The Long Flight

I wrote this for my English exam and I got 59 out of 70 for it so I hope you like it. We had to write a story starting with the words, "I thought the journey would never end..." Then, my teacher said she found it humorous, which made me happy :0)


1. The Long Flight

I thought the journey would never end.

I suppose I should take you back and tell you why I felt this way.

Well, we were on a long-haul flight to Australia. We were on going to Sydney to visit my uncle. I didn't like any idea of the trip. I didn't like my uncle, first of all. Whenever I was around, he would deliberately light a cigarette and blow the smoke into my face.

The second reason I didn't want to go was that I hated flying. I didn't always hate flying, I'd just had one bad experience a few years before. I was going to the toilet, and the lock on the door so I couldn't lock the door and I had to get my cousin to wait outside. Anyway, I sat down to go to the toilet when the pilot, for whatever reason, thought it would be fun to enter THE RED BULL CHALLENGE, in which he had to fly in loops and circles. So he flew in a circle, and at this point there was a queue of people outside the toilet wondering why I was taking so long. Anyway, the pilot flew in a circle and, because of gravity and the busted lock, I was sent flying out the door, in front of the crowd, with a bare arse. I quickly composed myself and ran back to my seat, the hysterical laughter ringing in my ears.

Anyway, flashback over.

The third and final reason I didn't want to go was that I hated hot climates. I could never handle the sun and I always ended up looking like a cherry with half of the skin peeled off.

Those are my reasons for not wanting to go but, as always, I didn't get a say in the matter.

So, I'm on the flight to Australia, afraid to use the toilet, and I'm sitting between an old man with a cold and a five year old, trying to sing the theme tune to TITANIC. Oh, and did I mention? The old man, between his fits of sneezing, was reminiscing about his army days, to nobody in particular. I think he was just talking to anyone who would listen. The poor bugger.

So, I'm stuck between the tone-deaf Celine Dion wannabe and the senile, contaminated ex-army sergeant, on my way to a hot climate to visit my smoke-blowing uncle. Oh, who's that at the door? Worst Nightmare!

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