Want, but cant have

Abbie swore she would marry her rich fiance, Jeffe, to help her family out. But what happens when she meets Zayn Malik who she knows is the one. Will going through vilonce and love help Abbie realize what she needs. Or will it be too late? Will she want, but cant have? 16+ (WARNING This story involves scenes of vilonce, sex, and curses)


2. A way to meet.

Abbies POV

Jeffe's car roared into the parking lot. I unbuckled my seatbelt and watched Jeffe bring our luggage into the airport without making a peep. A salty tear escaped from my eye. Wiping it away, I opened the car door into another one smashing into me. My arm ached with pain, like a thousand needles stabbing into me.

"I'm so sorry, love."someone said from behind the door. I looked up to see a tall, tan man with black hair. He had brown eyes that twinkled as they gazed into me. He wore a red button down jacket with patches sewn over the pockets. His dark blue jeans revealed his skin at the knee. A pair of tattered grey gloves covered his knuckles, letting his fingers stick out. A sack was thrown over his back with an old book sticking out of the hole in the top.

My arm seist to hurt. I looked at him with big eyes. He gave me the same look.

A faint beep came from his watch, ruinig the moment.

"Sorry, but I must go, got to catch my flight."with that he adjusted his sack and walked into the airport. I trailed behind him like a lost puppy dog.

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