Nothing But A Tease (one direction fanfiction)

A girls holiday?
A bit of fun?
A holiday fling, soon to be forgotten?

not a bleeding chance.


2. Chapter1- The Starbucks Order

Chapter 1- The Starbucks Order


"forgodsake Felicity! I pay you to work, not to sit around studying" Mrs Darcy stressed, as she fiddled stormed past me, her heels clicking dramatically down the marble floor.

I shut my book alarmed, I'm surprised she even noticed I was studying, she's told me more than once before that 'I'm only here to serve coffee and file paperwork''

"sorry, it's just- never mind" I sighed, putting my book in my bag.

I had an exam coming up fairly soon and I needed to fit in all the work I could. I would have quit sooner but I needed this job as it was seen as experience.
I worked at this settlement where all sorts went on, from a magazine studio to recording studio, if it had anything to do with the celebrity world, it was here.

Mrs Darcy was the the stereotypical fashion magazine boss.
I didnt have much of a relationship with her at all, she was my boss but if I was thirsty and she was on fire and I had a bottle of water, I'd more likely than not drink it.

"Felicity, I want an.." she ordered, clapping her hands.

"yes ma'am" I nodded as I grabbed my bag, ready to set off to Starbucks down the road.
"Oh and don't be too long, you have work to do" she stated.

You see, I attended a writing college instead of a university. I wanted to review things and stuff, I couldn't think of anything better I'd want to do.

I scurried down the stairs of the top notch building, as I had discovered they were a lot quicker than the lift.

I must have been going so fast I failed to acknowledge Sebastian, a very camp 'fashionista' and ran straight into him, to which I nearly got knocked over.

he let out a high pitched shriek.

"you're lucky I didn't have coffees in my hands" I raised an eyebrow.
"you're lucky I haven't thrown up on that top yet, it's disgusting" he scoffed.
"Sebastian!" I scolded
"what? I am here to take care of fashion mishaps"
"it's a plain white tee" I raised my eyebrow.
"exactly" he said matter of factly.
"I'm going to go before you insult me even more" I replied, looking down at my tshirt.

"okay darling, I'll catch you later" he said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I pulled back and headed on my way to my car. I searched my bag for my keys to my ford fiesta 2001 light blue car.

I made my way to Starbucks to find a 15 foot queue... of course.

I stood in queue waiting and waiting, this was a joke.

'bzzzzzzz bzzzzzz'

well there goes my phone.
I searched through my bag, finding my phone, just before it was time to take my order.

"what?" I asked down the phone
"Sebastian told me you're at Starbucks" Tom states
"can you get me some stuff?"
I let out a sigh.

Tom had nothing to do with me, or the fashion magazine. He worked in the recording studio across the settlement. He always pestered me though and made me do stuff for him, I was such a push over.

"what" I asked, making a mental note on what he was about to say.

"A white coffee, A black coffee and 5 mango smoothies"
"five mango smoothies?" I questioned.
"do I even wanna know"
"well-" he began before I hung up as the man behind the counter was rushing me.

I practically juggled the orders towards my car, I only came here for an expresso, one expresso.

I settled them down in the passenger seat before speeding off back to the settlement.

"what the..?" I found myself saying as I turned the corner to the settlement, finding at least twenty girls outside the gates, Gus, one of the security guards standing behind the gate.

I brushed it off, waving to Gus.
He caught my eye and raised his eyebrows before opening the gate wide, letting my car through.

"what's going on?" I asked him once the gate was closed again.
"one direction are in" he rolled his eyes.

I gulped.
I could literally feel myself go pale.

"are you ok love?" he asked cautiously.
"fine" I gulped again, putting on a smile.
"uh I better get these drinks passed around" I laughed uneasily
"ok" he said uneasily, obviously gaining an awkward vibe.

I just had to make sure not to bump into Harry Styles. A few months ago we had... well... we got close.... one night on holiday, I'm not normally so careless but, I had drunk a lot and I was up for a bit of fun. Gods honest truth I didn't know he was Harry Styles until like a month later when I actually took notice of one direction on Daybreak. I must have been so busy, I had been unable to realise the guy I'd shagged was an international popstar, i suppose it didn't make me so uncomfortable but the thought of running into him? Something I was not ok with at all.

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