Take A Risk

19 year old, Eleanor Cowell, is up for another year of the X-Factor. Her father, Simon Cowell, one of the judges, has her help every year, but he doesn't know just how much she'd rather stay at home and distance herself from the people on the show. Is it because of her past experiences with the show? Will this specific year be different? Will, not only her life change, but herself?


2. Chapter 2

  "Niall Horan! You're up first."
I look up from my phone as a short, blonde Irish guy walks onto the stage. He was cute, I admit. Teddy bear cute. The kind of cute that makes you want to hug them and never let them go. He was good. We might actually have a real competition this year.

"Zayn Malik!" ... "Liam Payne!" ... "Harry Styles!" ... "Carlie Lev!" ... "Jason Hulk!" ... "Louis Tomlinson!" ... "Jake Burn!" ... "Alex Hamilton!"

When the last one finished, I was shocked. These singers were actually pretty good. Let's see if we can actually make something out of the X-Factor, shall we?

I reach a cross path which can either go to the left or to the right. I decide to go left and see if the exit is this way. You'd think by now I'd know where the exit is. Nope. I guess-
"Uggggh," I groan as I get rammed into when a door opens and someone walks out, not paying attention, sending us both to the ground.
"Oh my God, I'm such an idiot. I'm sorry, love. Here, let me help you." he said, standing up and offering his hand. I take it and thank him, about to turn around to keep walking when he says, "I like your shoes." I smile because he's wearing the same ones.
"Hey, you too." I admit.
"I'm Louis, by the way. Louis Tomlinson."
I laugh. "Ah, I remember you. You're the one who ate a handful of carrots after you auditioned."
He laughed too, replying, "Yeah. That was me. Glad I was remembered by my love of carrots." I smiled. He was cute and not in Niall Horan cue. Cute in a heart fluttery kind of way. (Did I just admit that? Lets keep that to ourselves, okay.)
"I better get going. I've got somewhere to be somewhere." I say, pointing back towards the exit door as I smile, turning around and walking towards it.
"Hey wait!
"Does, girl who knows me by my love of carrots have a name, perhaps?" I tell him that my name was Eleanor before putting my hand on the door to push it open when he asks, "Last?" meaning my last name. I turn my head back to look at him, keeping my hand on the door.
"Win X-Factor and you might just find out." I smile a last time at a grinning Louis as I push open the door, and walk out.

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