Prim (Two Weeks in Panem)

This is my entry for 'Two Weeks in Panem'. Please comment any improvements below.
P.s enter this competion, it's fun to imagine what could of happened.
Oh and if you have entered if you just comment below I would love, love, love to read your entry.

(I made this ages ago, I know the comp has ended. I forgot to enter, whoops! but one of my school friends won silver, bobsicle!! Yay, bobsicle, woo.)


1. Primrose

I woke up, choking. I felt as if I could feel the captial's noose around my neck. Around everyone. "Prim," Katniss, my sister, said soothing me. I knew I was safe. I knew she wasn't.

I felt like I was paralised in the doorway. Watching the stained faces walk past. It seemed time had stopped. Expressions copied. Closing my eyes, I took a breath in. Getting ready to face this.

Katniss repeats "It's not going to be you," I think she's trying to convince herself. The odds said, it shouldn't be me. I think it shouldn't be anyone.

When they pricked my finger. It wasn't the cut that hurt, it was the fact they thought they knew us. They don't know us. They don't know anything. What it's like. How it hurts. That feeling when someone you love is picked. It's like a piece of you is lost. Owned by them.

Everyone parted into sides. Girls and Boys, organised into ages. When Katniss let go of my hand I felt lost. Trapped. Alone. I held my breath as Effie Trinket made her way onto the stage. Effie was wearing an eye-catching cream pink wig, although thats not what catches my eye. Effie Trinket's eyes are grey with a swirl of gold, most likely surgically done, but if you look straight her eyes, they seem tired. Tired of having a District that never wins. Or having to see innocent children killed by the Captial's Games?

"Lady's first," Effie Trinket said as she walked over to the bowl on her right. She swirled her hand around inside the bowl, before picking a piece of folded paper out. She paused, her arm in the same position. "Primrose Everdeen." I let a gasp of air escape out of my lungs. All heads turned to me as I made my way down the 'first years' row. My ears felt like they had cotton wool in them. I realised it wasn't that when I heard my name.



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