Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


11. Chapter10- Dinner at Louis' House


telling louis that harry had warned me off was obviously not one of my best moments... what else could I do? I really liked louis and well, harry was preventing me from having any sort of a relationship with louis to say the least. I don't get it? Why is he so bothered anyway? Me and Harry had sex together once.. by accident..on holiday.. drunken accident. What was the big deal??

I sighed still not feeling tip top from yesterday, no matter how many paracetamol I took, my head was still throbbing a little. I wasn't going to glam up for this evening at all, I had decided that earlier when I set my alarm for half an hour before six giving me enough time to get washed and changed, no big dress up.

I pulled on a thin silver/grey cotton jumper and my blue skinnys. I pulled my hair up into a high ponytail and added a bit of mascara and eyeliner. I reached for my phone and discovered it was five to six. I pulled on my socks and then my plain black vans, pushing them on with my feet as I pulled my leather coat on at the same time.. multitasker yes.

I decided to wait outside for him to pull up. I was extremely excited to be riding in his car again. I was expecting his porshe but not this time.. he pulled up in a range rover.

I felt my mouth drop open a little bit, it was one of the new models.

Louis waved and gestured me to get in. I smiled at him, then opening his car door.

"good evening" he smiled
"hey" I smiled, shutting the door behind me, locking in the scent of his cologne, wow he smelt good.

"you look nice" he blurted out 

his naive optimism made me giggle.

"how are you?" he asked
"fine, hungry but fine" I smiled

"uh.. I hope you like fish fingers" he wiggled his eyebrows at me before concentrating back on the road.

"I guess so.." I nodded a little, seen as though I hadn't had them since I was about 9.

he paused before laughing.

"hey gullible is written on the roof" he teased, pointing to the roof, even still I looked up before mentally face palming myself.

"we're not really having fish fingers Fliss" he laughed
"oh.." I laughed uneasily.
"we're having my special steak" he grinned.
"steak?" I raised my eyebrows.
"yep, I cooked it by myself" he stated proudly.

"oo, get you" I smirked
"yeah.. it took a lot yknow.. I don't cook"
"you don't?"
"nah, I only cook for special people" 
"are you calling me special?" 
"well.. maybe" he smiled.

We spoke until we reached his complex. He had indulged me in revealing he shared a flat with harry, something I wasn't pleased about. I was pushing it a little hanging out with his friend but hanging out with his friend at his house, harry must be really pissed at me.

"come on follow me" he smiled, gesturing to follow him up some stairs. Even the corridors were posh. They were made from frikken marble. Shiny fucking marble. I didn't know what to expect seen as though he was a top notch celebrity.

We reached a door and he unlocked it pushing it open, revealing a lush bachelors pad.. a little like Sebastian's but much more.. manly and expensive.

He escorted me in, taking my jacket and hanging it up.

"uh.. sorry for the mess" he said sheepishly, knocking some dirty socks under the coffee table.

"don't sweat it.. you should see my room" I half laughed.

he laughed a little too.

"here take a seat, I'll get us some drinks" he said as he moved into another room.

I took a seat on the black leather couch, observing the room around me in the mean time.

There was a lot of awards upon the swanky fireplace and bookshelf at the side of the room. I noticed there was also a lot of pictures. At the side of the room beside the huge window that looked upon the London city, there was a pair of black wedges making me wonder whos they were.

"here you are" louis interrupted my thoughts, passing over a wine glass full of a black liquid.

I took a sip.

"is this.. Coke?" I asked
"don't be stupid.. it's Pepsi" he corrected.
"how come you get wine?" I furrowed my brows pointing to his glass filled with red wine.
"I thought it would be best to keep you sober. I mean, we wouldn't want another episode of last night huh?" he smirked.
"oh ha ha very funny" I pouted

he laughed along, then glancing at his phone.

"Im sorry to leave you again but the steak is almost ready" he screwed up his face a little.. cute.

"it's fine honestly.. I'll just wait" I smiled.
"sorry" he said once more before leaving quickly.


I backed off into the kitchen before takings breath of relief. The table was laid ready for the steak and vegetables.. only the steak hadnt arrived yet. I may have told a teeny weeny white lie when telling her i was cooking.. I couldn't cook for shit.

