Take A Risk

19 year old, Eleanor Cowell, is up for another year of the X-Factor. Her father, Simon Cowell, one of the judges, has her help every year, but he doesn't know just how much she'd rather stay at home and distance herself from the people on the show. Is it because of her past experiences with the show? Will this specific year be different? Will, not only her life change, but herself?


4. Chapter 4

Once I'm inside the X-Factor, I look down at the list of people I need to go and see. First off; Niall Horan. Ah, the teddy bear cute one. I smile to myself and put the list in my brown north face jacket pocket before heading over to his room.
When I get there, I decide to be polite and knock. Something I would never do with George. Niall answers the door not even three seconds after I knocked. When I look up at him, I notice something strange. A white, milk mustache on his upper lip. I start laughing and then immediately realize what I'm doing and I cover my mouth with my hand, hiding a smile. When I regain myself, I drop my hand back to my side, and look at an extremely confused Niall Horan.
"I'm sorry," I admit, "but you've got something... Something on..." I gesture to his upper lip. He furrows his eyebrows and touches where I gestured at, blushing when he realizes what's there.
"Sorry.. Sorry," he says, wiping it off on his sleeve. I laugh again, unable to contain it. He smiles.
"I don't mean to be rude, but who are you, exactly?" He asks. I mentally slap myself for losing focus and not even telling him why I'm here. I then explain to him that my name is Eleanor and why I'm here. To calm his nerves. I didn't bother telling him who my dad is and that I practically work here.
He lets me in, shutting the door behind him. I look around his room, admiring how he decorated it. From the posters, to the blue comforter, and to the rows of guitars up against the wall.
"Like what you see?" He asks. I smile.
"Yeah, actually. I do. No one in the past years have ever really taken even a keenest interest in decorating their rooms." He gives me a puzzled look and I realize that I just, practically, gave off that I do, indeed, work here. Way to go, El, way to go.
"Oh, uhm, I-" I stutter.
"Wait,'" he interrupts as a lightbulb basically clicks over his head, "You're Simon Cowell's daughter! You're Eleanor Cowell!" Before I have a chance to reply, the door opens and in comes Louis, looking down at a plate of Nandos.
"Niall, hey. You left your Nandos in-" He cuts off when he looks up, realizing that I'm here. "Oh, sorry. I didn't know-"
"That I was here." I finish for him.
"Yeah," he grins. After looking between us both, Niall steps forward and takes the Nandos from Louis.
"My babies!" Niall exclaims, walking into the kitchen, looking extremely hungry. I laugh, causing Louis to smile and say, "There's Niall for you."

At the end of the day, I'd say on a scale of one to ten, it was a straight up nine. Zayn was quiet, which is strange for a guy who owns a couple motorcycles. I always took those types to be loud and obnoxious. But nope, not Zayn. Harry, well, Harry had curly hair. It was cute, but he was such a flirt. I, of course, did not lead him on. That is a strict no-no rule to have any sort of relationship with any X-Factor contestants ever again. Carlie and Alex were already best friends, from what I could tell, seeing as they were sprawled out on Alex's bed reading fashion magazines and listening to the Backstreet Boys. Jake and Jason were sharing beers (which I took and threw away. Duh.) and they were, most likely, watching porn. (Eww!)
But as I stand here, I feel like I forgot someone. I take out the list from my jacket pocket and unfold it, looking a second time, as I skim my finger down the list of names. I hesitate over Louis Tomlinson. Guess where I'm going next. You, you got it. 14B, room of Louis Tomlinson.

I walk over to his door and I'm about to knock when I notice the door is already cracked open. I push on it, opening it the rest of the way and step inside.
"Lou-" I'm cut off by my own scream when someone's strong arms wrap around me, tightly, from behind as he leans back, lifting my feet slightly off the ground.
"ELLLLLLLLEANOR!" He yells. I end up in hysterics. If laughing could kill you, I'd be dead and I guess that's what Louis was thinking because he set me back down and said, "Don't die on me. I'm not any good at bringing people back to life." I grinned and started walking forward when I suddenly trip on the wire that was running across the room, but as soon as I started to lose my balance, his strong arms came back around me, once again. If we he was trying to keep my from falling, he failed. Our legs ended up getting entangled together and I end up on top of him with his arms around me.
I don't know how long we stayed like that, staring at each other. It felt like hours and I didn't care. I actually liked it. All memories from the past- gone. He started to say something when the door opens and in walks my dad.
"Elea-" he stops talking when he fully registers what is layer out before him and not seconds after that were Louis and I standing up, several feet away from each other. I start to say that I could explain, but he cuts me off, telling me that we're leaving. I shut my mouth, keeping it shut, and start to follow him out. I grab the doorknob to shut it, but not before I look back at a grinning Louis. I shake my head, smiling before shutting the door.
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