Take A Risk

19 year old, Eleanor Cowell, is up for another year of the X-Factor. Her father, Simon Cowell, one of the judges, has her help every year, but he doesn't know just how much she'd rather stay at home and distance herself from the people on the show. Is it because of her past experiences with the show? Will this specific year be different? Will, not only her life change, but herself?


3. Chapter 3

I step out of the steaming shower, drying my dripping hair with my towel and then wrapping the towel around my wet body. As I walk into my room, I see my annoying older brother, George, sitting on my bed. I roll my eyes and say, "What do you want, George?"
"Uhm, you're wet." He says. Caption obvious much, I think to myself as I run my hand through my knotted, wet hair.
"Yeah, that's the thing with these showers. You go in dry and you come out wet.
"Now what do you want?" I ask.
After he got over my sarcastic comment, he said, "Dad asked me if you wanted to go with him to X-Factor. He said you could talk to the contestants. Calm their nerves. You know?"
My eyes widened. "And you said?"
"I said you'd love to, of course." He grinned.
"Jerk." I say, shaking my head as he walks out the door, saluting me before bounding back down the stairs. That's right. He better run.

Later on, I walk down the stairs after having put my hair in a French braid, a couple strands hanging loose around my face, and settling for a white, spaghetti strap sundress and a loose, brown belt crooked around my hips.
"Where's dad?" I ask George who's sitting on the couch and guess what he's doing? Playing Xbox, you say? Exactamundo.
"Waiting in the car," he pauses, "have fun." He grins and it takes all my strength not to smack it off, but I restrain myself like the good girl I am. (Ha-Ha) I slip on a pair of brown flip flops, say a quick goodbye to George, and head out to the car. Once in, I think to myself, "Well. This should be another fun day."
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