Harry was known for being the cook, I was known for eating his food, that's the way things worked round here. I'd been brought up the easy way round... dial a number, order the food, easy.

I got a message telling me the food was here, I had made a special order earlier for some English well cooked steak and vegetables. I sneaked out to the door and paid the man, taking the food from his hands. 

Careful not to leave any evidence behind, I threw the packaging in the bin and sorted the food out on to our plates. It looked home cooked if I did say so myself. I was proud.

I smiled, rubbing my hands together and called out to Felicity. 

"through here!" I grinned as I spotted her look around the kitchen confused. Once she had realised she smiled, fluttering her eyelashes a little and darted through to join me in the dining room. The room we hardly ever used.

I pulled out the chair for her to sit down as she did as intended.

I rushed round the other side of the table and sat across from her.

"smells good" she commented 
"well.. what can I say" he said smugly, pulling my chair in.

I reached for my knife and fork and hoped for the best. As I thought, it was delicious. I smirked as she chewed some steak, seeing a pleased expression upon her face.

"im impressed" she nodded, licking her lips.
"well, I do have my moments" I smirked.

This time I poured us both a fresh glass of wine, to which she seemed overly pleased about. I must have baffled her when I brought her Pepsi, I was only teasing though.. my way of making a joke.

"I didn't say anything.. stupid last night did i?" she blurted out.
"not really" 
"what do you mean? not really?" her eyes darted to me.
"well I dunno, your friend seemed pretty sure you were drowning your sorrows over me" I spoke, holding back my smirk.

"she said that?" she almost chocked on her carrots.

There was an awkward silence.

"I really like you louis" she spoke, dropping her knife and fork beside her plate.
"but I mean it.. I was upset when harry threatened me to keep away from you, I didn't want to because I really liked you and I just i didn't know what to do so I didn't tex you back and then-" she waffled on.

"he threatened you?" I gasped a little.

she fell silent, looking down at her plate, confirming he did.

"I swear when I see that little toad-" I began.
"louis please.. please don't.. it wasnt major honestly, he just told me to- back off" she reassured.
"why though? I just don't understand" I sighed, placing my knife and fork down too.

She broke eyecontact again. 

"I don't know" she mumbled, playing with her napkin.
"I'll speak to him" I nodded
"don't, louis.. he will just dislike me even more for telling.. please pretend that you don't know he said anything.. I'll speak to him" she begged.
"felicity you shouldn't have to" I shook my head.
"please, I want to. I want to sort this my way" she argued
"please louis? for me?" she raised her eyebrows at me.

I hesitated.

"okay, for you" I half smiled
she smiled back and picked up her knife and fork again.

"this is really good, I can't believe you don't cook" she said breaking the silence.
I grinned, eating some more peas, when the sound of chattering came from the kitchen.

I glanced over. Harry and Bella had returned, just as planned. I wanted to see harrys face when he saw Fliss was here. I was dying to know why he hated her so much, yet for Felicity's sake I couldn't say nothing. That didnt mean I could make sneaky little digs and tease the hell out of him by rubbing felicity in his face. Him not liking her made me want to scream in his face that I did like her and there was nothing he could do about it. Ha. 


"speak of the devil" I heard louis speak under his breath at the sound of voices from the kitchen.

My breathing hitched as I knew what was coming. I hated this but I knew I had to do it because I liked louis and that's that.

"What are you doing in the dining room?" I heard harry.
"having a meal what does it look like?" louis answered.
"what? on your own?" harry replied
"no" louis scoffed.

There was silence before footsteps padded across the kitchen tiles and harrys head peeped round the corner of the dining room door.

His jaw clenched a little at my presence.

"oh.. " harry swallowed.
"what's up?" louis asked him.

Harry didnt leave my eyecontact for a moment, making me squirm awkwardly in my seat.

"you cook?" harry turned to louis.
"yes" louis nodded

there was silence for a moment.

"oh how rude of me" louis stood up. "uh harry this is felicity, felicity this is harry" louis introduced us to each other giving me a pained smile, knowing we had already met before.

"oh I know who she is" harry bit.
"really?" louis frowned, looking confused. Oh I knew his game. Pretending he knew nothing. Was this to get back at me for not letting him say anything?

