Want, but cant have

Abbie swore she would marry her rich fiance, Jeffe, to help her family out. But what happens when she meets Zayn Malik who she knows is the one. Will going through vilonce and love help Abbie realize what she needs. Or will it be too late? Will she want, but cant have? 16+ (WARNING This story involves scenes of vilonce, sex, and curses)


1. Don't understand

POV Abbie

"Hurry up!" screamed Jeffe. He stood at the bottom of our spiral stairs, tapping at his watch. A pile of floral and grey luggage sat next to him in a pile.

"I'll be right down!"I yelled back. I quickly grabbed my phone and hairbrush and ran down the stairs, leaving a creak with every step I took.

"You took forever Abbie."Jeffe said agitated. He shook his head and picked up the luggage, leaving two small floral bags. My carry on which contained my phone, laptop, chargers, and anything else I needed for a long trip to Paris.

Just as I was walking out the door, my phone buzzed.

A text from Emilie. Emilie was my best friend ever since we were five years old.

"Be over soon to take care of cats. Hav fun."I read out loud.

I didnt reply but went out to the car.


On the car ride to the airport, me and Jeffe sat silently. It was usually like this. The only time any talking was done was when Jeffe saw a cool billboard or if somebody cut him off he would let out a few curses. This ride in particular was rather silent.

I pulled out my phone and texted Emilie.

"I dont know about this Em."I sent her.

A few moments later she replied, "You'll be fine. No worries, you love Jeffe and it will be fine."

I didnt answer knowing I would go into the big conversation about why Im even engaged to Jeffe. I didnt want anybody, not even my best friend, to know about that. I looked over at Jeffe, who's eyes were locked on the road. This is a mistake.

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