"then be my girlfriend?" he asked.

I answered by kissing his lips once.

"i thought you would never ask" i smirked, breaking the kiss.



it feels like the end because a happy ending and all but trust me, there is so so so much drama to come. You know what I'm like, such a drama queen Idek but you guys like drama yesss? and i will upload tonight or tomorrow.

{it means much more than you would imagine<3} 



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