"yeah.. we met at that meeting of mrs farcy pants" harry spoke. good save, good save.

"but you didn't exactly meet though.." louis pointed out, trying to catch harry out at every chance.

"harry, theres no loo roll left" interrupted a girls voice before a pretty girl entered. She was thin an tall, almost as tall as harry infact. She was a stunning natural blonde. 
I assumed she was harrys catch.

"uh.. didnt realise you had company louis sorry" she blushed a little.
"no don't worry.. uh Fliss, this is Bella, harrys girlfriend" louis introduced us.

"hi" I gave her a toothy grin.
"hey.." she smiled back.

wow she was so pretty.

"if I knew you guys were coming back so early I would have cooked extra" louis spoke.
"don't worry we already ate" harry replied, before turning around and walking back into the kitchen.

Bella stood there awkwardly for a moment.

"uh yeah, I'll let you erm.. continue" she finally said before darting through to the kitchen on her tiptoes.

There were a few words spoken before harry came and shut the glass door behind us, pulling the curtain on.

"that's it" louis stood up
"louis what are you doing?" I stood up also.
"I want to know what his problem is" he started walking towards the door.

"louis please" I begged.
"no I won't let him act this way in front of you it's so fucking rude-" 
"louis" I pulled him back before he could reach the door handle. I crashed my lips upon his and kissed him hard.

This was the perfect distraction. I couldn't risk him finding out the real reason why harry hated me, if he found out I knew for sure he would hate me and never speak to me again, I had to stop him some how. This was the only way I knew how and I enjoyed it and from the way he kissed back he wasnt complaining. I felt him calm under the kiss. thank god.

I pulled back, not wanting to push ourselves any further, I mean it was just a kiss but even though I was distracting louis, I felt more distracted than ever, his lips were so plump and soft, I wanted to push mine back against his but I felt it was much too soon, I didn't want to come across as too eager.

"remember what you said.. you wouldn't say anything for me?" I almost whispered, as we stood, our faces inches away from each other.
"I know" he sighed
"well then.. I think we best move on to our dessert" I smirked a little.
"was that an innuendo?" he raised an eyebrow.
"you wish" I giggled
"after that kiss? I do" he laughed, opening the door then pulling the curtains back.

As he got dessert, being the helpful child I was, I piled our plates and took them through to the kitchen. Where Bella and Harry were sat at the kitchen bar table on stools while eating strawberries. Harry squared his eyes at me a little, I hoped louis didn't notice but I glanced a him and he was too busy scooping ice cream.

"stop it" louis blurted out.
"me?" I asked looking at him.
"what do you mean?"
"clearing the table" louis raised an eyebrow.
"I just thought I'd help" 
"give over, I don't expect you to clear up at my house" louis smirked.
"sorry" I grinned sheepishly.

louis laughed a little before struggling to scoop more ice cream.

"shall we take these to the bedroom?" I heard harry speak.
"harry" Bella giggled
"come on" harry jumped off the stool, picking up the strawberries, following Bella to the bedroom. Before he shut the kitchen door he looked back at me as if he was trying to somewhat tease me. What a prick. I found myself scoffing to myself.

"what?" louis grinned
"nothing" I blushed a little at being caught at scoffing.
"you do like ice cream, right?" he asked
"yeah who doesn't?" I shrugged
"fab" he grinned, licking the spoon then placing it in his dish.

"We can eat in here, it's much warmer in here" he confirmed as he switched the dining room light off and shut the glass door.

We sat on the bar stools and spoke as we ate mint chocolate ice cream.

"Bella seems nice" I spoke.
"yeah, she makes harry happy" louis agreed.
"they're good together" 
"yeah, well she's been keeping him down to earth for the past 10months or so" louis revealed.
"they've been together 10 month?" I chocked.
"yeah, something like that, why?" louis raised an eyebrow.

shit he's seen my reaction shit oh shit.

"uh.. I dunno, reading the tabloids and stuff" I trailed off.
"yeah none of that is true.. I know harry and he would never cheat on Bella, he couldn't do it" louis said.

Louis clearly didn't know harry as well as he thought he did.

Why would harry have sex with me when he had Bella, she was drop dead gorgeous and compared to her I was usual, normal, average. What the hell was he playing at??




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